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  1. Huh. All of mine have included perfume samples as well. I would probably write to them and complain just because I'm awful like that, but I suppose they'll just tell you it's Mother Nature's fault. ETA: MUT changed a naughty word so I edited to make sense again.
  2. I think you have to place the order by 3 pm on Friday to get delivery on Tuesday. I have noticed since I signed up for Flash my orders have been shipped UPS 2 Day Air Saver instead of UPS Ground, and they do indeed get here in about two days. My order from 11 am Friday says it will be here tomorrow, but with that storm coming who knows. I hope you get your goodies soon!
  3. This exactly. Ordering from Ulta (ESPECIALLY this time of year) is like playing the glitch lottery--except that so far I win more than I lose. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  4. @@secrethoarder I'm so, so glad you like your gifts. I had so much fun putting them together for you! This gift exchange has made my holiday season 1000x more awesome. I'm so sorry about your grandma, and very grateful that I could bring some you some cheer:-)
  5. LOL you're too kind:-) But what you don't see is all the scraps of wrapping paper that had to die to finally get all those wrapped! I can never, ever cut it to the right size, or the right shape, on the first try!
  6. I'm sorry, I have to gush just a lil bit more... What's amazing is that some of the gifts (the WnW Megaslicks--in those exact colors!!!--, the Pixi balm) were things that I had wanted ages ago and then forgot about somehow... And I used to use and LOVE Demeter scents years ago, when I could buy them locally. Basically opening these was like you had a direct line to my brain and all the things I'd been obsessed over, even the things I hadn't thought to put on my wish list. So incredibly squee-tastic.
  7. I feel my pictures don't do it justice, but I need to post another pic so you all can see that there are very detailed illustrations INSIDE the little TARDIS: (I took this one by sticking my iPhone right up against the doorway)
  8. I apologize that my staying calm and taking pictures skills went swiftly downhill at this point, due to extreme excitement, so here's the hodgepodge of pics I managed to take, followed by the whole mind-blowing shebang. This package is seriously incredible. I don't even know where to start. I just love everything. @@shadowcat78, your stalking and gifting skills are unparalleled, except perhaps by your skills at wrapping things. Thank you so, so much for this.
  9. YOU GUYS. USPS DELIVERS ON SUNDAYS NOW!?!?? Which is how I got this ohmygodamazing, incredible, awe-inspiring box from @@shadowcat78!!! Just look at how carefully packed everything is!! The card is super cute and sparkly: And I'm now realizing I screwed up when I tried to take a picture of it, but the first present I unwrapped is the gold ring thingy you can kind of see under the card. It had an amazing assortment of LoTR eyeshadows, taped together to make "the one ring!!" Oh I'm so pissed that pic didn't save. Anyway: And who do we have here? Why, it's my favorite Doctor!! And inside we have the cutest TARDIS ornament--is this handmade? It went immediately onto the tree. And next to it was a sack full of awesome Doctor Who eyeshadows!!!! To be continued...
  10. Do ya'll think the KVD Innerstellar palette will still be around in January? I've never bought any of her stuff so I'm not sure how fast it sells out, but I NEED that palette, and I'd like to wait until it counts towards next years spend. (since I already went above and beyond this year)
  11. I got an absolutely fantastic squid in the mail today, complete with Mickey Mouse card and fabulous Z artwork. It put such a big smile on my face, @@tweakabell thank you so much!
  12. I'm hoping to get my package wrapped up tomorrow and mailed by Saturday! Santee, I hope you will be ok with the fact that I am no good with themes and some of the super cute stuff that others are doing. My theme is HERE IS A BOX OF STUFF I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!
  13. I saw someone on BeautyTalk had redeemed it pretty recently so it seemed worth trying, but sadly I ran through most of the Rouge codes in pretty short order once I could use them, so I can't test them myself.

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