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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by evildrporkchop Quote: Originally Posted by jrenee I was JUST thinking about how much I am looking forward to October's Glossybox! I should be looking forward to my September box finally arriving. Ha! Seriously! Before October comes, right? I'm suppose to get mine either today or tomorrow.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by LydiaNichole Tonight I did a little shopping for things that were on my list: cotton facial ovals for taking off makeup, deoderant, toothpaste, mouthwash, a replacement mascara for the one I used up (was so good and didn't even look at the rest of the makeup!), Ball Mason Jars to can foods with... And my favorite purchase, ever: Kitchenaid Stand Mixer to make my own Gluten Free breads, pastas, etc with! I have been saving several years for this, and was so excited that I was finally able to get one! Since I budgeted and didn't go crazy with makeup this month, the total of the cash I was setting aside reached exactly what I needed to bring this little gem and even an attachment home! So excited to try it out!! I'm also excited I no longer have to pay crazy prices for GF pastas and breads, when I can make my own from home with more natural ingredients! The mixer will also save my wrists since they have nerve damage. This is quite possibly one of the best purchases I've ever saved up for! I'm starting to love the low-buy on makeup, because it's allowing me to purchase other things that I actually need that aren't cosmetic related! I completely agree! I bought one Sephora set this month for my birthday - I was able to use the other funds to buy clothes and go on a trip!
  3. For this month's PopSugar box, I went completely spoiler free. And you know what? It was great! I truly enjoyed my products a lot more as a surprise than knowing what it was in advance. The only thing I was truly excited to receive in my box was the diffuser. BUT, I did love the box theme on "nesting" and home goods, as a nice contrast to the makeup/skincare/scarves/accessories that we usually get. I think I will eventually come around to the other items and whatever I don't use will make a perfect gift for upcoming birthdays!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by evildrporkchop A collaboration box this month! This is what GB does best, so I'm excited for it. They're teaming up with Byrdie, which is WhoWhatWear's beauty-centric blog. I can't wait for spoilers and hoping for some luxe, higher end brands. I was JUST thinking about how much I am looking forward to October's Glossybox!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi B Quote: Originally Posted by jessicalriley Me, too. I think I've picked up the entire May collection at this point. Love it! It was a tad strange for a spring box, but they were classic colors & fantastic formulas. Agreed! The oxblood (CoCo) didn't speak to me in May, but it's perfect for Fall! Same with Millie (Indigo) and Gabrielle (Mulberry). I really need to pull these colors out and play with them soon! I just did my nails in Millie last week! I agree - it's perfect for fall. I think the May collection was by far my favorite. Kind of wished I got the upgrade then. I decided to pass on this month's box. I actually did like the colors and the sets (my preferred style is Classic With a Twist & Boho Glam), but the colors weren't speaking to me this month. Neither was the face mask or the eyeliner. I think I may go back and buy the other May shades I wanted instead.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by mermuse In other news, I got the Hourglass trio in the mail and I love the lip product so far. It's small but cute. Nothing like wandering around the house in the evening by yourself in a deep red lip, eh? It seems to be transfer-proof and long-lasting without feeling sticky or excessively drying so far and it's a lovely shade. The primers are small but enough to get maybe a week out of, so I'm excited to try them. I also got the 100 point Lananilla Grapefruit perk and it feels so small that I wonder why I bothered. It's a nice safe, scent that seems to be lasting so it's not a total wash. The blister pack sample of the UD lipsticks seems to have enough product to get a few good lip brush uses out of and will be good for testing a few colors from what I can tell, so that's pretty great for a "foil packet" type sample. Good to know! I am suppose to get my package this afternoon and I can't wait to try the Hourglass lippie and the UD blister pack. Oh and everything in my Sephora Favorites set!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by simpleiies New VIB only code, $35 minimum: VIBHG for 3 Hourglass minis. The Icon red liquid lipstick, mineral primer, and Primer serum. Anyone try any of these products before? Why do we need two types of primers.. I'm guessing you don't use them at the same time. I jumped for joy when I saw this! Hourglass Veil Primer is the BEST primer I've ever used! It's very silky smooth and I use it before powder foundation. I haven't tried the serum primer, but I'll definitely read up and talk to the Sephora ladies to get some tips on how to maximize it. Looking forward to the cute lippie as well!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Kyuu Just popped up on my http://www.julep.com/kajal-eye-glider-sharpener.html Not... super excited about it. Hopefully this is the other product in the Moden Beauty box and not the main product. : The colours will have to be good for me to get behind this I completely agree. I am not very excited about this beauty product - the colors will need to draw me in!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Tiffany27la I just flew in to the states last night! You (and all of the rest of these fabulous ladies) are so sweet to have kept me in your thoughts Welcome back! So glad you made it back ok!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by xlisaa I want the blushes, but they're even smaller than last years set? Last year, each blush was 0.10 oz & this year, it's 0.05 oz. If they were bigger, I probably would get it, but I don't know.. it's pretty steep since it's around the same price as lasts years & there was four + double the size compared to this year! The lipsurgences though, I want because I have been wanting them to have a set for mattes & since half of them are matte, I don't mind at all! Size of compacts would never deter me... Unless they start putting out foil samples of blush or something ridiculously stupid. It would have been cool of them to lower the price though. I have never hit pan on a blush before. And I'm getting pretty close after 3 years of working on my Lancome palette. But seriously, if they reduced the size of the blush compact, they're only doing me a favor since I have so many blushes, so it's likely I'll throw it out before I ever finish it.
