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  1. diablosita

    The Or Game

    German chocolate. Sweet tea or unsweet?
  2. I'm 17, 134lbs 5'8 I have thin legs and what not but kind of a poochy stomach. I'm not like huge I'm just out of shape and I have been for about a year now. I tried running to burn fat but I literally can't run for more then 5 minutes at a time I have to walk for a little bit and then try to run again I did this for a little over a week and it killed me. I haven't done anything psychical in 5 years so I'm badly out of shape. I use to have a fast metabolism where I could eat whatever and gain nothing. Now I'm out of shape and feel ugly all the time. I just want a flat stomach again. I look 3 months pregnant or something. I just feel like giving up. It's stressing me out. Also I have little love handles and I hate them. My boyfriend loves them but every time he touches them It reminds me of how fat I look.
  3. Yeah I've heard about that brand, can you buy it at ulta or anything or do I need to order it online?
  4. diablosita

    The Or Game

    Pineapple, i hate mango sooo much. Sonic drinks, or ice cream?
  5. I'm finally starting my vacation, I'm going back to my home town in Texas to visit some family and friends, and then make my way to Dallas, then Corpus Christi, AND THEN FLORIDA. Idk I'm just super excited for Florida because I've never been to a state that far away lol.
  6. Thank you, I'll have to try it out.
  7. Right now, I just use a root lifter spray as well, and this volumizing hair clay my grandma got me on qvc. I agree blow drying does help, but then my hair just kind of deflates in the middle of the day and it's annoying... I usually just have my hair straight, and it's long. It's more volumized when i curl it. (obviously)
  8. diablosita

    The Or Game

    Can I say Romantic comedy? lol Comedy I guess. Pink nail polish or Blue nail polish?
  9. diablosita

    The Or Game

    Popcorn Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?
  10. I really want those glamorous high arched eyebrows, but i know what makes them look so glamorous is mainly filling them in. But for some reason no matter how hard I try to like make my arch higher It just doesn't look how I want it to, and I don't want to pluck all of my hairs away. I don't know it's just something that bugs me because I want them to be prefect but I just can't seem to get them that way /: any tips??
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