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  1. If I knew what was going to be in the box, I would not have paid $250 for it. But I did buy it, not knowing so I'm going to try to focus on the positive because there's nothing I can do about it! Haha The last thing I need is another clutch & they aren't exactly practical with a one year old. Normally, I'd tell myself it's $220 and it would sit on my closet shelf & maybe be used a couple times for "special occasions". But, if I do that, I'm definitely going to feel like this box was a waste since that's the big ticket item so I'm going to use the clutch regularly and toss it in the diaper bag. And, I'm not going to care if it gets beat up cause it didn't actually cost me $220 & at least I used it. The candle & frame will look gorgeous on top of my dresser. I'd never spend that much on a candle or frame so they are truly luxury items. I've been looking at similar mirrored boxes for a while now & would have eventually bought one so I'm most excited about this item. Lipgloss & mascara are the makeup I use on a daily basis and usually the only makeup since my toddler doesn't have the patience for much more. I would have preferred a more exciting makeup item or a pretty palette to stare at but at least this is practical (for me) & will get used. I will enjoy the hot chocolate while the older kids are in school so I don't have to share I don't know about the cream. I'm going to read up on it & either use it or add it to my trade list and hope I can get an item I've been wanting for it. That's what I eventually did with the Goldfaden scrub. I'm really trying to get excited about these items and not focus on what else I could have bought with $250. As much as I will use & enjoy these items, I'm done with PS SE boxes. The last 4 have been a fail for me. Apparently, $550 is my limit. I'll consider it an expensive lesson needed to break my PS habit. Some people buy drugs, I buy mystery boxes
  2. Just got my box. I was very bummed when I saw the spoilers but now that I have the items, I feel a little better. The scarf is nicer than I expected. The print would definitely not be my 1st choice. It seems better suited for an older demographic than what I think is the average age of a PS subscriber. That being said, I was 99.9% sure I was going to trade it & now that I have it, I think I will keep it. It'll be nice for work or dinner out with my in-laws or grandma The knit hat is darker than I expected. I thought it would be cream but it is more tan. I live in California so I'm not sure how much use it'll get. But, it's soft & Joie so I'm happy with it. Although, I would have much preferred gloves or a scarf from this brand. It does bother me immensely that the scarf & hat don't match! I love gummies but they don't seem "fall like". I like the perfume but feel it would be better suited for a Spring or Summer box. It's very sweet. I personally like sugary scents but I think it's a scent that more people will dislike than like. I could do without the lipstick & cleanser but if I can trade these for items I want/need, I'm happy. I do feel like the box is missing an item. A candle in a fall scent would have been nice. Was the box worth $100 to me? No. Would I have spent $20 on each of the five items (gummies don't count)? No...I would have spent $20 on the hat & $20 on the scarf, if I loved the print (which I don't). It's not the worst LE box but definitely not their best.
  3. Very pretty! I so wish this was August!!...Off to stalk Ebay
  4. Have: Atelier Rose Cologne Napoleon Perdis Pre-Foundation Primer Lancer Lift Serum Intense Caviar CC Cream Revive Volumizing Eye Serum Hourglass Mascara ISO: Popsugar items Try Me!
  5. I'm bummed The necklace is gorgeous, just not my style...I imagine I can Ebay the whole box & get my money back...Maybe I'll feel differently once I have it in my hands.
  6. The "currently viewing" list on the side is SO long Love it!
  7. I think they should do a best of 2013 box for January. Send an email survey to subscribers asking what their favorite food, home decor, beauty and jewelry/ accessory items were in 2013 & put together a box with those type of items. My choices would be cookie chips (a large bag, not small like the last one), a diffuser (because I can never have enough), an eyeshadow palette (Naked 3) & a scarf (of course). That would never happen but I can dream
  8. I would normally never buy that bracelet but the more I see pictures, the more I like it. It looks festive I am not a nail wrap person but I think these will be great for the holidays & I like the suggestion of only putting one or two on each hand. And, I am so going to make my own hot chocolate like someone suggested. I'm not jumping up & down over the other items but I can always try to trade one or two of them At first I thought "meh" but as more time goes by, I'm really excited about this box!! I looked back at previous boxes while I was putting together my trade list & was reminded the boxes have become more well rounded & better suited for me as time goes by. I'm not always going to love everything but a big part of the fun for me is the anticipation & reading the forums.
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