  11. So I know that Glossybox has sent extra boxes to random folks in the past... but it did surprise me this evening that I received another LE Martha Stewart box. While I kind of wished I received something else, like an extra box of that Best of Britain box, I'm glad I didn't receive an extra August box. At least I could put the face wipes and SPF to good use!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by jesemiaud I know...I was hoping to purchase a box from someone and a lovely lady offered hers and not 15 minutes before I got the message, my 16 year old fell down the stairs and ended up in the hospital getting xrays on both ankles. Fortunately it's a mild sprain on one foot and a pretty nasty sprain on the other one. All my fun monies are going to co-pays this month, so I had to say no. But, I seriously LOVE everything in this box! Oh no! I hope your daughter gets better soon! :-/
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Kristine Walker I dropped 2 subs so I could get a Bondi nail sub. I didn't need 2 BB subs, and I dropped ELF Beauty Bundle. The ELF is a great sub, but I have enough ELF products to open my own store. So a new sub, and costing less than the two dropped. I can't decide which box I want to drop yet. I know it's eventually what I need to do, and it will likely be both Glossybox and Ipsy, but I'm still in denial. Kudos for dropping your subs (and saving money in the process).
  14. Tarte's "Carried Away" holiday set last year was my first dive into makeup obsession... I have to say, I'm more impressed with this year's "Tarte of Giving" set. I love that the case is an actual travel beauty case with a hanger and the eyeshadows shades are perfect for professional settings! The only thing I still use from last year's set is the blush brush and the finishing powder. Last year's lip glosses made my lips peel and the blush is definitely not good for my skin tone. The eyeshadows was too colorful. I may have to get this set because I like the eyeshadow shades, the eye creams, the blush, and cheek tint. Does anyone know if the formula for the maracuja lip glosses have changed so they're more hydrating and doesn't make your skin peel?!
  15. I've only been to Ulta once to buy dry shampoo. When I was checking out, I had an older woman, likely a manager, give me an uncomfortable look and a stern response when I inquired about their return policy if I tried the product. (She said that they wouldn't accept a half full bottle). I ended up returned it after using it once because I didn't like it/ it didn't work for me. The sales associate who was processing my return was pretty friendly and recommended some alternatives when I said I didn't like the product (that I couldn't buy at the time because I couldn't stay to try out products). On the other hand, I used to be a habitual returner at Sephora because I prefer online shopping as oppose to going to the store and trying it out. And this was before I learned that if you go to the store, they can give you samples of the product to try at home. And this was before I knew that the beauty experts can sit you down and help create looks with the makeup. (Frankly, all of this was BEFORE I was a member of Make Up Talk!) While I'm a more conscious and informed shopper, I also don't sweat it if I need to bring something back because it was an impulse purchase (as long as I don't use it) and it's in re-sellable condition. If I want to try something, I usually do some research on MUT to find reviews, then go to Sephora and get their help/recommendations. I don't really know what your situation is, but I agree with Zadi that it's not really ethical to bring something back simply because you stopped using it in your regular routine. I was never given a hard time at Sephora when I brought in several items to return (with different receipts), but I felt bad doing so, especially when they didn't say anything.

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