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  1. It seems like a handful of people on the MSA forums got two different scarves, or a Rubi and Cube clutch - I actually got the expensive necklace, which was a huge shock, since my last four boxes have mostly been lotion. So much lotion...
  2. That...is not a useful email. At all. I hope you can get your money back!
  3. The Valentine's Day box had me wondering if they didn't have enough for the second parcel and were either trying to get more money so they could do 2, or get more money and clear out inventory and be done.
  4. At least they are saying *something*, I suppose? I'm still frustrated we never got information on the Valentine box, despite being asked multiple times.
  5. Tomorrow is the 1st - when do we think we'll start seeing boxes arrive, and full spoilers?
  6. Anyone hear anything from them recently? I know I still haven't gotten an answer re: Valentine's box, and it seems like their Facebook has gotten very quiet. I'm hoping they are just busy shipping the next box for those who ordered it? =/
  7. Per Facebook, it sounds like Nuxe will be in the next box (or, at least, some of them)...there's a handful of rose options: https://us.nuxe.com/search/?s=rose
  8. I finally got to open my box...and I got nothing from 1951 . I got instead some tiger cutout necklace. Did anyone here not get any clutch or coin purse?! How do I always end up on the naughty list?!
  9. "La Saint-Valentin, est là! Spoil yourself, or "votre amour", French-style with the luxury gift box of the season. To spread the love, we are offering $10 off today only with the code "amour" on all single season purchases of our V3: Springtime in Provence Box curation shipping early April 2016." It's soooo tempting...but I know I shouldn't.
  10. @@Reija Oh, for sure - completely possible. If anything, hopefully this would be a good reminder to include some kind of information on the artists (like @@DianeER suggests). It does strike me as odd that one item has tons of info but the other two...nothing. I tried to go back and see if there was any value promised on this box, but didn't find anything. I think compared to the first box it's lacking, which makes me even more curious to see what the story is.
  11. @@LabiosRojos Excellent. Keep us posted. I would do the same, but I haven't had a chance to look at my box in person. I do think this was a big step down from the first box, regardless of the origin of the bracelet. I'll contact him as well when I'm able to look at everything. I'm curious if Liz at MSA ordered, and what her thoughts are.
  12. Well that's not great to hear - I wonder if we should try and call them out on this? Incredibly disappointing, especially the bracelet. I completely understand if people like the box, but I'm starting to feel a bit misled. EDIT: Oh, yeah - the bracelet looks like stuff from alibaba. http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20160213103120&SearchText=stardust+bracelet
  13. I am so, so bummed looking at the spoilers. Just not me at all. Here's hoping I can trade it.
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