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  1. I thought I had seen a email or comment with the CEO email about this latest blurb and he requested to email him at Benton and get replacement sent out . It may of been on the addicts page or somewhere . I know I was so dang tired from work yesterday it caught my eye .
  2. Lucky box 14 spoiler from Instagram Remember there are 3 types of box though
  3. Lb14 went up already sold out . My last 3 boxes have now shipped lb14 and the flower and valentine box bundle. I will post The reviews but I feel I'm not actually missing out on them not being around anymore . They cut down the box selling from November to the point i didn't bother checking the website daily . I weaned myself Off the boxes as such now and f I fancy something I will just buy it or Buy a different box from elsewhere I'm not hopeful of lb14 as it wasn't what I bought the bundle for back then . I don't like how they have made it a choice of 3 warehouse stock dump boxes this month .
  4. I get vegan cuts Petit vour Sent to the UK . Vegan cuts I've cancelled and petit vour may be going the boxes are not wowing me any more . In the uk vegan kind now ship international and souksouk are also expanding .
  5. Yep cancelled memebox on rakuten and removed all banners and such . As it didn't pull anyone in .Can't promote if they don't ship to me or anyone else . Blog looks strange with no banner to be honest .
  6. The international tag for shop has gone . Still not buying cpm2 . Might as well pull the tabs on the few boxes too memebox
  7. I feel, think that stopping boxes in memebox Korea spoke volumes to me . They started it .the global side made the company . They saw the end of the rainbow and went to the treasure china .got greedy and ditched all and everything and opened up America . They must have put a lot of money down for china and America to give everything else up
  8. But you have got boxes . You got a new one added tonight .im sure USA will be fine . Memebox Korea stopped boxes on the 10 th decker I took a note down of the date . Last ones were for Xmas shipping . So yes I knew something was up as the boxes started there and ended there
  9. korea stopped selling boxes in december i believe, it was widely publicised on there sites, and dissapeared off the app as well.
  10. oh wow was that to do with the long showman problems ,wow that seems a nightmare ,where as ours fly into the uk by plane go through customs and then van and lorry to us,do i presume in america they enter via boat ,so if they were held up does that mean the boats can't even unload they sit in the sea or harbour all that time waiting for their go, will memebox have this issue with getting goods into usa to sell as well then because that could be a bad business plan in the long run,and we thought shipping took weeks in december january for us,
  11. sorry.i didn't mean to offend ,whoops, really they took that long to arrive ,or were they restocks,
  12. i thought it was like america backwards to the uk, we are 20/12/2015 and i thought it was 2015/12/20 but I've seen it recently on other korean and japanese as 2015/20/12
  13. reading that i have till the 20 th to post my last bundle review and it will be done by then so i then ask for paypal balance conversion points to money,still, so i wonder if the people pumping out boxes from before november have been told now their too late,
  14. well i totally understand the blocking of the reviews from last year ,they had plenty of time to unbox and review till now, we was told before in october time you couldn't send in reviews and such for older boxes any longer, certain people have spammed up the town with old boxes purely out of greed so they can get the money conversion, quite rightly they should be denied, . am i reading you right @@biancardi i can not review my flowers and valentine box for points now , i knew my lb14 would arrive too late, has there been another email as i just got the soothing sister one and a reply from lauren,
  15. yep I'm still waiting for my shipment notice too, i hope i don't have to email for it every month, looking forward to the bag arriving, its been a while .
  16. I did mine at the weekend and it went into points fuming wasn't the word . Then the emails came through saying thèy are putting all to points first for everyone . Utter madness. Was going to use in my sons 16 th presents at bluewater now I'm using the card and will move the money over làter on
  17. The email with the final points to paypal info and dates for Europe and USA and worldwide We encourage you to spend your points by Feb. 10. If you can have remaining points after Feb. 10 and would like to convert the points to cash, please head over to THIS FORM and request a PayPal payout BY FEB. 20. You must have at least two meme points remaining in order to receive the payout. ** The form will close on February 20th, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. Your points will be converted to PayPal cash between Feb. 21 to Feb. 28. We will send a little extra ($.30 + 2.9%) to cover some of the PayPal fees, but keep in mind that PayPal charges by percentage, so we may not be able to match your exact withdrawal. There will be a minor discrepancy.
  18. We have to email our request for points to paypal conversion to the feedback email I poßted earlier that was in Lauren's affiliate email after the 14 th I believe [email protected]
  19. My commission is over 30 and yes the email implies it for paypal still yet as Lauren said they changed it to. Make their life easier by putting then over to points then convert all to paypal. I stated in my email yesterday I'm not happy about this as they memebox keep changing the rules . Ive taken a screen shot of my points and date as I now don't trust them to handle this easy. If anymore email changes happen I'm doing a paypal report for the money . I'm just why . Why change it wait till the end of the month then convert both points and affiliate over if it was over $30 but then memebox has never been straight forward. I filed the form as I was understanding it as for paypal not to points . I'm not spending money on memebox or points on them those ships have sailed .
  20. Yes mine all finished and went through as completed. It seems strange that this should of been done in December . So everything could be completed by end of January then it would of been a straight switch to rakuten . But now memebox keep emailing with changes to rakuten . I would imagine you need to email the last day or so once they complete . Or just leave if not and add that to the email
  21. So all my commission was turned into points @miss jexie I'm looking at my account Lauren has said I then have to email her on that new email in the email we got to request for paypal again before the 20something of this month . Then the company will do a massive payout for everyone at once . I have do many points I've screen shot it as if something goes wrong they will be paying up. Will add email excert once found Email her here. [email protected]
  22. So I take it . Nothing today as by tonight will be the 10 th or do you think a box may be released shipped tomorrow. I can't see it as They have too many boxes still to ship even without the ones brought forward and people using points up . Me I'm not giving them my money still I've been using points since October . I've now converted all my affiliate and points over to points and awaiting the last 2 boxes to do then take my money . I won't be putting the lb14 up I imagine as I won't get in time for points . And I feel the worse for that box as in they will use as the last toss out the warehouse and leave a sour taste in the mouth . @@Alidolly where did you see valentines winners announced . I imagine they will non international winners as such . I've yet to see the 7dsy challenge winners special box they did for her posted anywhere
  23. i can't wait for this bag to land now,hopefully i will get tracking this time to sit and follow, and omg teetree cream ,i really like the look of this bag,I'm not buying no more memeboxes now its over ,this will make up for the shitty mystery box and lb14 we are getting ,
  24. so as we know the usual boxes are out there ,shipping world wide , glamabox, roserose sample bag, wishtrend, beauteque, qbox yes style, we also have NANDEMOBOX and WE NOW HAVE STYLE Story style story are based in Australia and were going to do Australia ,as memebox were up and running , now since last month and this hitting the social media pages people have asked about global shipping, so they have now looked into a different system with memebox going and its kind off a good route i think, == in feb 2015 they launched Australia's first Korean subscription box ,with Korean products, they do a basic box$20 and a deluxe box,$36 international $47 starting soon, postage in the price, all are full sized and deluxe travel sizes ,so more like a special or global style box, australia is a monthly sub worldwide is buy when you want a box ,no hassle or contracts, they also have the products and full sizes to buy in the shop. for uk,canada, usa and asia and Europe postage is air international shipping 7-10 days , check back for website updates, they have been actively getting shipping prices for uk ,Canada and Europe and other main memebox buyer countries,@@veritazy shoot them an email to get Poland and such interest logged ,Poland is on the list i asked, also 3B are trying to sort out international shipping faster to set up as well now , I'm awaiting 2 more final emails of info to do with shipping from other companies so will report back,
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