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  1. there are loads I've had 4 new companies approach me, one is in australia and due to memebox going they have sorted out doing a deluxe box of 6 products as a buy as you want box not a subscription like they are organising for australia, i think it will become a nice little box, and it ships world wide ,to many countries ,uk and europe being the main,really looking forward to getting that box once it goes live, and 2 others are all looking at uk and europe as well, with he plan of it being as and when and a monthly only box with the odd special along the way, so I'm happy, i think things have moved on and it will be interesting to see the types of companies and boxes that pop up. im not missing them ,and the nail in the coffin was the changed lucky box 14 as that is not what i signed upto when i bought the bundle,months back, and I've just found my last golden ticket , gods sake,
  2. I've filled on the form for my points to go to paypal as also all my affiliate money forgot it's been there for a year . I will not be buying another box unless it's naked . Why *well being dumped after year * The state of my mystery box *The fact I was expecting LB14 as a luckybox as and when I bought the bundle . Now the single box has a description of 3 choice of box and will be factory clear out this is not what I signed up for . And payed for *i counted up my spread sheet and know how many boxes I actually bought
  3. Mizon HK Email: [email protected] Or Mizon kr. [email protected] Both will reply in English and are very good at answering questions as are elizavecca and yet and other companies prepare for them to ask for photos and also include also info on where you bought . Are they suppliers or buying through 3rd party and also are they fake . Will give pictures and links to check . Also I always find that by copying the original email to say rose rose and their reply all of them speeds things up very quickly and they delve into issues. They will check and tell you if it was damaged stock meant for disposal that then went to warehouse clear out and was sold on when shouldn't of too . So I would go for it and also Mizon will tell you trusted suppliers as well
  4. Yes I know and the other day I got 4 review emails to do no points so not bothering and just now 3 review emails to do free market research from them. I can't believe they think customers are gong to do them in the way they have treated their customers the past week.
  5. That is only just as bad as mine and after seeing cheese cream and the international store product in them I think it should of had 2 larger products in at least to fill the boxes This was mine . I have 3 serums now And 2 mask I do like the mask buy the rose is strong for me. And the Snow White pigment has lost it's sparkle and is grey dust resembling cigarette ash with no colour . I was fuming with that when I blogged
  6. I read that and wondered Lauren did send me an email last week saying they were going to be doing a new set up with people who didn't want to sign up to rakuten those who share and review on social media so maybe they want it all to start afresh . Last march we all had to use our points up before shipping stopped but that was only international people This was the reply to a question about rakuten before the uk rakuten page kicked in and made it easier . But the end bit makes it seem they are moving away from points and such . Also yes the affiliate program was not legal but you still played with people for a year The Rakuten network is our step towards establishing ourselves as a growing, professional company. The affiliate program is a mistake that we've really needed to correct. Rakuten is generally used for larger, professional business affiliates. However, we do appreciate our smaller bloggers and are accepting them as well The problem is that with a company like Rakuten, the professional and serious way of conducting an affiliate network is not what our original affiliates are used to. We will be creating a program more suitable for your group, which will be more of referral program than an affiliate program. That will coming in the future, so keep an eye out for that!
  7. It didn't actually go for sale yet apparently .My concern is I bought the bundle under the terms in the description . I did not buy the bundle for the new LB14 description of it being a 3 choice clear out mystery box garbage sale box . I'm now annoyed waking up to read this new description .
  8. It more like a dry shampoo type product and I really like it as it smell great in my hair also
  9. I'm not buying any of the boxes . I do not trust them to refund the money . And I'd expect it to be points and be in a big scheme of coming through in the the last points money PayPal cash out end of month.
  10. how i feel this weekend has gone http://www.threadbombing.com/details.php?image_id=4685&mode=search
  11. Mine is meh .different to the above . Pureplus strawberry lip treatment Roseberry70sleeping pack Riri Snow White pigment it's silver HOllagram collection moisture serum Paid 3.99 for it .
  12. and me ,i got 2 x18 hr shifts in a row, just done my blog reviews so only the 5 boxes in transit fro last week to go,good night ,I'm sure biancardi will ping me updates or one of you on phone throughout the night,11.30 now ,I'm sure there will be pages to read on here when i wake up,
  13. I've been using pig collagen process and they are really good, my skin feels tighter and more hydrated, it certainly likes the masks for sure ,give them a go,
  14. might as well as there is going to more k beauty talk and a few new sub boxes starting up even the australian korean beauty box ships worldwide , yep found one already that ships to europe and uk, we can do different threads there ,can have a haul picture thread as its not quite spoiler is it, just a thought, sometimes a picture makes you add to your next shop as you have seen actual size up close compared to website stock photos,
  15. Oh yes i heard it was all our thought . Oh well . See what happens .
  16. I read last night and up to 7am @janegeorge but the past 9-10 hrs nothing as working . I read the admin thread as soon as it posted but well . Must of missed the past few hours of Mut going down .
  17. Well I feel tomorrow maybe the the day spoilers for mystery box arrive . Mine in still in the abyss. I also think many have just given up posting the boxes on Instagram and such and reviewing me I will review and show my box arrivals till they have all arrived . It seems people have got the hump and saying to hell. Maybe after the weekend they may be not as in shock
  18. Jesus I go to work and miss it all again . What a crap weekend this has been . To be honest I've never seen so many notification on my phone for Mut on a Saturday or Sunday that is odd to start with but hey it all goes on while I'm away working .
  19. i think the renaming of the social media sites was a total brand takeover and proved permanent, if it went for @ tagging me in posts at 2 am ,i wouldn't of seen the posts about the email so soon,as i woke up late and was rushing to work, jane sent me a copy of the email as of yet i still haven't had one from memebox ,the one and only email i seem to of not ever received ,the irony,came home to 4 memeboxes, more irony,after reading Facebook posts wow ,to be honest i have been desensitising myself to the brand since about october /november slowly, buying boxes but not all like previous months, signed up for new boxes ,lost some other subs i found poor curated, so I'm unhappy but i don't feel angry ,I've had a bloody good year with them ,found some great products found some loves ,learnt loads ,found more stores online i didn't know about , so no I'm not angry ,it opened my eyes to better brands ,products, it also taught me about dodgy customer service ,looking for korean dates and wording, and it gave me bubble masks and boob masks,will i miss the boxes well yes i will, my recycling bin won't though.but there are other boxes out there and ideas , time will tell, and we have @@MissJexie to blame for it all back last january sucking us in.and if any boxes in america start up with uk and european shipping i hope you post in the korean thread so i can sign up lol. but at present I'm disappointed but not angry or disgusted ,i was there from the good early boxes and till the end and its been kinda fun.
  20. Closed down on the 31 St March last year reopened staggering countries from 14 th April uk and Australia was 19 th April as ordered 6 boxes ready for my birthday on the 20th and got given points as I was so happy on Facebook and email about ordering in time for my birthday . I was a jammy sod and got the welcome points back too plus the boxes I bought had 5 and 10 points on them for buying lol
  21. Well it's nothing we didn't expect we spoke about it pre Xmas. We went through this last year in February and march then when sales dropped to rock bottom and the boxes stayed up for sale for a month they welcomed us back . It does seem like new affiliate starts tomorrow that feb is the month it all happens . My last luckybox in the bundle ships after the date but the email says all boxes after the date will be shipped early . The box party week die suspicion to me as a last farewell party hense why I grabbed the pinkaholic . Oh well no more selling pictures of boxes on omstagram from me . The groups on Facebook better be ready for back lash and sulking then the lack of memebers once they leave . Oh well off to find something different to buy .
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