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  1. Just a note to say hello and let you all know that I miss you! I'm glad to see how many are participating in the very first Secret Santa for Nails. I've been doing some early shopping ... Beauty.com is offerering 20% off for a few days this week, beyondthepolish is still offering their FREESHIP code until 11/9, beautybrands.com still has a few select Deborah Lippmanns on sale for basically half off. Lots of great deals to be had right now. I hope they are still offering them after assignments are made. As for me, my health is getting better, I'm too high-risk for surgery, I have a nasty ENT infection this week. But Zadidoll and the Director can update you on why I have not been posting. Keep on polishing! Hugs, Angi
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lorizav I got chyna too!!!!!!! If Anastasia had not told me about it, I would not have known about this! I picked up Sparkle topcoat. MAY BE tempted to go back and pick up Storm since @zadidoll mentioned it. Also Louise .... i was looking forward to brown earlier this fall and Julep's Fiore didn't satisty that chocolate urge like Louise looks like it would!
  3. And check out Glamorable's blogpost here (TODAY only): http://glamorable.blogspot.com/2013/10/free-nail-polish-from-zoya.html
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by STLSportsGirl13 Great deal on Butter London's website. 30% off entire order for friends and family!! Butter London sure is making it easy for us, huh??? They must be ENABLERS, too!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by luckyme502 @angismith I have posted it on a couple threads! I think this is a great idea! I can't wait. i'm going to be putting up wish list today, and if I can read the directions and figure it all out! Some times I'm a little tech challenged! Thanks for helping spread the word, Jessica ... this will be the first one just for NAILS, so let's show 'em NAILS rule!!! LOL! Everyone, please go back to the Page 1 Intro of this thread and reread the rules, and TOMORROW start pm'ing @magicalmom with your information! Mrs. Claus appreciates your help showing Santa how much EVERYONE loves a little nail polish stuffed in their stocking!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Pollysmom I am SO joining this!! I love nail polish, I love shopping for nail polish, I love buying nail polish.... GREAT, @Pollysmom ! Please help spread the word in the threads you post in regularly. This is the first year, so hoow well this year's does will affect if there is another one next year. Only a couple of more days left until we can start PM'ing our names and addresses to @magicalmom
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by chelsealady Zoya makes an Opal top coat in a green. Looks great over a black polish. I made a quick trip over to their site (had to hurry and look before I slipped something into my cart). The overcoat that I'm lusting after the most is called Stardust. I also like Frilly Knickers. And colors are Chancer and Cake-hole and The Black Knight and No More Waity, Katie, and Inky Six, and .....
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by chelsealady I got the Petrol top coat coming tomorrow. I can't wait to try that one out. The two I want both look very similiar in the bottle ... I think one used the word opal in its description? I'll try and remember their names next time I slip over to their site to drool.....
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by angismith @chelsealady Are you talking about the little set of four? Those are the Color Club Wanderlust Collection (I believe from the June Birchbox). See the one next to the set of 4? That is the one that was in my Birchbox and I used my Birchbox credit to order the collection of minis. See those three on the bottom row on the left? That was the sum total of how much polish I owned before I became a Maven in May.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by chelsealady @angismith I love that rack. What are those polishes on the left of the picture, 2nd row up? @chelsealady Are you talking about the little set of four? Those are the Color Club Wanderlust Collection (I believe from the June Birchbox). See the one next to the set of 4? That is the one that was in my Birchbox and I used my Birchbox credit to order the collection of minis.
  11. I got my tracking email yesterday and it moved today. Coming out of NJ. I think with the way the days of the week are falling this month, I may actually get my box on the 1st or the 2nd, like in the beginning. Kind of disappointed I didn't order more though. ALL I am getting is Sheila and Cynthia and Autumn and one of the lip glosses. Not really excited about the glosses. I wanted Sheila because I do not have a basic red and Cynthia I just fell in LOVE with. Same with Autumn. Just wish I had it in mid-September, but I WILL have it all next fall to use!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by cari12 Alright! Just got Fiore since it was on sale, and then used my free polish code for Nicolette since I don't have a white polish in my collection. Then added on Casper when the add-on windows popped up. All three for under $15, not too shabby! I don't have Nicolette. I have Fiore but have yet to use it. Casper I LOVE! Beautiful on its on or as a topcoat
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by stephstrong Is anyone else excited to see what kind of storage Julep rolls out for polish storage?? Can't wait!! YES, I am! My husband didn't build my rack big enough!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by thebeverley3 I used my 20% off everything coupon too. I got Henley Regatta, Bluey, and Bramble. I really wanted Scallywag (main reason I went), but they were completely out. Will have to find it ASAP. There is a whole list of BLs I want now... along with DL (that I own none of). I see there is a DL sale site and I am around nail polish enablers... I mean supporters... here. Edited to include that I heard amazing things about the 6 you picked out. Let me know what you think of them. i can't remember their names, but there are two new topcoats fro BL that I really want worse than the colors. Ok, so I lied. I still want them all!

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