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  1. Maybe the woman was blonde and the officer took notice thinking she uses the book as an excuse.
  2. I'd marry him. He looks hot to me, no matter how weird he dresses up.
  3. Wow, you should've told her not to bring it up in front of all those people. I'm pretty sure you felt horrible, but all of us had such an awful experience at some point.
  4. It works. I can relate! My cellulite is gone and I can wear thongs at the beach without fearing of someone pointing at me. Definitely one of the best solutions out there to cure it.
  5. Mine was so embarassing I cried the whole day and became paranoid for so long. I was at school in the 7th grade and my period started - I didn't have my tampons and I had white jeans. In addition to my big red circle on my pants, my teacher thought 'Oh I see you've got your period and you got no tampon, how about you come to the blackboard?'. It was really awkward to see my classmates giggle. I borrowed a tampon from a girl and got a taxi straight home that day. I was so embarassed.
  6. I've been drinking a glass of red wine everyday during dinner for the past 3 years and I'm completely fine, so is my skin. Guess it doesn't affect anyone if it's not in excess, right?
  7. Messed up my face quite a few times before properly doing a makeup, lol.
  8. Greenie all the way. The pinky seems unfitting for a wedding in my opinion.
  9. Rosalia Mera, the co-founder of the well-known Zara has been found dead at the age of 69. She was Spain's richest woman and many respected her. Here's the official BBC News article. Rest in peace, Rosalia!
  10. Now I see your point. I remembered Bear Grylls from Discovery Channel. He always wears long sleeves in the desert. Thanks for the info!
  11. Thanks a bunch, Diane! I wish I had time to try all those awesome recipes, but I'm pretty sure they all work.
  12. I was using sugar without a cleanser and I got better results, honestly - though it was too harsh and added the cleanser for a smoother exfoliation.
  13. I've used both for my little girl and it did wonders. She was in your niece's shoes and shortly after using those two, her face was clean as a baby's behind.
  14. We all do, honey! It's the fastest and easiest way to get rid of that oily, greasy, disgusting hair at a very cheap price. Definitely recommending it to every girl out there.

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