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    <p>I'm a preppy and fun loving stay at home mom to two wonderful little boys. I don't always have time for myself, so beauty subs are helping me stay current with beauty trends and must haves!!!</p>
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    eyeliners, amika, dry shampoos, Butter/Essie/Deborah Lippman polishes, Beauty Protector spray, Lush, lip glosses, Stila all in one Bronzer
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    Sumita eyeliners
  1. That ciate mini set is totally adorbs!! What time shall I come over for the mani party?? lol
  2. as promised..I figured out how to add the attachment..duh..
  3. @@LadyK "Whoo doesn't think that owl is adorable??" I bought him at [email protected]@msambrosia collects owls, so I went with an owl theme!
  4. you're a lucky gal @@SophiaRae!! make that 1 million and 1 shrieks for your gift..I gave a shriek upon seeing your Tarte!!
  5. In a weird twist of fate-my gift was delievered early and my Santee, @@msambrosia, received hers today as well!! My Santa was @Megan27ist. She gave me a Grinch themed present. I will have to post a pic later because I honestly don't remember how to post them! Here is what was in my box: 1) a purse size tube of Tocca Bianca 2) a convertible tote bag 3) 2 notebooks and 2 candycane pens 4) hand knitted royal purple scarf 5) a box that had a chocolate bar for my 2 children, my husband, and a treat for my doggie 6) Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue mini 7) Baggie filled with manicure necessities and a bottle of OPI "Passion" 8) Sumita "East meets West" eyeliner collection 9) a bottle of Champagne bubble bath Again, so sorry I can't post a pic just yet. Thank you Megan for the lovely gift!
  6. @ you did indeed win the Santa jackpot!! Good for you!! Enjoy all of those pretties!!
  7. Really? No interest?? Like, not at all? No worries, I didn't get into HP until the very last movie was coming out. A pots and pan store-I would be happy for an all expense paid shopping trip to the Le Creuset store!! Lol!! You are too funny @@Megan27ist
  8. Dear little Santee of mine, I wanted to confess something-my family and I are taking our yearly pilgrimage to the Potter motherland, known as Universal Orlando. Anywho, I needed a snack and the potato chip chuao bar I bought you at Target today was staring at me. I think I even heard it whisper my name.. So, I threw it in my bag and hopped in the car. I forgot about it until I reached in my bag to grab a phone charger. And it was over..I tore that wrapper open like I was Charlie looking for a golden ticket. You'll be happy to know that I did share the bar with my husband and kids. So, here I am feeling incredibly guilty. I then thought hey, stop feeling guilty. I could pick up a box of Bertie Beans, or a chocolate frog for you...but do you even like Harry Potter???
  9. Too much curling ribbon?? The travesty...lol
  10. Dear Santa, While I'm so excited to get your thoughtful gift, I wanted to let you know that you can ship whenever your heart desires. I'm sure I will love my gift regardless of wrapping. I hope you had a great time shopping for me and getting to know me. I hope you didn't think I was greedy with my extensive list. I put many of the items on the list in hopes that you received them in a Birchbox, and would like to get rid of them. It won't be long now!! Xoxo
  11. Yikes!! I made 5 purchases yesterday from BB, and 2 of them have shipped already!! I would be mad as well!!
  12. Wow!! I think Kyuu's Santa must work for Hallmark!! The creativity that her Santa has is phenomenal!! I look forward to Kyuu getting more gifts!!!
  13. Hello Gals!! Been busy, but trying to keep up with this thread!! I did some MAD shopping today at Ulta and Target and then came home and hit Birchbox. You can't beat 25% off!! I found the most amazing wrapping paper for my Santee-I'd love to show you, but I think it would give it away!! Off to admire all of my pretties that I will be wrapping up and sending out so very soon!!
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