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  1. Looks a good box tbh bit sadly not for me it doesn't pull me in .
  2. New naked box up There's no denying that Korean skincare is all the rage worldwide! Seoul, Korea has replaced New York and Paris as the city where all the beauty-foward "it" girls look to see what's new, what's trending, and what's hot right now! This guide to Korean skincare and beauty trends is packed with everything you need to fall head-over-heels about Korean beauty because you'll see the results right away! Whether you've been lurking around Korean beauty or just looking for something new to help enhance your skin's condition, this beginner's skincare set will give you the glowing, radiant skin that you've always dreamed of! INTRO SET Korean Beauty Starter Set #beginnersets includes: ($279 value for $33) IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream ($87) NASARANG Jasmu Eye Serum ($65) KANGSKIN Aqua Essence ($72) DERMAKEY She's First Key Whitening Cream ($55) NEOGEN Prism Shimmer Base ($20) GRINIF Tea Tree Mist ($23) [shipping starts Jan. 28th]
  3. I have pinkaholic unless they cancel from overselling Lucky boxes from bundle global 19 Elizavecca value set .
  4. So now the USA box has been added to the normal box page . It going to be a mare checking which boxes (if this is a continued thing) on which we can buy or not as the USA only is only faint . And you don't look when clicking on boxes to buy .
  5. She is not on the Facebook groups hope it's that she is busy at work or on holiday .she has been quiet lately . @@biancardi
  6. To be honest once those nAil boxes went up this morning was the nail in the coffin . Memebox have no idea what the customer wants . No idea of stock . To be putting these boxes up after all these months proves we will be getting stock OOD in some boxes and not newer stock . Who actually has asked for waxing and nail boxes to be restocked . I mean really . I also feel one on the FB page addicts they will but any old crap memebox put out . Just so they can say I got it . Memebox did state in the original email restocks would be small and get them quick but most are gone on seconds . Why put up 1-4 boxes for sale just send out for giveaways for break the boxes up or make a box up and do a memebox competition . It seems silly to be restocking daily why not 3 days of the week the others new boxes and products and value sets to actually gain and keep interest .
  7. @@biancardi the email from elina states they are this . If this helps we ordered about the same time in December when subscriptions went live . So will await tracking the bag may arrive first so I'm not worried Hi Lorna, Your January BB Bag has already shipped last week. We will be able to send you tracking information either tomorrow or Wednesday. We are currently working with a new shipping service which is why the tracking will take one to two more days. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
  8. I use tosowoong masks on my neck no problem . But I smother my next night and day in thick cream and sunblock . It helps this old girl . I'm still awaitng my January bag email last night back said it was shipped last week so I'm happy to hopefully get it this week and play with it . I need to try the foot cream you all rate .
  9. Yes your right it says the request for 82 boxes can't be added maybe a glitch . If I can get one in the basket do you want me to buy it and then send it upto you 2nd class or forget it .
  10. I grabbed pinkaholic been eyeing it up since it first released it's grown on me and seems a good box .
  11. Nah hahaha the nail polish boxes are back again lol
  12. Dead meme spies please read . I feel the people surveyed must of recieved memeboxes in the past 6 mths maybe Listen to us when we say nay lady garden products http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2917232/Good-Health-viewpoint-hygiene-products-prey-female-fears.html
  13. If the mods hadn't removed elinas posts either to paulina everyone would of seen her apologising to all for the wait and everything else . It was sincere and helpful I had to email paulina to let her know about it on here by which time it had been all removed . So the negative posts about no one contacting were not seen . Paulina then was able to email beauteque direct but I told her the bag was shipped . It was clear elina was reaching out to people To explain but the mods just delete rather than check the person in question has actually seen the post . If deleting why they can't copy and paste into messages for them baffles me . Yes against the rules to promote but seriously. But yes give some slack memebox had huge issues at the beginning in the middle and still st the end and compare nothing to a 2 week wait for new bags being shipped . I'm still waiting for my January sub bag but it will arrive . I'm not happy about the memebox negativity moving from one thread to another and it's time we leave over in that thread and give the new bags and subs a chance .
  14. Beauteque and tester Korea do .rose rose shop. Or pay through avecko I'm tempted to order through innisfree and do it via avecko
  15. In the U.K. they post the actual value on the box . I Did 3 ordered got customs on the cheapest but nothing on the bigger orders . That stops me ordering the bag now
  16. The products are fine but then if you was a newbie just pick a global box or one on the restocks. This looks so over priced it's painful to actually read . I mean USA customers are no fools but this is to get memebox fans to buy more . It's not aimed at a newbie starting out . Memebox has no logical thinking at all
  17. Ladies I think I've found the next memebox myself product they can add I mean the things that pop up when looking for hand sanitizer .just why I don't think I will be bothered to get up at 5 am for the case of grabbing a box this week . I'd rather a new global box and bundle
  18. Be thankful it didn't have the word whipped cream in the description young lady
  19. I'm not to worried over the lack of boxes . A lot if European companies are now taking the packaging element . I know memebox does this a lot with products we get in the boxes to the point even the plastic seals have been removed . But if it's a huge problem to some of you . Doesn't bother me as such . Maybe email and ask that boxes or instructions or flat packed into the bag . I know the bags are bubble wrapped and the largest size that the bags arrive in and it wouldn't change the postal price . Just my thoughts
  20. The box has free shipping anyway so you won't be charged it's only a$3offblogger code
  21. Can I just ask . Am I the only one the past week and half think the emails for the new boxes looks poor and shocking . As a company your supposed to introduce a box a little info etc now memebox can't be even assed to do that and even up the price of a box as well . Memebox it's not good for bringing you sales or customers by just plonking a picture for the new box in an email and naff all else . Sorry not gonna happen . Such poor service . You need customers to buy the boxes at least do the basics and do a basic description at the very least .
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