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  1. since memebox said they were stopping euro shipping its got stupid ,its a destash as such for many ,some are genuine going through stash and know they can't or won't use a lot of them threw their toys out the pram and are just not so much despatching but selling it all and want nothing to do with memebox, so were just really box sub hoppers as they are known, and will be onto the next box sub,i.e. beauteque now, me i just need to sort out my honey stuff for selling now,
  2. my son can't use any soap ,shampoo as such ,he only had baths in hot water, but I'm finding the fortune cookie soap stuff good and shannon made some bath tea samples for the uk group order and we had a batch which worked well, i tend to use coconut oil as a moisturising mask and then rinse out and it keeps him all clean and allergy free,
  3. I have Japanese and Korean horse skincare and hair care from glam guru boxes . The hair care is great for all hair types and great on my sons scalp eczema. The sheet masks are moisturising . The hair care is good I have thin hair and lose a lot some months due to medication and this thickens and strengthens the hair well . It's not as bad as or sounds the horse thing . No different to a few years back with placenta . Snail, bee, acid . Hyaluronic acid. Etc
  4. I'm still waiting for my bag . I wish they had tracking as this is my pet hate with the company at present it's taking so god damn long shipping to the uk compared to other USA boxes I'm receiving. I hope that products are not being substituted every month as once I've seen a bag I'm expecting to see mine the same I too don't like étude house pencils they make my eyes sting
  5. The goats milk cream did not suits dry skin . I found it so thick it felt like a thicker sunblock and actually my skin felt greasy it went in the bin . I was expecting great things . The soap is fine . But the cream was no good for me Edited My skin drinks up cream like Janes hense the love for enprani and dr g . But this didn't drink up in fact the skin was screaming water and face sheet every night
  6. Is this the original documents or the resent copies . This sounds so bad and screams tax avoidance on memebox part all over how they handle day to day stuff . The fact affiliate is like this screams run to the hills as is be too scared they haven't done something and worry I'm going to get a summons further down the line . I hope it's all sorted and goes through without a hitch now on .
  7. I've just had all my points and affiliate pay turn up in paypal and just thrown in to bank account to get the hell out just as quick . So if your waiting it's slowly seeping through check your accounts
  8. Memebox has just deposited all affiliate and points money into my paypal . So if your waiting for yours there coming in
  9. why oh why can't they introduce uk shipping quicker, i know they said on your posts on instagram but man i so want this box and you lot posting your reviews is not helping ,lol, I'm desperately waiting for it so i can ditch petit vour, i just wish they would open up even if it was for the unofficial international shipping to start with like a few boxes did to start with. for a new box company they really did there homework before jumping in feet first.
  10. id of been happier with version 1 but i got 3 ,so is like getting 3 boxes of the detox box, lol. in another note, the results for final allergy testing from oh sheet mask are in, good bye all honey products, memebox, and a snail sensitivity, so far face cream is fine but masks,serums,ampoules are out must be too higher concentrate and the same goes for the honey ,my face reddens and swells, thats @@MissJexie beauteque bag out for me then,
  11. right ladies need your help, not beauty related but, you american / canadian girls are in the know, i need what you call a life planner, not any old diary like we have in the uk, kawaii etc, i know you have loads and various ones and i know i will get customs charges but i need one like this https://www.erincondren.com/index.php/life-planners any links for others companies with uk shipping would be so grateful. thank you,
  12. @@MissJexie and all of you that love the mizon olive cocoa foot cream ,i really love it ,so moisturising i put on at night then in the morning so glad you ladies told us to try it straight away and not use others first.
  13. i do both ,but mask maven is a mixture of masks, not just sheet masks.so it will be different to mask genie,
  14. i seem to think i saw they did a free gift with the bigger subs like the monthly bb but i can't find the info now, grr. it looks like i will be clicking the button either way, still waiting for my feb bb monthly bag. im not missing memebox at all, I've also signed up for a monthly thriller book sub as well,
  15. my god i had to type in memebox to search its not in my previous or history any longer, on looking at these new usa boxes am i thinking they heavy on the masks as fillers,and the lowest values going,and only certain brands, there does not seem to be the value or choice in the boxes now, but they must be selling ok in the usa,
  16. Pink bag looks good but it's PiNK . I just can't order it and buy it . It's like I have a phobia about the pink . Of course of some one bought it for me I'd love to recieve it . And use and post about but it's just the brain can't get over the pink . We need a purple box I swear or a green box . Is it me or am I being silly over the pink . I refuse to wear pink or anything
  17. i think this forum has shown me that we all choose the same things when given choices ,its like we know each other so well we could do the best xmas swap boxes ever curated, odd but entertaining for sure,
  18. Yes pantos is a reliable company but never used . I always go via Ems and Kpacket is pantos cheaper then
  19. Never had that I did normal shipping and on all 5 orders only got customs on 2 one was paid direct online to Royal Mail one was paid direct online ince letter arrived to parcel force . Never heard of the company you mention
  20. This is what I found on Facebook not sure if this is the one your talking about there is the same address on Instagram for another product of there's that is coming through cloudy .ot seems the aloe serum and a different gel have cloudy or floaters in . "Benton Snail Bee Essence update: Mr.Lee of Benton Cosmetic quickly responded to my email about the contaminated products. The good news is that the issue is confined to product manufactured on 3-5-2014 (March 5, 2014). Mr.Lee is currently investigating the matter in order to prevent it from happening again. If you have any product from this batch, he encourages you to contact him. He will ensure that your product is promptly replaced. Here is the contact email address: [email protected]"

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