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  1. I was able to place an Ulta order from the black Friday ad. It said it started at 7 central but I ordered at like 6:20 central.
  2. This was attached to my $10 bday card from VS. Code is FRIDAY. Angel card members can get it starting on the 26th. Clearance doesn't count as usual.
  3. Of course I told myself I didn't need to buy anything...then I told myself I'd just buy gifts...then I bought myself the bite set, Stila palette and nail stickers. I'm hopeless lol! But I have been holding out on buying the stila palette all year, hoping it would show up for $20 like last year since I missed it then. The UD palette and blush palette are Xmas gifts for my 13 year old dd. Not bad for $82 and some change! 25.00 Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix 29.00 Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette 15.00 SEPHORA COLLECTION The Beauty of Giving Back Blush Palette 20.00 stila In The Moment Eye Shadow Palette 5.00 SEPHORA COLLECTION Nail Patch Art French Dentelle
  4. I found this about B&BW VIP bag, not sure if it's legit or not. I hope the actual bag is cute, last years was so naw. ETA I reaaaaally hope they bring back the mint buttercream candle.
  5. Got my box today, no idea what # it is. I'm impressed with the sample sizes, except the keratise stuff seems small for the vast amounts of hair I have, and the eye pencil will go to my tween daughter. Last month was super lame I don't even remember what I got it was so lame lol! I never got the PYS email for September so I emailed and they said they reserved Liz Earle for me (an HG product) and of course I got zero Liz Earle and 5 tiny samples of whatever. The butter had melted which you can kinda see the grease stain in the pic and my lipstick was like it had melted too it was all mucked up on the sides.
  6. I haven't gotten a campaign in AGES, but I had to come here and squeeeee about the House Party I got! REDBOOK + L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party 1 Copy of the all-new REDBOOK (September Issue) 1 Full Size Revitalift® Miracle Blur™ Instant Eye Smoother 1 Sheet (for you to cut out and distribute) of 16 $2 Revitalift® Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother coupons 6 Total Repair Advanced Haircare Packettes 10 Triple Resist Advanced Haircare Packettes 11 Free 1-year subscription cards to REDBOOK for guests (black bar) 11 Free 1-year subscription cards to REDBOOK for friends (pink bar) 13 Revitalift® Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother Samples 15 Colour Riche® Extroardinaire Lipcolour 30 Revitalift® Miracle Blur Original Beautiseals (2 per guest) 45 Revitalift® Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother Beautiseals (3 per guest) This is going to be so much fun! I have so much better luck with House Party, this is my third. The first was a SodaStream where I got a free SodaStream machine and tons of other stuff, then a Nerf Rebelle party with a ton of Nerf guns and bows, my daughter and her buddies looooved it. Also....part of House Party's thing is that you have to upload a pic of the party or you'll supposedly be disqualified from hosting again...for the Nerf one, I never got around to it uploading a pic but I still got into this Loreal party...
  7. I thought the same thing with the gold lol! I took it out and it's white, definitely white. Sephora is sending me a new set after I sent pics. I have to return the "defective" set, which is weird to me, what are they gonna sell the lippies I swatched or they're just gonna pay for the return shipping so they can throw them away? So odd. I don't want to give back the bite pencil!
  8. I don't know why that's sideways...the new site still bugs me!
  9. Got a great one today, the sumita is pretty meh but I've had much worse and I'm looking forward to trying the MT!
  10. Squeeeeeeee! I was irritated yesterday that my box didn't update, but it was totally worth the wait. Now hopefully it's actually going to make it here and be this box, tracking says it was just born yesterday.
  11. Oh man! I never got a confirmation e-mail either but I was able to pick ambrosia this morning. Now when I click through the original e-mail, it says only relic is left, which I don't want. I guess I'll just chillax and whatever I get, I get. Bah.
  12. I was able to get ambrosia reserved or whatever. So excited! I'll probably just buy rosary. I am really in love with the ruffian polishes, I've been wearing Endless Love for a week now and it's still going strong with just a little tip wear, and I type all day.
  13. With all the warehouse/shipping issues, plus codes and reviews, I've gotten the following in the past couple months for $19 out of pocket: Quirky Wrapster $6.99 In Full Bloom $58.00 KIND Healthy Grain Bars $11.88 French Bull Flex Cutting Mat x2 $12.00 Votivo Candle Travel Tin x2 $24.00 French Bull Mini Bowl Set $26.00 Modern Mermaid x2 $88.00 Coastal Scents® Revealed 2 Palette Set $34.00 French Bull Trio Tray $23.50 Color Club® Wanderlust Collection $10.00 Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle $21.95 Quirky Stem $6.99 Skullcandy earbuds GWP $49.99 $373.30 worth of stuff for $19! I don’t get how they stay in business lol! I wish they would get more kitchen/home stuff.
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