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  1. So my first box got lost between Miami and the uk . So another was sent out and I love it . Love the radioactive , I got the red box and payment has gone out already got next month so roll on the next box. I'd rather pay $34 for this box to be shipped with ace products than the tat given in uk boxes a month.
  2. the only thing i didn't like in my soap box was the i scream you scream sugar scrub,it came across as too chocolatey and vanilla.in the uk we still find this one of the best sub boxes to get ,in fact any box that doesn't come from the uk is a bonus as they are actually better sized and better products.uk boxes are a joke to be honest.although fortune cookie soap we do huge uk group orders so it works out cheaper on shipping,if we order like 4 things on our own its roughly 30-40£.sorry to see some didnt like this summer box but im sure it happens a lot .maybe the fall box will be more loved.
  3. hi i am from kent united kingdom,
  4. i have read the review shocking .i added the review to a page I'm on in the uk and to be fair raging is not the word. some people are still awaiting march ,april,may boxes.and everyone is contacting paypal by the sounds of it as we are getting zero replies from the company. to me its another box i have stopped.currently looking for new better sub boxes that ship international to uk now.
  5. hi there i know I'm in the UK. but i hope its ok to post my blog here , i follow most peoples blogs that are interesting and love reading for tips and tricks. http://ljblog73.blogspot.co.uk thank you.
  6. take a piece of the jelly and smoosh it in a shower puff or mitt then lather up in the water over the skin.
  7. thank you for the spoiler as even though the international boxes get shipped first we still receive them after everyone else .im hoping it should be hitting uk soon if not my house,it looks good.as is always.
  8. oh thank you. well tonight we have all got a dispatch email but apparently on one of the Facebook groups I'm on they said be careful as they are now sending an email dispatch to cover them buy saying it was sent,also they are doing it at the end so you cant lodge a paypal dispute but will open a claim i think regardless.thats 3 boxes that have done this the past month,in the uk it was luxbox kept us waiting boxes always late and everyone demanded refunds as company in trouble.its june and some are only just getting april boxes so they can kiss may and june boxes goodbye i fear. i am awaiting an echeck for 3 months to clear at midnight from them. then all about beauty box had fobbed us off since january and said march and april would be sent together yep no boxes in may they closed the company down awaiting paypal money back from them also we are .so that and the fact that last months birchbox was utter pants made me buy other boxes around the world instead, we reported luxbox facebook page for the same i.e.,scamming etc as well and trading standards.why cant we have sephora and there boxes over in the uk,and mystery box and pretty much any decent box really .
  9. hi sorry to crash your thread but im in the uk,i signed up for this box start of may and getting nowhere on Facebook or email and reading this thread is making me think in a few days i should do a paypal dispute.are the boxes always this late or non received .thankyou for any advice all the other boxes i subbed to around the world have been good so far.
  10. hi there everyone ,I'm lorna and I'm 40 shush,and I'm in the uk,thank you for letting me join you over hear . so im a chef as a career and i have a teenage son. i blog about food ,chocolate,american sweets,and beauty products especially stuff i cant get in the uk. im a sub box hoarder and the uk boxes are seriously below par so am currently buying them monthly from Australia,Philippines,korea,USA, and anywhere that will ship to me. so i think i have covered most things so thank you once again for letting me in .
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