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  1. i feel the same way actually, just got the code too and the shop is a total bust. last time i got the code for my other account they had better stuff... ugh i hate this shop this time
  2. I'm getting the worse bag. I have marked I don't like nail polish or lipgloss, and that I don't want moisturizer or eyeliner. and this is what I'm getting:
  3. my lipstick is ugly, not even gonna swatch it. It smells funky, it's glittery and says it's sheer (not into that at all). It's a weird coral color but like beige coral .. I would wear it but without the glitter and if it were matte and opaque. edit: yea what is up .. that theme made no sense lol
  4. Just wanted to drop by and tell you guys, my box was .77 and it had 5 items. The Mask, Brush, Lipstick, Highlighting cream and Nail polish.
  5. That's what I was wondering. Maybe they will just throw it in as a sample in boxes randomly :/
  6. omg I got the same quesiton and I was so confused lmao!
  7. I am so excited for this box! Thanks for posting the spoiler @[email protected] yayyyy cannot wait for mine to come. They sent a shipping notice two days ago but the tracking doesn't work
  8. if it's the green or white glamglow I'm totally down... lol Otherwise :/ meh... 99 is a lot
  9. My glossy hasn't even shipped I feel sad and neglected lol...
  10. perfect! i needed a new purse for going out so im excited!
  11. Thank you! I got the clutch, I rather get that than the five bucks off haha. Does anyone have the clutch? is it nice?
  12. Love the spoiler, does anyone know of a code for a discount?
  13. when they sent the bronzer in birchbox it was a deluxe size, so idk if it will be full sized but the deluxe was still pretty good!
  14. oh yyassss!! My friend Stef is OPS, I can ask her lol! I'll text her tomorrow, but I know each store is different depending on what's going on so ur time might be different anyway. Otherwise, u should have that binder that tells u what's new under cashwrap, there should be a release date in it. U are free to browse it, they should really be "chatting u in" about it at the beginning of each month. But basically idk if u have seen it, but it has release dates of upcoming products (sometimes they may mention what u are getting in gratis too lol) But i didn't say anything
  15. The sephora one said online only! I hope it gets to stores! I love the Perricone MD one, and it would b great to have a dupe! Also totally want the Nars one.. I may ask my friends to buy it for me with their discount lol xD (I know not allowed, nobody needs to know haha)
  16. I mean, at least that is what I was told, along with my co workers. I honestly doubt they go and follow you and find you and know what u did lol, but maybe by chance they come across you and who knows. Honestly I don't ever remember signing something about disclosure on the policies, but who knows what I signed lol. Anyway I don't work there anymore so I can say whatever I want SiJCP gets like 10% of the gratis freestanding gets, those people are lucky lol.. they get way more than we do/did. Also did u know their beauty educator is in store, so they don't have to wait until they come ... they just get their stuff and get more education. I was always so jelly of that
  17. That would be a perk I would definitely use! I am so happy I looked here, I didn't know that the Tarte code was glitched! I had already gotten one of the powders but in this order I just placed I picked all 3! yay I like the powder, it smelled a little weird, but it dissipated. Finally I received a gift card I had redeemed some miles for, got me the luminous silk foundation.. and then remembered i wanted the Perricone no bronzer bronzer.. UGHHHHH I ALWAYS FORGET IT D: WHYYYY
  18. I still haven't gotten my coupon code I wonder who chooses who gets a coupon or not, that's so mean of Ulta. My mom hasn't gotten one either

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