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  1. I never got a shipping notification but my box turned up yesterday. (Canada.) Shailene and the cat decals were all there. The free gift for taking 3 add-ons in my case was 2 polishes: Karmen (dupe, sold to a colleague for $2), and Catrina, a radiation-suit yellow. Can't even give that one away... I did try the overnight mask last night and liked it. My skin is really taking the brunt of my bad eating while I've had this dang cold, so it can use all the nourishment I can throw at it. How does everyone else like it, those of you that got it?
  2. Dragon Chick: I can't quote at work, but I know the one you're thinking of: Zoya Cassedy. (My coworker got it.) Yes, I'm thinking Shailene might be darker than Julia. I have swatched Julia and it seems to be a sheer, light purple with gold shimmer, whereas Shailene appears to be a darker, redder purple. I'm also excited for the sleep mask though I know it's just a night cream. I have no night creams currently though and at age 34 I guess it's time.
  3. I have Julia and Leslie so I can easily ship those (Julie and Ledi). The green-silver looks familiar as does the dark purple. Edit: wait, which one is Julie?? I am getting Dana (though I don't have a black light, but I'm tempted to buy one now!), Tia, Shailene and the CWAT colours. That's about all I can justify.
  4. So many dupes! WTH, Julep? I still have a free box (??) so I grabbed another to get 2 night creams/sleep masks plus Tia and the cat decals. I'm still pissy that I don't have my September box yet. I feel another CS email coming on...
  5. Still waiting on my September order, such is life...
  6. I was at 990 points and just got the "share on FB" email so hastily got my 10 points and redeemed for the Milani shadow trio. I just want something and not the dumb decals!
  7. For the second month in a row, I have had no shipping confirmation. This is BS.
  8. I don't know about old scents as I've only been greeting the soap box for a year, but I would love it if they were to make Make it Rain permanent!!!
  9. I got my Fall box on Wednesday but the bath powder was missing. *sigh*
  10. autopilot

    Julep August 2014

    on my Jules page it says 650 Jules for taking the box + late shipping. But I got the upgrade (My Maven) so that should net me 650 Jules anyway. How much were we supposed to get for late shipping?
  11. autopilot

    Julep August 2014

    My box showed up today with no tracking sent, ever! It's taken longer to arrive in past months, so I'm ok with this. My order was correct (polish upgrade with taupe eyeliner), nothing missing, and they did include Queen Anne as a surprise bonus. Still waiting on a customer service response to my email from Saturday... we'll see if they offer any Jules for the no tracking.
  12. @@RenoFab - Julep Annie is my fave blue! Although I haven't received India yet, and that looks gorgeous.
  13. autopilot

    Julep August 2014

    Ugh, still no shipping confirmation. Bummer. I get yarn from Germany shipped faster.
  14. autopilot

    Julep August 2014

    No shipping notice here either. Sad to know that my next Ipsybag will be here at least a week before my Julep box.

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