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  1. hey thanks for the help ! kat von d doesn't sell brown pens =[ out of stock tat2u - do i need to buy both pen and ink..? do you recommend this product? does it hard to remove by soap and water?..
  2. hey thanks you guys !! zadidoll - where can I buy faux tatto pens? I didnt find it in google vogueboy - so what do you recommand? which brand? Annelle - I visited eye pearl's website and I didn't find semi permanent pen. I didn't find anything about product for sell at Kat Von D's website i'm looking for brown pen, that hard to remove by soap and water or regular makeup remover.. and lasts more than 24 hours..
  3. I mean pen that doesn't easy to remove, even if you try to remove it by water and soap, for at least 24 hours ..
  4. hey I visited their website and I dont understand something... they said that their pens can be easily removed by oil based makeup remover and the color lasts for 24 hours... it's like a regular makeup pen.. it's not semi permanent
  5. hey thanks !! I prefer a semi permanent makeup from a known and big company, like mac, revlon, loreal etc.. because I want to be sure that the product is healthy and doesn't damage .. how can I trust the products that I bought? I afraid from allegtic reaction or carcinogen ingredients ...
  6. hello I am looking for semi permanent eye liner or another kind of make up pen... can you recommend please?? sorry for bad english
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