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  1. Reading the description it sounds like a cream a serum and essence a mask and prob a sunblock 5 items . I can't see it being all face creams sadly . Maybe a waterball cream
  2. the thing is ,id love another global 2 and 3,got then in 5 minutes with the very first restock back in march, and i worship some of those earlier boxes ,and the products, as last year went on i found that certain boxes like wine and cheese and cooling box from the summer were worthy of 2nd or 3rd or even 4 box buying, the same with luckybox1,its a thing of the boxes that really meant buy me again stuck in my mind, id buy a pore care 1 and 3 in an instant for my son,or hair and body 1 for the cherry blossom treatment alone, but then you think unless you need the whole box i can get the product else where cheaper ,quicker, and samples as well. it really needs to wow me to buy sale or not ,points or not,
  3. it varies lately after 6pm , but the odd morning one,
  4. @@Jane George have you seen this this ,omg it must be spreading this lady garden care ,but this is for the face, wonders if it will be like when they tested viagra live on the show with older couples, etc, lol, http://www.itv.com/thismorning/style-beauty/want-to-test-out-a-vagina-facial
  5. Biggest part of restocks and boxes of 2015 . Wow doesn't bode well for 2 weeks into the year . I'm still waiting for global 19 to be sold separate I need to buy for my friend. To be honest it has to be a real flippin good box for me to buy 2 boxes + of and products I am using already . I'm not going to buy restocks for one product no more as I either have back up or sourced cheaper elsewhere . I'd rather they keep global numbered box . Mask box pore care boxes and did a monthly limited edition box full of wow products and fullsize and samples for a well curated box if pay $29 if it was like that . Also will these new and restocked boxes also be higher priced now .
  6. Just seen this being spammed all over . I still don't think they get it do they.
  7. No they are getting people to sign up for the wait list so as to knowing which countries to open upto next . @@Alidolly add your name to the list . I emailed them and European interest os very high they said . Awaitng an email as to kind of dates to start expanding
  8. The dates on the milk stuff are great long . If you like the theme and look of the products it's for you . If not sure on milk products is a soothing skin practical box. I never got the memebox ones something didn't wow me even in description . This bag did and it seems curated better a little if everything for all over body use . And not that fake baby scent in it all . I pay the higher shipping to UK over 35 +but it still felt well worth the money as it was a bag I'm getting use out of all of it .i don't think expiry is an issue on this bag . And I got the look back bag the new one and dates are even longer .
  9. my 3 bags have been fine ,let me check the envelopes, all labelled gift and $10 and $15 and 2 bags shipped friday and were in my hand monday afternoon ,standard by royal mail the other took 5 days by royal mail,hope that helps,
  10. I'm just like why are they buying at this price ,to buy separate it still works out cheaper ,by buying memebox will keep the price, and just think uk and european ladies think of the customs charge yo will get on the box maybe,
  11. Well naked boxes were same price as globals before $23.00 so this must be the new superbox/ special limited box prices . Wow memebox going to need to up the products and game for people to buy into $4o each
  12. They are wow huge money even the great thanksgiving boxes wernt that much and there naked unbowed . Who is gonna price it up seperste for value comparison then
  13. There is a theme in the amini box I feel A lady inner beauty box
  14. I got my elizavecca set with my VIP code and a few points and paid $7 I'm happily gonna try out this new mask . Oh yes I am for winter . Slowly using the points up .thanks @@biancardi for reminding me about the code
  15. They certainly upping the prices . Bit I don't notice any price rises in the Korean store lately so I think it's a global thing . Less products wil sell only if it's a value eg- cheaper .
  16. Maybe the secret key but both are good sets . I'd compare prices on other sites to see which added up is the better deal.
  17. Naked go up later . The VIP codes are awful. And I will not be buying value sets either now I know that yet do not supply memebox and that the products we were sold with the tints are not the real macoy. So that is innisfree and yet both saying they don't supply and yet saying those products are not for sale to the global market . And about the value box I got . I'm rather anoyed over the dangers
  18. Just checked and the email states $39 bit website says 29 . Just had a new email saying $29 .00 lol not even memebox know what there doing then . Thought I was going mad seeing 2 prices
  19. My mistake I thought it auto correct out 39 it only $29.00 plus postage but yes nearer to $39 either way lol
  20. Don't all Rush for the new box $29.00 Daily Must Wears 0 Review(s) | Be the first to review When the clock is tickin', and you're behind schedule, scrounging through your huge beauty stash is never fun. The solution? One simple box with the ultimate selection of skincare, makeup, and hair products that will help you pull yourself together and get you from blah to gorgeous in a flash. Don't clutter your makeup stand with products that you'll use once or twice a month, grab this box to get your collection of new holy grails that you'll be reaching for on a daily basis! *Please Note: Daily Must-Wears box purchases are final, non-cancelable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable. [shipping starts Jan. 14th]
  21. @@MissJexie well said . I'm not losing sleep over memebox . I've just had beauteque reply to my email of my review and it's made me so happy . How personal it was said . I won't he signing up to new affiliate . I recieved Boxing Day 1 box it won't be even going in the blog to be reviewed . The last load of boxes took for ever to ship when other parcels from Korea got here still in 5 days . Strange that . So I'm giving my friend the whole 3 boxes to be belated Xmas gift . At the end of the month memebox will not be advertised on my blog . They had there chance and I just feel it's not value for money any longer .i gone elsewhere . I may buy the global boxes bit I won't be buying every release . And the points I actually won't miss or any other sales gimmick
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