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  1. They did this to me too, AND THEN once I got the email I went to 3 different ulta stores 5 times over the course of the 2 months it was valid and none of them ever had it. What's the point!?
  2. I wore it out last night and it definitely kept me warm with it pulled over my ears. It wasn't windy though, so maybe thats the difference. For reference, I live in Boston and it was low teens while I was out last night.
  3. @@Donna529 I'm glad you like everything!! I was so excited when I saw that stila palette, it seemed perfect for you and the colors are so pretty! And I'm happy you like the bag! It was a struggle, my machine got jammed twice while sewing it, and the second time, it didn't all come out properly so my threads kept breaking ... which is why some of the sitches are uneven and it took like 5x as long as it should have haha, but hey I'm still learning!
  4. I also got this same box and no tracking. I'm actually really pleased with this box, I think it's my favorite of the ones I've seen.
  5. Someone has a package out for delivery Here's a spoiler
  6. It's been a crazy/stressful week for me, so I had a lot of trouble keeping up with these threads! Still days behind in the main thread, but I've finally caught up on this thread so that I can post my reveal. I got the most amazing present from @@onelilspark and I'm just blown away!! Pictures in a spoiler box - I'll start from the top left and talk about most of the products in each row. First is homemade chex mix, which is amazing! More than half may already be gone... Then a book, which I'm really excited about becuase I love to read, but have the hardest time picking out a book! I'm hoping to read it soon then hopefully pass along to another MUTer who loves to read (related: we should totally have a book circular swap!). Then is the coolest mug with a tea infuser! I actually just bought this same mug recently, and I'm really excited to have one for work now and one for home/traveling so this is so perfect. Then a bunch of black tea! Really excited to use my new mug for this Next is some hair products! I'm really excited to try the devacurl and the davines shampoo. I'm also excited to have another mini of the BP Oil becuase I love this stuff!! I think I'll keep this one at my desk at works so my hair can be pretty and soft all day . And the haIr elastics are adorable, I'll definitely use these! Then MJ Daisy is one of my two daily perfumes, and I've been looking for minis to carry in my purse so I'm very excited for these. Next, the Jergens BB and Supergoog CC are my daily summer go-to's so these will defnintely go to good use! Next row is all of the amazing make up products! SO MANY LIP PRODUCTS which are my favorite! Some of these I've been wanted to try forever like the sugar lip balm in a color (the plum will be perfect for winter when my lips need balm the most!), the revlon stick, and the pacifica. Then comes the rest of the make up samples! I'm literally screamed when I opened the lolitini mini becuase I've been wanting this mini for so long!! And I'm also really excited about the benefit blush and the be a bombshell eye base (I think I'm the only one that actually likes BaB products haha. Yes, they're over priced, and that one stick and mascara were terrible, but I love their lip gloss, blush and eyeshadow!). I'm also really excited about the rainbow honey cuticle balm! You literally read my mind. I've been having a ton of hang nails lately and reallly been looking for something to soothe and heal my cuticles! Finally some masks! Which I cannot wait to use! Overall this present was just amazing so very pertect for me! Thanks so much!!
  7. If you don't drink coffee, you can also use it in chocolate baked goods
  8. The same thing happened to me! I got my original November box earlier this week, and then yesterday I got a second. The weirdest part is that the second box was to my billing address instead of my shipping address ...
  9. Man, I'm impressed by those of you who already shipped!! I didn't even start shopping until Thanksgiving for my girl! And I'm glad I waited, I got some awesome deals for her! The best of which was the black friday Ulta purchase for a gift for her and the mario badescu $10 set for me. Then Ulta canceled by mario badescu set and gave me a $20 gift card. So I placed another order this morning, and I was able to get the same mario badescu set for only $8 AND used the giftcard for an extra gift for my girl!! Thanks to Ulta, I got another $20 present for her for free! Now I have all of her purchased gifts ordered, but I still need to make her craft-y gift. I think I came up with a really good idea, I just hope it comes out okay! I would share with you all, but I don't want to give myself away Also in response to everyone's talking about wrapping and themes and some not knowing what their girl likes, if my santa wants to know what I geek out about, I love robots! And dinosaurs are pretty cool too. <3
  10. This is infuriating to me. I emailed them on Thursday about a time-senstivie billing issues and they haven't gotten back to me.
  11. You're not alone! I'm in the same boat, label created the 14th ... And nothing. I've never had a problem before. I'm really sad
  12. I chose the curated box, which I'm really excited about since I really wanted each product, but I'm a little sad becuase that means I probably won't get the pretty blue box or the unknown gap promo Secret Santa - if you're out there listening and aren't attached to your blue Dec birchbox box, I would love it in my present!!
  13. FYI for people who don't want to buy the box and are looking for alternatives to the throw: http://www.target.com/p/threshold-geometric-throw/-/A-14982098?lnk=Rec|pdp|viewed_viewed|pdpv1 Only $16, plus BOGO50% and free shipping
  14. Yay thank you! The same page yesterday didn't have the sample ... maybe it was briefly out of stock.
  15. I see samples for other products but not the brightening stick
  16. I couldn't find this sample on the site! Do you have a link?
  17. Hi! I'm looking for the following from this month: - Ellovi Lip Butter in Tinted - Cynthia Rowley Creamy Lip Stain in colors other than Sugar - Klorane Tinted Dry Shampoo - Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer - Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge - Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Mask - Toni and Guy Serum See my trade list: http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/127025-janines-trade-list/
  18. This is happening to me too. I really want the November box so I'll be really upset if I don't get it. I think we'll be fine because new subscriptions still say they start with the November box, but I want to try to call CS today and make sure. Hopefully I'll have the time... I'll let you know what they say if I call!
  19. Man this thread has been so hard to keep up with!! It's exciting how many of us are doing this swap! My beauty must haves are tinted lip balm and my foundation. And I want advice! Those of you from msnd swap might remember I love to craft. (I sewed turban style headbands for my for godchild, which was so much fun! and easy to decide on since she said she loved hair accessories) But I have no idea what to make this time! My girl's info is pretty limited so I don't know what she'd like for a craft. Any ideas on something most people would like/be able to use??
  20. Late notice, buuut on Bare Minerals they have an awesome deal today. Extra 30% off last chance + free shipping with code CHANCE and a free gift with any purchase with code LOOKINGGOOD. They are stackable or can be used individually! I got a Pretty Amazing Lip Color (a liquid lipstick that I love) and a blush for $7 shipped!
  21. Mine's here in case I want to edit it later: http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/132096-janines-secret-santa-survey-and-wish-list/ Is that okay for me to just leave a link on this thread?
  22. I'll ship internationally if needed, but I prefer domestic if possible.
  23. Ahhh! I looooove that popcorn! The Chicago mix is weirdly amazing. My coworkers and I are obsessed with it!
  24. Have: - EM Liner - Nicole by OPI polish - Temptu Highlighter Really Want: - Starlooks Gem Eyeliner (especially Olive) - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour - Laura Mercier Setting Powder (would maybe trade two items for this) Probably Want in multitrade: - CK One Lip Gloss - ClariSEA Powder exfoliant - Wet and Wild Stain - Marc Anthony Hair Spray Plus (outdated, but soon to be updated) trade list!

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