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  1. They have said they will try to take a payment another 9 times I've told them if they do and I have my card cancelled another 9 times due to you trying to take a payment from cancelled accounts I will take it further . My email to them will be long just received it . And lying and asking who told you it was our company makes you look even more unprofessional when the bank fraud squad call 2 mins after you tried to take the money .fuming is not the word . I've had 4 different amounts tried to be taken . You are only admitting to trying to redo a 6 mth sub. Of which over a month ago I emailed and put cancelled on my account took screen shots yet yesterday it said active on my account when in the morning it' did not . I have copies of my emails . Beaiteque don't .

  2. Did anyone who has canceled their subscription randomly get charged today? I got an email from Beauteque today saying that my subscription was in danger of expiring because my card info is no longer up to date, but I canceled my subscription a couple of months ago.

    Yep same email as I got . But as they were sending the email they were trying to take money out the account that was cancelled . I'd already .nothing states a payment was going to be taken not that my account says they should of anyway.once cancelled

  3. I was checking emails on way from home 6 missed voicemails and texts . Email from Beauteque 2.56 calls from fraud squad 2.59 . Finally finish sorting the crapola out wat after 6 pm after work . So not even remotely happy $5000 was attempted to be taken . Then when it was declined $250 was tried again . I'm now cardless for the week . No answer from Beauteque as of yet either . I cancelled my account . Was going to buy the odd head to toe . Right now the bank say the company are classed high risk and red flagged due to such huge amounts being demanded.

    Will not be going near again . If you cancel your subscriptions why the hell are they still attempting to take money from your account.

  4. Will try graze again as I'm too busy and lost so much so wieght from not eating .

    Cleansers im going through like water and face creams . Mists are all packed for holiday it's the masks I'm having trouble with as too tired to slap one on . I've packed 20 for holiday for me and son to use after mountain climbing so that's the cooling aloe Vera ones sorted and aloe Vera gel for after sun sorted . I cancelled love lula and had spits and a rash from one if the animal masks come up on my face so I'm back to the hydrogel and innisfree masks .

  5. i gave up last spring with a beautiful world after they sent small samples before all full size and good, and the past 2 boxes have been not great at all. 



    love lula is good, vegan kind is ok, vegan cuts is american but ok,

    awaiting klover box to ship international, 

    won't go near so susan bag as the products are cheap and not great and after a few months on their nail box it was same colours different name so won't go near the make up bag.


    comic block,

    there are loads of boxes 

    shabby geek box,

    geeks lush box

    infinity crate,



    prudence and the crow

    pop shot box

    my mystery chest box

    gave up on love me beauty  and you beauty, 

    birchbox and glossy box i wouldn't recommend ever to anyone both went down hill after 3 years , international versions are cheaper higher brands  and full size and deluxe we in the uk pay the most and get vials and shitty samples for no resale ,

    will do a list of more boxes just found this thread,

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  6. @@Lorna ljblog wow - you got your bag quicker than me! Mine should be here tomorrow...

    yeah I know shocked the postage said priority mail will look at label later after work as it was different but it still had tracking number as usual yet why they can't send us it I still don't understand . Just chosen my June nail polish option 2 is first choice 1 is second choice . Up for the face mask and the hand cream

  7. I can't see me

    Renewing subscription due to the shipping taking so long . It arrives way too late to blog post

    Or review and also the fact we get shipping at the start and do the month yet wait far too long then find that the actual parcel has a UK 48 hr postage stamp and no actual postal date it was posted . Now I don't see how it has a UK postal sticker on unless it is bulk shipped then repackaged on UK soil by someone . Something is not ringing right here . Yet the mask bag ships and arrives in 4 days .

    I will still get the limited bags but it seems that the shipping has been hiked up lately

  8. I went for peach and the lime and green . My April bb bag shipped today so the email states this is just stupid late every month . I really can't believe how lax it is . I won't be renewing my sub. If arrives too late I even review nowadays. May get the head to toe and such bags though if they are good . If I don't receive the choices I've chosen this time I will get a refund and cancel the remaining sub it's so hit and miss.

    Well done biancardi

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  9. Do you think it is worth the time to send a message to beauteque and let them know about how wrong it was to include a hair perm kit in this bag? 


    I don't want to be the only one witching about it - haha

    i think those of you who bought it should do if it wasn't a product you can use, they need this kind of feed back from people so it doesn't happen again or go in a bag again, if people don't complain or give feedback think of the 100 people who bought the bag was upset and didn't speak up and think to themselves I'm not buying another bag from them again, and go elsewhere,business lost.

  10. Wow glad I never chose that bag to buy . The hair products were a turn off just by looking at the photo. But seriously a chemical hair treatment is a Nono as its only suitable for a select few people.

    I've been so busy with work lately I'm barely online much it's gone crazy stupid.

    I've cut back on box subs and I'm not bothering with mask maven or genies box for the month . Totally using up all my cleanser stash at present . Some from memebox hit the bin as too harsh or not cleaning enough . Face creams I'm down too drastically as the skin is drinking them then I will only hit my bounce creams .

    Ive read up on the threads here and caught up . And my snack subs are increasing in arrival is it bad I don't miss memebox arriving every 2 days. I look at them now well haven't the past month and think they have totally changed as a company .

    I can't believe people think that blogger collab bags were being paid by commission on all the sales or have I read that wrong . Also seriously I've read the posts and all was done was happy chat and banter over their bag . Who wouldn't be happy and want people to know about it .

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  11. It is the same shipper as the jan and feb bags and March is no where again . Yet the special bags are sent with the same one . The one I was sent to review and also the mask maven were sent usps and arrived in 3 days . I'm really not feeling the love for the shipping company and the monthly bags due to the shipping. The bags are good but the excitement and novelty is over by the time it arrives .i don't see why they keep messing around with a company that can't ship quick when others ship for same price or cheaper and quicker .

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