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    As a fashion designer, stylist and fabric supplier, I love experimenting with materials to create unique styles and shapes. I would describe my style to be modern 1950's & 60's fashion at heart. I adore ruffles, frills, silks, lace , patterns and colour. I'm fascinated and adore African prints such as Ankara, Double Organza laces, premium/voile laces to Brocades and more. I enjoy a mix and match of styling. I love wearing me (my label - Essé).

    I'm also girly at heart and more so now I have a daughter. I love to mix and match my style. I love wearing me (my label - Essé) and everything else comes 2nd - sorry!! I must wear something old and new daily. No matter what it is, it gives a vintage/classic appearance - just me :)

    Fashion is my Art & Craft. http://alerocollections.blogspot.co.uk/
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    Fashion, Styling & Beauty. Sharing my tips, tricks and creations.
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    Fashion designer, stylist and fabric supplier
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  1. Essé Designs presents "How To DIY Create & Style Classic Rare Peplum Top" presented by Alero Essé: fashion designer, stylist and fabric/textile specialist. The project is an intro to the peplum style and upcoming designs to show. The style, cut, shape and fabric is so trendy, sexy and retro. View Alero's creative skills and experiences, that uniquely and spectacularly combines the element of movement and the true beauty of this creation. Remember to stay tuned and explore my range of fashion design style concepts, fabrics, patterns and new projects to come.
  2. This is a review based on fabrics. Alero shares her amazing findings on fabrics and ideas on what you can use it for. Fabrics make all the difference to your creations/items.
  3. With autumn not so far away, this week's post is a review on trouser trends spotted in 2012/13 Spring/Summer fashion. So i came up with the trouser, i call "The Edge Above". Not only do i love the style for Spring/Summer but i shall be wearing it into Autumn. I made it to hug the butt unlike trousers seen in ALL high street shops that continually slide off womens behinds, showcasing undies to the world. These trousers aren't just street but high fashion. "The Edge Above" trouser combine and resemble the peg legs, cropped chinos and high-waisted trousers we often see, and it feels absolutely comfortable. I think it looks stylish, sporty and has an element of sophistication to it. For more on this project please see below.
  4. I decided to postpone this post until now for various reasons and one of them being the weather. Although lace is one of those delicate fabrics often used for special occasions, i decided to show how a wedding vest can be transformed and worn differently using lace and tulle. In fact lace and tulle can look casual/cool when mixed to match with everyday essentials being jeans, skirts, jackets and shorts. If you haven't already seen part I of this post, then checkout my promo video here: to get my gist. Even if the lace/tulle is white, it doesn't need to be reserved for just a special occasion. It's one of those ideal materials to wear when the sun pops out because it can be cooling and can sometimes give the illusion of bare but not! That's where this classic cut vest blouse comes into play 'Opal'. Created using tulle and mortif pieces (embroidery lace, sequences and pearl beads) i decided to expand my creativity to interweaving the fabrics together. One could consider layering for speed but i knew i would get a better effect with this method. Plus it was fun I must warn that these materials are fragile so be sure to double up when creating your own. Opal is definitely one of those pieces one can create a layered look with. Wear it with a vest top, bodice top or dress to create different looks for day and evening wear too. Below is the conceptual sketch illustration and blue-print to replicate your own. It isn't drawn to scale but the shapes are there to assist. You can view further details on this post by watching the demo/tutorial here [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]
  5. n this weeks tutorial, Esse Designs presents “Paradiseâ€. The project is an amazing cocktail of colours. Its prints moving away from florals or stripes to profound art shapes that depict sea leaves and shells. The style, cut, shape and fabric is so trendy, sexy and exotic. Thinking ahead to exotic, I look forward to seeing more prints and shapes in our everyday fashion style soon. This style absolutely reminds me of the tropics. Close your eyes for a sec and just imagine the white sand, blue/green clear sea, sea shells, sunset, sizzling mouth watering food, drinks and the festive mood of carnival till dawn. Now open. For some this will sound like paradise. By the way carnival is just around the corner too. This is a dress that many females would love to move in because of its versatilty. One doesn’t have to worry about straps, dress being too long, too short or tight to move in. There is absolute freedom and control with this one. It’s a dress that will keep you cool and adapts well to making you feel warm when it needs to with the right layers. To visualize what i’m going on about check out the DIY fashion tutorial/demo below, where i share my creative skills and experiences, that uniquely and spectacularly combines the element of dance and the true beauty of this creation. Effortless style is always best, so if you plan to DIY on this style, know it can be worn with heels, flats or bare feet is complementary (well i think i can get away in stating that ). According to the pictures, i wore the dress with bronze open toe cage sandal heels – Dorothy Perkins, Black Bolero – Forever21 and accessories – Primark, Lipstick – my own. You can read my post: The Innovative Fashion Beauty Fix to know how I do my lip colours. I opted for fruity colours in this post, because summer is full on. I think in this weeks post i’ve gotten away with doing something out of the norm and fun – a true mission indeed:). Note, i changed the arrangement of the contents in this weeks post but that is only because i’m really explorative and thought it would be a good idea to put it together like this. I really want all that i do to be more than interesting but captivating, soulfully me, unseen before (avoiding deja vu) and comprehensive. In terms of content this week, there is certainly a lot to feast your eyes. You can find the garment sketch, pattern blue print, demo/tutorial and instruction guide on making your own tier/layered dress skirt on my blog (see demo/tutorial for further details below) [VIDEO]http://youtu.be/xeGuoO4VZyU[/VIDEO]
  6. As you are already aware, I love DIY fashion so i share with you a continuation of another post on an amazing creation that you can wear many times over and will definitely fit into place within your closet. There isn't more to type out...all you need to know is in the clip below. Please remember to show your support. Have lots of fun with this, peace x
  7. A beauty tutorial on "How To Paint Fake/Acrylic Nails Fast and Easy". A continuation on the tutorial: "How To Reuse Fake/Acrylic Nails ". Be inspired!
  8. Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation. A guide for those wanting to use this product and what to expect from using it.
  9. This is a quick tutorial/demonstration on creating fine baby hair that is realistic using wigs. Hope to inspire you to create your own. Peace x
  10. I'm not a new member on here, i just found it difficult recovering my account info, so decided to recreate a new profile again and keep updated with all the lovely news on here as well as keeping you all updated on my activities and things i like to share. I look forward to inspiring and engaging you all with my diy projects, as well as exploring new ones with you all. Alero Essé Peace xoxo
  11. This is a tutorial/demo on a technique to reusing fake/acrylic nails. Creating fabulous salon style nails is not only achievable at the nail salon. Learn how to reuse nails again, be creative and save money doing it yourself at home. Part I focus on the preparation of the nail for re-wear. Hope to inspire and get you making your own. Peace x
  12. This is the long awaited official fashion & sewing how to video on Adorn In Red Dress. Primary focus is on one of the basic techniques of tailoring: darting and gathering. Handy for sewing print fabrics too. Hope to inspire and get you making your own. Peace x
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