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  1. My mom and I love Diamond Candles. They are a bit pricey, so we don't buy them on a regular basis. However, the ones that we have (4-5 of them in total) have all been of good quality. None of our rings were more than the $100 dollar range, but they were all pretty. I've never heard of 3-8-1 Candles before, but they do sound wonderful and worth a try as well
  2. No problem, I'm glad to have helped
  3. Hi Aleexa! Welcome to makeup talk
  4. I agree with Zadidoll. You don't need a whole lot of make-up, but the little bit that she recommends would give it a more polished look.
  5. Depending on the month, anywhere from $30 to $100. I live in a more rural area and don't do a whole lot of online shopping. However, when I do make it to my closest Ulta, etc. (2 hours away), I tend to go a little overboard....
  6. It's different for everyone, but on average, 4 months to a year. The first month or so, it might be a bit tender, so try not to bump it too much (it can set back the healing). After that first few months, it is a lot easier to take care off and not as sensitive.
  7. I used to have mine done and loved it. It had to be taken out though, since it started to migrate a bit too much (it was very close to rejecting). All of the lifting, etc. that I have to do at work, probably played a part in that. However, I have a coworker who got the piercing done around the same time and her's is still doing really good. So it all depends on how your body handles the piercing. I don't think slouching would affect it much, but I wouldn't recommend sleeping on it (but only until it is completely healed). Overall, it really doesn't hurt and as long as you keep it clean, you should be fine. Most of the time, you should be able to get good quality jewelry from your piercer. They all carry the standard jewelry that first gets put into the piercing, and many will also have a selection of other jewelry that can be used, once your piercing heals. The shop I went to, could even special order jewelry for you. If you really want it, I fully recommend getting it done.
  8. Hello! I'm Artistic Faerie. I've been a long-time lurker and figured that it's about time I quit lurking and start posting.
  9. White Me In Black Me Out by Helalyn Flowers
  10. Mostly, from my mom. She had gone to school for it in college (doesn't practice it now) and gave me a good foundation of knowledge. The rest was from experimentation.

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