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  1. I want to oogle too! Unfortunately, I think StylingOn is just way outside my budget...unless I save up for a whole year or something. Sigh.
  2. Quote:Originally Posted by AshleyCT Meanwhile, the inclusion of Victoria Secret as one of their brands is what makes me wary...wasn't that one of the red flags of Panty Fly? That people who had worked for VS came out saying that they never do wholesales to outside vendors, so anything branded VS was probably a fake? That's exactly what I was thinking. I think I will definitely wait on reviews before I try this one. Thanks for the thoughts!
  3. Has anyone tried the Ox Box (http://theoxbox.com/shop-1/) since Oxford Trunk revamped their subscription to a quarterly model? I haven't seen any reviews on Google on their fall box that was the first of their new quarterly boxes. Thanks!
  4. Wow, great pics! Thanks so much for sharing!
  5. Hey, again! I found this while reading blogs: http://800panties.com/ ... appears to be a new undies subscription. Anyone try them yet and want to review? I'd be interested in seeing how they compared to Splendies. They list Victoria's Secret, Rue 21, AE, & Bali as brands they send on their website. :-O
  6. Has anyone tried Scarfscription (http://shopsubstance.com/products/scarfscription)? All the reviews on Google seem to be from 2011. I'm trying to get more into scarves as they're a neat way to try trendy patterns every season without fully committing them into your wardrobe (I'm scared of patterns!) I have a problem with the cheaper scarves with fringed edges though! They get loose threads after washing (on delicate, inside a mesh bag!) and then I yank on them and it creates snags/runs in the fabric. Okay, okay, I get I'm probably suppose to use scissors to nip them off...!
  7. That's unfortunate. Thanks for posting your experience.
  8. Got my first shipment: they sent me high-waisted black lace undies. I'm definitely not a high-waisted person!
  9. The review said the package shipped direct from China. That explains the pricing!
  10. Let us know what happens. I've been curious about this service too but the when you Google reviews, they have all seemed positive.
  11. Quote:Originally Posted by kotoko I've never heard of it until now, but it looks like they are supplied by the same people who sell on eBay. Ebay is a quality place to get cheapy accessories for sure, but it's a bit of a gamble to be receiving that high of an amount. And getting that every month would definitely be overwhelming! I completely agree! I am very curious to see if anyone has tried this out!
  12. I found this one web surfing too: Treasure Pack (http://treasurepack.com/) apparently offers 15 pieces of jewelry for $14.99/month. This seems very low-priced to me. Anyone know anything about it?
  13. I was doing some web surfing and I found this: http://www.inthemoodintimates.com/Gifts-s/152.htm# Has anyone seen this before? Or tried it? I tried to Google reviews and didn't find any. It looks like they're doing $18/month (regularly $36--yikes!) for undies in 3, 6, 12 month increments. And bra sets for $90/month with the same payment scheme.
  14. I was about to sign up but then I realized that unlike Stitch Fix or Tog + Porter, StylingOn charges the full amount of the box and REFUNDS what you don't keep? Am I reading their website correctly? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Stitch Fix only charges a $20 deposit that goes towards your purchases, and you're only charged what you keep. Tog + Porter charges $10 for shipping and $100 deposit that also goes towards anything you purchase, but if you don't spend the $100, it is returned to you. $20 (Stitch Fix) and $100 (Tog + Porter) deposit is much different than the ~$600 is asking for--unless I am totally misreading their FAQs?

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