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  1. LOL, just saw the October colors posted online and all three are barely different than September's. The reds look the same, there's a slightly brownish light gray creme, and there's a very dark gray shimmer. Honestly, when I saw the pictures I thought I was looking at September again and that people were posting the wrong month. Amazing, and not in a good way! Have they just stopped trying???
  2. The brown shimmer and the "cherry" shimmer are pretty, but the grey is fugly and the whole collection says anything but 1980s. Actually I think last month's 1970s collection looks way more '80s than this one. 1980s = bright white, bright teal blue, and screaming fuchsia pink. I remember the decade very well. So glad I quit SquareHue.......
  3. Considering SqH has already done goldenrod and avocado/lime green to death, there were still a lot of fun things they could have done. Instead of yet another royal blue shimmer, how about a dark teal shimmer? How about three holos? Oh well, perma quit and unsubscribed to all emails. It feels liberating, actually.
  4. Hey, are y'all tired of my complaining about SquareHue? I haven't gotten a box in months but wanted to wait and see what the 1970s Decade Collection brought. Sigh... the 1970s, my favorite decade, so many possibilities. And what did subscribers get? Another plain white creme. And ANOTHER blue shimmer. OK, I'll admit the holo glitter polish looked really cool but one out of three doesn't do it for me. So as of today, I'm quitting. Bye, SquareHue, it was fun for a year or two!
  5. I forget if it was here or on another board or on FB, but there was some discussion among subscribers that a good way to go might have been to have two different boxes, with the colors shown in advance, and you could pick the one you wanted. That would have been more options. This "new" box, two polishes for $10.99 (plus $5 shipping!, no savings there) doesn't improve the actual polishes or colors at all. Frankly, it smacks of desperation and I'll be surprised if they're still around a year from now. Besides, even if I wanted to reactivate my sub, I get **three** polishes for $15.99 now, since I was one of the original subscribers. I realize this new pricing is an attempt to attract new subscribers, and businesses always need new customers to keep going, but if they improved the colors and finishes and quality, I think they'd get more business. I no longer review and push SqH on my blog, and know of very few bloggers that do any more. EDIT: OMG, I just saw the July box on SqH's FB page. Since this is a spoilers thread, I'll go ahead and say it: ANOTHER pink. ANOTHER lime green. The blue-purple looks shimmery and pretty, but I can't believe they basically had two of the same colors that were just in the June box. Once again, glad I skipped.
  6. What does everyone think of SqH's announcement today of having a second subscription option, one with just two polishes instead of three? I say, "Big whoop." It won't be two different colors, it'll be two of the three going out in the original box. This won't address my concerns at all, of having color repeats and no/few exciting finishes. Really? This is what people asked for???
  7. The February box was my last one, my account is suspended, and I will probably perma-quit as well. I think the boxes are nice for new subscribers but for those of us who have been with them since the beginning, there are too many repeats, too many cremes, too many pinks. I haven't regretted not getting the last few boxes at all -- when I see swatches the polishes are usually only very slightly different from SqH ones I got two years ago. I, too, want to save my $ for other things, and agree that not getting the free box at Christmas was a bit of a slap in the face, when other long-term subscribers did.
  8. Haven't read this board for weeks, since I let my sub expire and am dismayed to see such things as a straightening perm, a "jiggle patch" (really? REALLY???), and a razor. Beauteque, you have truly lost me.
  9. Here's a link that might work: http://iconosquare.com/p/955543133598285211_1653102 Glad I suspended my sub. Just not feeling these any more.
  10. No, I got both -- the promotional email and the one to choose options. Doesn't matter, they can't charge me. I tried the monthly Beauteque bag for 3 months and it was OK. Glad I tried it but don't want any more right now.
  11. So I cancelled my subscription a few days ago, and today I get the email survey to pick my April products. I emailed customer service to remind them but I'm not worried since the credit card they had on file is closed now. Just a heads-up for others who have cancelled!
  12. It's not your fault, MissJexie, and I'm not angry. Thanks for the pre-order idea but I think I'll move on. I may order some individual honey products to satisfy that honey craving. Edit: What all is in the box? I can't tell from the small picture. Thanks.
  13. Me too. I checked less than an hour ago and it wasn't there. Did some other business, come back to check, and it's gone. Oh well, not meant to be. Will buy some other stuff to use up a gift card and then I'm afraid I'm done with Beauteque, at least for a while. Btw, I am NOT saying this and whining to have anyone feel sorry for me and/or give me stuff! I try to be grounded about things like beauty supplies -- if I get them, fine, and if not, goodness knows I have tons of things I should use up anyway. It's not the end of the world.
  14. I cancelled but they won't be able to charge me again even if they try, because my cc expired. Good luck getting the charge reversed, and I don't mean that sarcastically. I'm looking forward to snatching up Harlot Beauty's honey bag and using the $10 gift card I got as an apology for the craptasticness of the New Year's bag, then I might be done with Beauteque, not sure. May buy some more naked bags.
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