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    I'm Laura, I'm 27 and I'm from Liverpool in the uk. I love to blog about all things beauty.
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  1. elledeesbeauty

    Looking for some advice, please?

    Hello I'm Laura and welcome. When I read your thread it really got to me so I had to reply, I'm not sure I will help but if u need any more don't hesitate to ask. First off I bet your blog wasn't bad it was just your view of it, I look at my own blog in a negative way too. You shouldn't care what you gain out of it or what others think but if you love it, which you obviously do, then please carry on write what you love it's an amazing hobby. If you want to know any more direct help/ answers please ask Laura
  2. elledeesbeauty

    Beauty Bloggers

    Aww thank you so much lovelies. I means so much to me that people enjoy my blog and I'm sorry I have been mia recently, I have recently bought a new puppy so I have been super busy. The best thing about blogging for me is meeting some amazing people, some of my best friends are people i I have met through blogging. I don't think I have a bad thing to say about blogging except I always put myself don and never think my posts are good enough. What's your?
  3. elledeesbeauty

    Anyone have a Pinterest?

    I have a pinterest also, I love it. www.pinterest.com/Elledeesbeauty
  4. elledeesbeauty

    Post Your Beauty Blog Link

    I would love if some of you could take a peek at my blig and let me know what you think www.elledeesbeauty.com I can't wait to read all of yours laura xxx
  5. elledeesbeauty

    Beauty Bloggers

    Hello everyone! My name is Laura, I live in the UK and I have only just joined makeuptalk. I thought starting this new thread would be a great way to introduce myself. I also have a beauty blog (obvs) www.elledeesbeauty.com Please let me know hat you think and leave your urls for me below so I can check them, I need some new reads. Thanks to everyone who reads this. Laura xoxo
  6. elledeesbeauty

    FOTD:- 24/7/2013

    A little Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup and hair. Please let me know what you think. I'm really enjoying trying to copy celebs makeup lately, and I'm new to this also Laura xoxo
  7. elledeesbeauty

    FOTD:- 24/7/2013

  8. elledeesbeauty

    Hi Sweeties, I'm new...

    Aww hello how is everyone today? I also have a twitter if you want to follow its http://twitter.com/LauraLibbyx
  9. elledeesbeauty

    Hi Sweeties, I'm new...

    Awww thanks so much for your lovely reply
  10. elledeesbeauty

    How to make a scab heal faster?

    Applying moisturiser specially for very dry skin like e45. This helps to loosen the scab lol
  11. I bleached my hair recently, twice and it fried my hair! I used coconut oil (it does make your hair super greasy but its amazing). Also applying mayonaise on your hair for 30 mins (wrap hair in cling film too) really helps as its high in protein. Also try a sulphate free shampoo as these are a lot gentler on your hair. I also LOVE morrocan oil
  12. Personally I love to use my epilator, I use it on my legs, arms, bikini line and underarms although it hurts a lot here
  13. elledeesbeauty

    My Personal Experience with Hair Growth

    Hello guys, I am definitely going to try argan oil products as I am desperate for my hair to grow longer. I find massaging coconut oil into my scalp once a week helps a lot too
  14. elledeesbeauty

    Dry Shampoo

    Batiste is my favourite
  15. elledeesbeauty

    Hair extension hell

    Hello JimmyJohn I love hair extensions and wear clip-ins although I would also like to try some that are more permanent extensions. I found tape in hair extensions tutorials on youtube. They look really good and you can purchase them from loads of websites including ebay
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