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  1. Gah I dont want to start rumors. I could have sworn I read on here that the company hired a vendor to help with the VIP program recently. Maybe I am losing it? Sorry guys I dont wanna look through 113 pages to figure out out. I just miss the greater attention to detail on packaging, the handwritten notes etc that we use to get. Apparently complaining openly must have worked because I got a note saying they would send me a new gloss. Now I feel a little childish to post this to get what I wanted but it worked... *feeling icky*
  2. I am sad. I sent an email a week ago saying that my lipgloss was off smelling and I got no reply. Its like they dont care anymore. I sent a reminder email hoping they just missed it. Finally I posted to their facebook because I heard nothing. Got a reply that they would send something on Monday when they got back in the office. "Hi Anastasia, these two lip gloss shades are exclusive shades that were created specifically for the VIPS and they're brand new. However, we changed the formula a bit to offer a silkier product. In doing so, the amount of fragrance that is normally used was reduced. We apologize that you did not enjoy the different formula, all of the glosses in our line will continue to be made with the original amount of fragrance. Xo" Xo? No hugs and kisses for you not caring about sending me yucky smelling items. I am a little sad because I wanted to love this brand but they have been going downhill since management changed. I was going to hold off on doing a review hoping that they would fix this but I will now. I am especially sad because I hate complaining but it seems like the only way to get results is to complain publicly.
  3. Did anyone get an off smelling lip gloss? The clear one was fine but my nude colored gloss smells horrible. It smells like an expired mascara that I got a while back in my ipsy bag. This smell is probably just rancid. Am I the only one? I sent an email in 5 days ago and have not heard anything. Wondering if I should try their facebook next.
  4. Yeah I would wait until one of their 50% off sales although you risk having the items you want selling out. I am really wanting to try one of the blush quads.
  5. Here is my unboxing video plus some rambling comments on the subscription so far.[link removed]
  6. I am really loving my box this month. I may need to buy more of the brownies!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by TooMuchElectric I ended up placing my order even without the 5x fragrance bonus, which means I'll be platinum as soon as they process my order. Because I'm nerdy and mathy and love spreadsheets, I've been tracking my Ulta purchases this year. I only got into cosmetics last fall and I wanted to see exactly what you had to buy to reach Platinum. I've spent $400.66 this year (including all coupons/ebates but not including taxes) and have received about $1200 retail value of stuff, plus I have over $50 in redeemable rewards. I'm waiting on my last order, so my HowIReachedPlatinum spreadsheet and analysis obviously aren't finished yet. Love this!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by FormosaHoney MG!! Hubby is adorable. I love it that he's participating and authentically interested! "That's an operator error right there..." You guys are THE cutest!! I mean you guys can do a review on toilet paper and I'd watch it. Thanks girly. Hes beaming right now:) Glad you liked the video.

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