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  1. After a few months of picking a sample or getting the guest editors box, I'm just going to leave it up to the birchbox gods. I've already had 2 of the samples i the guest editors box and I'm not excited abut any of the sample choices. I really want to try the liz earle cleanse and polish but I'm not going to get the guest editor box for one sample. I wish that was one of the PYS this month. I would have been super excited then. I expected more from them on their 5th anniversary. Oh well, I've had some pretty great boxes lately. I'm due for a bad one.
  2. Is birchbox still giving ten points if you share your box each month?
  3. I picked the coola because last time I tried it I loved it. It's the only sunscreen I've tried that I can't smell the sunscreen smell on my face on and off most of the day.
  4. I have lived in northern Ohio my entire life and I'm still not used to the cold. I need the heat!!! People here start wearing shorts when it's only in the 60's and I'm still wearing jeans and a sweater. It needs to be in the upper 70's without wind for me to wear shorts without being cold! I was NOT made for cold weather at all!
  5. I've never experienced "I don't want to even leave my house today" hot, but have experienced "I don't want to even leave my house today" cold, especially these past two winters. Negatives are not okay! Especially with a windchill!
  6. How do I have USPS forward my mail, do I do it through my account on their website or do I call my post office and do it?
  7. I'm moving in three weeks and I was wondering by when I need to change my address on birchbox's website so I will get it at my new address. It's a last minute move for my boyfriend's new job and I still don't have an address although we are in the process of cementing all the final details. I just want to make sure it goes to my new address since I'm moving from ohio to houston and I'd have to have a family member mail it to me. If I didn't have a yearly subscription I'd cancel it this month but I don't have that option.
  8. I got that cc cream a couple of years ago. It's really nice, except for the scent. The scent is absolutely terrible. It smells very natural as you would expect from this brand. Kind of like pine scented B.O. mixed with fruit loops. I know that's oddly specific, but I used it quite a bit because I liked the look of it, but the scent was just so weird and kept me from purchasing it. On another topic my shipping info updated. My box is coming on the 18th or the 19th. I don't think I've ever got a box that late. I mean I live in ohio so I normally get my box around the 10th, the 15th at the latest.
  9. This happens to me sometimes with different packages. I'm pretty sure it means that the mailman forgot to deliver it so they make up some stupid excuse. My mailman is extremely forgetful. He goes around the block like two or three times almost everyday. It's not because he saves the packages for the second trip either. I've had him deliver the mail and a package, I went out to get it, then 15 minutes later I see him going back and putting more mail into the mailbox. It was another package and a couple of bills/junk mail.
  10. I've had a non-clicky truck since the 3rd or 4th. I rather not have a clicky truck at all if it's never going to load!
  11. I have a non-clicky truck on my account! This probably the earliest I've had one since I resubbed in January.
  12. There's normally a small group of people every month whose boxes change when they are updated to show on the actual page, so it might be wrong right now
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