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  1. Mine are different I have the royal jelly and the pomegranate the same only . Let me eat dinner and will post a picture
  2. So just ran through the door mask mavern has arrived via usps and it had a tracking number yet I wasn't sent any . No run out to the doctors but seriously why is the monthly bb and the mask mavern being shipped via 2 companies. The March bag shipped before and still no sign again .
  3. Oh my . This is what I'm going to dread . On top of other issues I'm not convinced the monthly or mask bb bag is going to be as easy to end . But I won't renew I feel I think I will stick with the actual head to toe and other select bags they do. I've still not received my mask Mavern email to say it shipped yet I know many have.
  4. Hoping my mask will get here by April . I had my march box sent last week day after you @@biancardi so will see when that arrives . Unless it was actually the mask pouch sent as they never tell you which it is .either way there was a day difference lol
  5. A bit of me died just now woke up look at instagram and beauteque have show cutie pie marzipanes March bb bag . I could happily stop the bag if they are going near her
  6. @@Alidolly mine all take 5-9 days . I've just put my uk group order in there are 20 of us this time and Rebecca and Natalie sort it . For next week We pay all and then split customs and postage between is . This spring order is small for me as floral spring box is also a bit miss for me but still spend $230 . Mostly my average is $360 - $480 . Simmer and winter boxes are always big orders for us uk girls . You tend to get customs on fcs over £25 for sure . Very rare does it slip through . I've had about 4 personal orders customs free all others are hit.
  7. Got my shipping email but they are still using the same company as the past 2 months elina has assured me with the past weeks bags being sent to me that they have been in talks with the shopper to see what went so badly wrong . But yeah I will wait to see how long march bag takes . Feb was over a month and breakfast was 4 days do something not right there. And wow @saffya sold our quick . Better buy samplehimes bag quick I think on release day
  8. oh i see . so another blind leading the blind moment .will be interesting to see how it all went about,
  9. I've retweeted and Instagram bit and boxes bag post
  10. @@MissJexie omg yes please I've not had much Mizon to be honest and love that foot cream totally . So it will be a great way to buy . Omg and I have a code too
  11. The bag looked so good then I saw the Benton and it doesn't like my dry skin . Sample hime I'm on relying on you now so I can buy at least one of these 3 bags . Elina said I will like it so I'm hopeful
  12. @@GirlyGirlie I emailed elina and said about the bags . She has just this minute replied and said she can leave the bags out if wanted for me and just send the products in the envelope . So I've just replied asking for no bag . As I can't keep gifting them and so it would be good that you emailed as well so they know I'm not the only one .
  13. Sorry just home from work . Girly girl I have to message elina tomorrow too tired tonight . Wedding at work and busy day service and sunshine was like a summer day . But Tomorrow I will be telling elina my FEBRUARY bag has arrived , has a postal 48 sticker on so I don't think this was sent last month . Bit I will be letting her know about my issues with the bag . My nose has blocked and closed up and eyes hurt sting but I've just unpacked . The black bag seems not as smelly. And it's getting tolerable . I will see if it makes me worse on waking up I have all my products and no substitutions so I'm happy it's finally arrived I got a beauteque brush as my monthly freebie and it seems a good quality one . So I'm going to he'd happy tired but happy
  14. Girly girl I have to remove the bag from the house after photographing for my blog and posts . It always sets my asthma off which is so controlled I only need my blue puffer when mountain climbing or bad cheats infection. The only bag I've managed to keep so far was the milk bag checked one . I never thought it was an issue as such until like you say my eyes felt sore and felt like they were bleeding . Found a random bag in room hidden .
  15. Oh thank you I bet samplehimes bag is the one i will like then lol. Damn the honey bee allergy and oh sheet mask for bringing it outso badly for me . Grrr
  16. @Miss Jexie I woildnt worry if they can do a choice even better . I'm so tempted at present to cancel my year of subscription and the mask monthly bag I ordered this month as I'm so fed up the January bag was shipped late even though it was said it had shipped then they messed me about . -"and substituted things Well the feb email on the 11 th said it was on its way it's still not here . I'm not expecting a bag full stop now let alone substitutes And soon the March bag will ship. Who knows . I thing I will stick to bb and head to toe bags only . I think the shipping is out of your hands it's the companies mess . But as a blogger you will need to put up with certain comments from people who may not be happy if their bag takes over a month to arrive for example or if a product is swapped technically as its a collab bag this should not even be an issue as it they have 300 bags they will since January of had 300 items of each product already in there warehouse delivered I hope your bag is good sadly as I can't go near honey bees I think I'm out on your bag sadly . Ps . I read your reply I didn't mean to cause offence yesterday I think I worded it wrong /badly. When I said that bloggers and or pr samples went out early and were all the same . Then the regular bags went out with changes and shipping is late and blah blah . I thought I had seen the European pink bags already arriving but have since found out they are not they are the sample bags . So I really think that all the European and international bags have not been sent or are sitting in a pallet somewhere . I also believe that we are now 3 months in they need to look at it more . Shipping was fine last year and december and my head to toe shipped in 5 days over new year . So it's clearly an issue with this new postal company they are using . Generally most international boxes get sent out with pr sample bags or few days later so they arrive around the same times as everyone else do . I think they are missing a trick . But I also see so few February bags apart from the snow in Usa this new company maybe affecting everyone. Just that we don't get even tracking info I also can't believe that the waiting list is not a waiting list as such a friend signed up Monday no problem I just don't see how she can get a March bag when the issues and concerns of subbers haven't been sorted . I'd like to know why they refuse to tell me which postal service they are using now .
