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    I love makeup but my favorite is eyeliner and nail polish. I own a blog and it has started to get taken over by beauty products in the last 6-8 months. I work third shift 40+ hrs for a telecommunications company (whose name I won't disclose.) I am by no means the best when it comes to makeup but I am learning and always striving for improvement.

    I will swatch and review your polish! I have over 17k fan base that I would love to expose to your product!

    So today were gonna
    Take a time to show ya
    The br- br- bright side of the dark side
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    Metal and rock music
    Books (don't have much time to read)
    Nail polish
    Product reviews
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    I provide tech support for data issues with laptop connect devices (ie mobile hotspots,air cards, using cell phone as a modem, embedded modem, tablet devices) data issues on smartphones and as of 6/30/2013 I now also assist with tier 2 voice troubleshooting.
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    Oh god ill save this for another day there is just so much. Can I say everything?
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    Mercury villager
    Dodge caravan
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    Interview with a vampire
    Princess diaries
    Ever after
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    Cradle of filth
    Papa roach
    Maroon 5
    Lacuna coil
  • Favorite Books
    Anything by L j smith or vampire/witch related from Anne rice.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    I love orly and opi.
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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by STLSportsGirl13 Quote: Originally Posted by Rubyblood I'm so broke I don't have money for toilet paper bahaha hopefully I don't need any before Friday Toilet paper or nail polish? Laugh. It would be a toss up for me girl!!! For me as well but the old man would ban me forever! I dont own any DL yet either which makes me sad I will prolly miss this sale!
  2. I'm so broke I don't have money for toilet paper bahaha hopefully I don't need any before Friday
  3. Yep haha I'm the same way. I had a box of polish just to giveaway on my blog but some unexpected expenses came up and I have to sell half of it.
  4. I am a total polish addict!!! I hate paying retail on anything and usually if it's not on sale I don't buy it.
  5. I had been drooling over this color for awhile and found it at tj maxx for 4.99 A friend had wanted to try these and so did I so I got them for 2 for $3. I am a sucker for the color turquoise so seeing this for #3.99 and the reviews looked good so I grabbed this mascara. The glitter polish was so pretty I couldn't pass it up and it was only $0.99. I have been seeing people showing swatches of Layla on Instagram and was dying to try it so when I saw this was marked down from 15.50 to 2.99 I had to have it! I had no fast dry in my nail arsenal so I grabbed these from essence for $2.99 and I can't wait to try them. The ulta polish in Gray was kind of a spur of the moment. As I stood there looking at the 0.99 price tag I came to realize as far as I know I don't have a single gray in my collection. So it came home with me! Have you tried any of the above products? What did you think about them?
  6. I now have some of those plastic shoe boxes. Already filled one and a half and filled my carry along basket too.
  7. I love the pink one but I will keep my otterbox anyday.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Thefemaleclown Guys + Nail Polish = hot hot hot. Whenever I think of guys in polish I always think of Spike from Buffy the Vampire slayer. I agree with the above statements, that dark colors would be best to start with. OMG I agree! Spike was hot in that and Angel. I only wish Angel wore polish as well. I just liked angels hair better lol! Most of the guys I had a crush on in high school wore black nail polish. Put black polish on a pale guy with long hair and be still my heart! Bahahahah its just so funny my guy is tan with no hair and doesn't understand my love of polish.
  9. I love love love Holos. I have quite a few of the Darling Diva Polish Line that was sent for me to review on my blog and I love them all! I am actually reviewing some scattered holo top coats for them right now. Its been so dull and dreary I haven't been able to get any good pics to write up the review. Also they have one that glows in the dark by the name of And a bag of chips.
  10. I use the white mostly as a base to make my neons pop but I think it looks really good with some neon glitter on top. This pic is from after a weeks wear and you can tell where its starting to lift at the nail bed but this gives you an idea of that I mean. This star polish is also a glow in the dark and it glowed so much brighter over a white than it did over any other color.
  11. This was my first ever go at nail art. http://instagram.com/p/eUf32uBoB1/ http://instagram.com/p/eVE8CZBoPd/ about a week later I did this: http://instagram.com/p/ecnna_hoGr/ I would really love to get good at nail art.
  12. I have seen a blog somewhere I cant remember the site but it was a diy and not at the same time. They did recipes of mixing polishes to get a certain color. So you could always buy some dollar store polish dump out a cheap polish clean out the bottle and mix away.

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