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  1. this is shipping out on the 19th. I move on the 23rd. My boyfriend will be here between the 18th and 24th to help me move out of state with him. I am on a no spend because of the move - per him. Decisions, decisions...change the shipping address and have the box waiting at our new house and get in trouble for shopping. Or leave it and chance it that I get it while I am in current home ( in CA so shipping is fast) and still get in trouble for shopping (but I might have a chance of hiding it and also blame that it is old sub and forgot). But I also chance, it doesn't come to me in 5 days. Small chance but could happen.
  2. All the way in March. WHAAAAA!!! kidding. But it was a short time between fall and winter then a long wait for Spring. This is now the only box I am getting. And Ipsy, but I keep saying I am going to cancel and forget.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by rachelshine Sooo maybe it's a a BBP (big boobed problem ) but the necklace falls so awkwardly on me! I am going to have to see if I can get the chain shortened a bit. I love it to bits, but the key literally falls in to the depths of my cleavage haha (TMI??) Quote: Originally Posted by amdoerr Mine does the same thing! But with my chain I can easily hook it on one of the actual loops of the chain and put it at any length I want, can you do that with yours?? I have big boobs and when I read these I thought i haven't had this problem and I have worn my necklace without taking it off since I got mine Tuesday. Figured out why today...I have mostly been in pjs and and the times I did go out, it was just to the surgeon's office and where the cancer spot is on the back, wearing a bra is really difficult. HAHA. I'm sure once I can wear a bra properly, It will fall funny. It just may. I've shed a lot of weight (just over 40) since June so everything fits and lays different. I just found it funny I didn't have this issue and then realizing why.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by GlamBabe While I'm set on both nudes for lip color i did get the gloss in Dlight. Its a gorgeous bright pink. If you'd like to do a trade I'd be game. Take a look at my list, which I will likely revise tomorrow since some is traded other is pending, but maybe we can work out a multiple trade to make it worth your while. Pm me regardless, I had pituitary cancer about 8 yrs ago, and am still struggling with residuals so can relate to what you are going thru to some extent. Would like to make your xmas better, and will watch for a message from you.....!! Is this in reference to my post?
  5. I got my box on Tuesday and have been wanting to post here every since, just haven't been able to. I really haven't paid too much attention to the items in the box except the necklace. I opened the box with time to spare before I was walking out door for surgery for skin cancer stage 2. I was laid off last month and seriously have no money and tried to cancel subs but clearly forgot this one. I did see the necklace spoiler but did not know the concept of the necklace and just thought it was a key on a necklace. I got my box and I thought for a flash moment to not open and save for Christmas because it will be pretty bleak. Then I ripped into the box. I really wanted to see what I got for the necklace. It is silver Courage. It really couldn't be more perfect for me, except strength. I LOVE this necklace. Love the concept and everything. I put the necklace on and haven't taken it off once. I would if I could shower, but since can't shower until Saturday, eh...I am wearing it and wearing it proudly! This last month has been full of struggle and challenges coming from every direction. Courage and strength is what is getting me through! I will probably be wearing this necklace for a bit and will always have so much meaning to me but I can't wait to pass it on to someone that really needs it more than I do in the future. For me, this necklace means so much to me!! It arrived at the perfect time and I am so glad this sub slipped through the cracks of cancellation. As for the other items, the lip gloss is a nude and would prefer a pinky. The earbuds, I seriously have idea what color. haha. Too much going on. I had the second stage of the surgery, late yesterday and I have been up all night in pain. If anybody would like to pay it forward with their necklace, I have a friend that loved mine when I posted it on FB. She thought it for her mother that is in hospital ill. I asked her if she would like me to look at the local store to me what they have. She sent me a message today and said, hold off mom not doing well. They finally confrimed bone cancer today and it is not looking good. More later. I wish I could give her mine, but I do need mine right now for what I have. But if any of you would like to pay it forward, my friend could really use this to get through her mom dying of bone cancer. I would go buy one and send to her but well, with just getting laid off and no income, and mounting medical bills, I can't even afford groceries. Thanks for considering her.
  6. Funny. I just used my Sephora $15 earlier today. I forgot to do a code for the gift bag and it was too late. CS wouldn't cancel. I did another other order and got it though. Rather frustrating. Since Sephora had it up, I checked Ulta. They have it online too. I thought about ordering it online, but they are so slow to ship, I decided to wait to go to the store on Monday morning. Now I just need to remember to go. I was in one of my Ulta's last night and they do not think they will sell out at all. So excited. Getting this for free with my Ulta points :-)
  7. Thanks. This makes it tough. I can order it and by the time I get it, I could have waited until the store has it and enjoy it for days. I need to go to the stores And be sure to get on a list. I 3 stores all very close to me. I am in one regularly. I'm sure I will have no problem. I really wanted to try to get 2000 points one time but looks like I will be spending my 53 to get this. If I spend $120 yesterday with 5x points, I would have gotten there. I couldn't justify. Haha.
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