  17. I'm so annoyed it's gone past a joke now . I emailed Sunday night . Gave them an extra 2 days shipping chance as they asked to email on Friday . My February bag is still not here Does anyone out side of USA have their bag ? ?? I've only found one uk blogger who got there's at the start of feb do it was a pr sample. So I'm now wondering if the whole god damn European bags have NEVER been shipped . I know have read people have been double charged for the bag again 2 months running on a monthly rolling contract . I sent an email and stated points and also confirmed that all my other boxes that shipped again last week have arrived on my hand so I demand they get their head out there ass and get hold of the new delivery company they have been using for the past 2 months and ask what the hell is going on as clearly they should be going back to a different company now. I also stated that all sub boxes generally send out international boxes earlier so they get the same weeks arrival as such as American people At present I told them that no one can recommend the bag or company as too many substitutions and lack of common decency to communicate with people earlier. I also sent some of the comments from my January bag of some hate mail because people has seen my bag and didn't receive in there bags and claimed it was false advertising Etc. Even though I PAY for the bag and don't get press bags . I removed the post of Instagram. I told them I had also replied to the email about late shipping and subs for the voucher . And guess what both emails have been received and I've had NO contact since . I also said it's no good sending out march bags to bloggers so soon as it's put such a sour taste in many that people who don't have feb are starting to cancel. I have no hope for the mask bag this month. I said I would recommend they ship international boxes out this week now the bloggers bags have gone online so people hopefully will get them this time next week and not by march 2016 . So how come internationals who ordered the pink bag and was shipped different to the monthly have their bags yet a feb sub bag hasn't entered European flying space yet .
  18. i was told to email if my feb bag hadn't arrived today ,it was shipped on the 11th, i will wait till i finish work tomorrow being saturaday and then email back,i had a lengthy email yesterday from them, but I'm not happy at all,with certain things and the answers, we pay over $30 a month and no tracking ,my american boxes range from $20-$40 and come with tracking ,,i also stated about the swapping and other issues and concerns ,I'm so glad they have now decided on a wait list ,about time,i also expect substitutions again this month in my bag, all my sub boxes sent after my feb bag have arrived already.with the new email the company have sent out, they still say there will be substitutions so how can you post and review and photo and then say you may get this bag or you may get 1 of 4 different brands at a lesser or higher value , this is why i did not do a sub for the mask bag ,I'm doing it monthly,yesterday i was ready to cancel my monthly subscription, before the email replies started ,i now expect the same as the january bag the febs will arrive first week of march. the fact they said to bare with due to the new shipping company is not making me happy i was told this last month so i feel a little fobbed off to be honest, it clear the postal courier has an issue so its beauteque to take it further realise its not working and go to another company,
  19. I think for $30 plus we are charged it should be quicker and tracked I mean the other sub boxes loot crate and such all manage it and in a week . Even USPS is better I don't understand how these bags are taking so long to ship wjen no other boxes are suffering . I've had 4 boxes ship all after the beauteque monthly and all arrived here already . For the shipping cost being higher they really need to chase it up or they are going to lose more customers .
  20. I've got a reply it shipped bit they can't say when ?! . But if it not here by friday to email again and they can look into it . No tracking on international orders this is painfully slow . Am I right in thinking this is getting painful and de ja vous for beauteque .
  21. Well the reply has come in . They are looking into if and when the feb box was sent for me. I'd rather they had sorted the monthly kinks out first I think the ask bag could of waited . Or it could of been one of the special bags buy if you want only or even a bag once every 2 months. I do feel the mask bag should of waited for a few months tbh I hope everyone who is still waiting for feb bag gets it soon I have a feeling mine will arrive next week the first week of march . And any issues and querries get resolved soon From what I've seen the pink bags have hit uk soil and a feb bag has landed to a new blogger here . So they seem to be taking weeks to ship
  22. Mask Mavern monthly mask Sub from beauteque Also Mask genie monthly mask box . Found a few more and will update in the morning as midnight here
  23. My email service has been out all day and is still . But I got a reply to say my bag wasn't posted once emails went out . AGAIN It went out a week afterwards like last month . I have managed to resend another asking why and as I signed up on xmas day am I in the last batch to be sent out again . I stated about hearing of substitutions again this month . I found out my mask was a sub last month so have stated if I have substitutions again I considering if I continue with this sub. I don't like the email going out saying parcel on t way then nearly 2 week later still not arrived to find the bag wasn't then sent anyway . Don't like liars . This is also why I wouldn't commit to more than a monthly for There mask sub. I can see the same happening. I really think as I have asked that people I know subbed after me over a month later and get the original bag why and how this is happening. They need to stop adding subs until they can give everyone the same products in the bag how can we promote it if someone then says I ordered cause you said showed your bag with this and I got that . I think they need to address this asap people won't stand for it . Why they didn't do x amount of boxes then add waiting list and then add 10 or 20 new people a month for the first 6 months to gauge it

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