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  1. Holy crap I've just been woken by my phone and fanserviced tagging me . I've had no email or info and I'm late for work . And a shit ton of comments to read . Grrrrr What the hell has happened
  2. I keep getting error 404 on deep links on blogger with the new program . It's getting on my tits .
  3. yep me and the son have enough cleansers , i can now do with some quality over quantity face creams for stash now please.
  4. Hi busy at work but I got some replies from Lauren and she not sure either , but if that s the case are we now saying there is no need for this affiliate thread now as it's no longer memebox but linkshsre and rakuken . As not even rakuten could tell me what tax form to enter and other things . As I'm not self employed and my tax is deducted in wages in the uk there seems a lot of questions neither company will or won't ir can't answer .
  5. Wow the new year sets are not great . Some good products but the masks as single count products I'm so fed up of seeing that . As with memebox it's become a real pet peeve of mine now. Was there 3 sets if like to see the difference . The 2 posted above the .$30 and $40 are not great . I will not be buying the mystery boxes . I will keep the monthly and grab the look back and head to toe if they suit me I think .
  6. I would say 5 .qaulity over quantity is the ethos of the year for memebox . But if a lip balm or a single $2 mask is thrown into boxes I won't be pleased for over $35 to be honest
  7. Once you peel the film off it was really sticky . Was your really dry then . I put the photo on my blog review too as I was impressed that is was like had staying power like double sided tape does Have you emailed them about it . The inside of the wrapper also felt damp/wet as well if it helps Date on wrapper is 141008 if it helps with batch number
  8. this one in detox is vitaminB global 19 has vitamin C [email protected]@biancardi so we are safe .just need A and D NOW
  9. yes a disclaimer it must , i didn't realise certain thriller writers do ,so i now only read my peter may and few others knowing they slogged over the tediuos hours of day and night hard at work, not sunning themselves in fiji while someone else wrote it
  10. looking at instagram i feel she maybe,. but i would imagine a ghost writer as she is so busy in her life jet setting round the world, its you know busy.
  11. i can't believe how many boxes are still in stock ,also the amount in stock numbers ,its unheard of, people have for sure moved on ,or sitting on their hands to not spend money for sure. maybe the cpm2 box can be flogged off with her new book she is writing, send them all to her to store in her flat,and once the book sells she can do a freebie gift signing in brighton waterstones for all her fans,
  12. glad i got the detox box it did shout buy me like old times, its a good un,anti agin didn't , and I'm usually right with those boxes ,got 1 and regretted it,
  13. you are not alone you was the 6th person to receive the email ,as others had mentioned over on Facebook and messaging , and everyone seems so confused , not hard most of us can't even sign up as the correct form is there to use on the sign up form, i messaged secret agent lauren about a few things if I'm right in thinking and she has explained it about points ,i will not bother ,she didn't realise how much tax and currency conversion the europeans are going to lose in $50 . and as general in joining the new affiliate.
  14. yes think back to april and may and june when i got sales of $260 in one order a few times, its not a few dollars isn't it, now europeans just not buying so its a pointless exercise, reading that email ,they want you to tell them you use twitter,instagram, Facebook, and want you to send links of them ,and all the Facebook groups,, why don't they have links for all media sites for you to add your links to make it easier in the first place, and they want to know if you do giveaways and get freebies, then reading the lists, follow and no follow links grrr, and if memebox send you actual links to add to your blogs as an affiliate, organic words jesus your gonna be here all day and night filling those in, of to mozilla, just checked mine and i had 15 in the beauteque head to toe bag i was sent,
  15. is that why most top uk bloggers in there links just write say , here ,or link here ,rather than the word say memebox ,when you do a link you are not suppose to have the name in as such you can add memebox website ,and you can't over link as google pushes your page ranking down, if you use a banner you can't have over 3 links to a certain page or company on each page,/blog post, it was all in the blogger groups when all the terms changed with blogger ,google the other year, ok just looked on your usa blog review , if say you remove the word memebox on the mask, and just have hydrogel mask on the link, (it obvious its a memebox brand as the wrapper says,)that removes the name memebox off . you have 4 actual memebox box links paid for ,not including all the other paid for links which send each product to the memebox shop, if you linked to tony moly direct website or tester korea ,you will be fine, also you state that pictures are from memebox us ,that under google and page ranking and rakuten is still classed as paid linkage regardless to if you have been paid or not ,you are an affiliate, ,you may find they want you to say more about the codes at the bottom as they are affiliate linked ,maybe explain disclaimer more ,as its a proper affiliate program i guess saying you paid with your own money or pr sample is not enough. technically if you use a banner you can only really put one link direct in,, hope this makes sense ,not sure how to explain it better ,unless over private pm, in your night care box review it says memebox night care , drop the word memebox and leave the night care and remove the word memebox catorgry as you have the actual memebox link in the first paragraph ,does that make sense [email protected]@biancardi
  16. i used my neck patch from january bag last night it stuck well and had essence ,i was hoovering and it stayed on ,my neck felt good this morning. I'm looking forward to seeing these bags ladies and if i can have funds to buy one.
  17. I believe when it was first out up for sale people got the emails a few days later . So they haven't altered the wording or description then all these weeks late. A lot bought it and then got a different cream they didn't want.
  18. Yep it's been removed about still waiting from last year for CS resolution. I noticed the past 2 days lots of comments are being removed now anything now wow hush I love you based
  19. Happens all the time sadly . And people know what they are doing . It's like a box saying for eg .yes you can use out photo off the website of say one brand ,post on your blog which loads do then find the actual brand has not given you permission to do this . That is why many European bloggers don't go on to acual websites and add word to word info or pictures or photos of ingredients pictures of day a baboa tree or a lemon as the fines are huge . You just can't do that . I read her blog before in question and she was done after a few in the UK and Europe and it was thousands they had to do . Simply removing everything was not ok .so unless you use your own photos or pictures on your blog you shouldn't be adding full stop
  20. Reply To The email I received I was sure it wasn't over charged Memebox Global Team (Memebox.com) Jan 27, 15:13 HI Lorna, Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We've fixed the typo on your site. It was listed as $29 but the total price counted it as $25 so you weren't charged an additional $4. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Cheers,
  21. my hair is fine limp ,and straight, i love ojon and also fortune cookie soap hair oil ,both you only need a little and it lasts years,
  22. i never joined the addicts forum ,I'm restrained, i tidied up and face creams are not so bad for me used loads, the ones that don't suit are body creams, the toners i love although the yeon stuff is so drying on my skin ,and grapefruit boak, the cleansers we have 4 morning ones on the go me and the son, and my HG for evening so its not so bad,
  23. i have hopes its not a rose scented box as well, i knew you would buy this like myself ,
  24. im not fussed ,i like the partial idea for if picking choices but i like the upfront naked look as it drives more talk and sales overall ,and you can perve over the bag while waiting for it, beautyporn.
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