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    I'm 27 years old. I've lived in Philadelphia my whole life. I'm engaged. I'm a complete night owl, and work overnight because I don't function during normal daytime hours. I'm addicted to Pepsi Max!
  • My Interests
    --Reading on my Nook
    --Game nights with friends
  • My Occupation
    Overnight hospital technician.
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    --I have a MAD addiction to eye shadows palettes. I'm really big on packaging.
    --Cargo: Vintage Escape Palette (I need this!)
    --Urban Decay: Vice 2
    --Too Faced: A Few of My Favorite Things
    --Kat Von D: I really just need to try any of her palettes!
    --Dr. Jart+: Premium Beauty Balm
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  • Car I Drive
    2006 Subaru Impreza. It's a refurbished total. It's black. I've gotten in 3 accidents in it so far...including this one time I accidentally hit a deer with my side mirror.
  • Favorite Music
    --Pop Punk
    --Pop Radio
  • Favorite Books
    --Time Travelers Wife
    --The Thoughless Series
    --The Hunger Games Series
    --Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Too Faced
    Urban Decay
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I have 9 tattoos!
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  1. Thank you for the advice, girls! I'm a new makeup addict, within the last year, so any and all tips are welcome, appreciated, and helpful.
  2. In a few short weeks my fiance and I are heading to Mexico for vacation . I was wondering how I should pack my makeup palettes. I'm so worried they are going to get damaged by the airport crew from manhandling luggage. Anyone have any tips?' Thanks!
  3. Finally! I've made it to a computer so I can give my big Secret Santa reveal! I was incredibly lucky to receive @Jac13 as my Secret Santa. She sent me a heaping pile of gifts that we very thoughtful and amazing! Without further ado, My reveal: Enter the spoiler tag for contents! MUT Secret Santa was a ton of fun and it was amazing to get to be apart of it and share in the experience. Thank you, Jennifer for thinking of me of this holiday season. You picked out gifts that, I swear, you must of really taken to time to get to know me. I love everything so much. And I am in awe of your generosity. I'm so grateful and I appreciate you taking the time to do this. You're the best!
  4. Here is Irys wondering who those cute kitties were! I was I a we when I first opened the box bc that cat bag was the first thing to pop out at me! I remember seeing that someone else got it as a gift and I thought it was the CUTEST thing ever. And now I have the same one!! Eeeee! I'm in LOVE with these shades. Heather how did you know that I love dark colors! Here's everything all together. She outdid herself! I feel so spoiled!! Look at the eyeshadow pallete...wow! It's got every color I'd ever need :-D I'm so happy you love your gifts! I had a lot of fun stalking you. That kitty bag was definitely a post stalk. So, I had to hunt it down for you. It's so cute! I am in love with that eye shadow palette. It has so many great colors for fall and winter. I always get a ton of compliments on my makeup when I wear those shadows. When I saw it a month or two ago I picked up 3! One for my SS, mom, and me. I know plenty of Nurses that had trouble with that exam. First instincts always. Don't let the wording of the questions second guess yourself. You know this stuff! Good luck next time. I'll be rooting for you! Merry Christmas!
  5. I finally woke up after a 12 hour overnight shift and a 9am appointment to my fiancé coming in the room at 6 to wake up me. What's the first thing I ask? "Ya check the mail yet?" "Yeah, you got a big box downstairs, doesn't look like it's from a company." "My Secret Santa gift is heeeeeeere!!!!" And then I ran downstairs to tear it open. My Secret Santa is [@]Jac13[/@]!!! And I love, love, love everything!!!! She hit the nail on the head and I'm completely smitten with my new goodies! I'm going to a party tonight and am very excited to try them out! Since my wifi is down, I'm going to post the reveal while I am at work tomorrow night. It's quite picture heavy. Jennifer, you are so thoughtful! Down to the wrapping paper. You picked things I am so excited to use and play with! I can't wait to squeal my excitement all over the reveal thread! Thank you so much!!!!
  6. I just read an article on my daily visited news app about usps mail/packages being stewn across the tarmat at the airport. Philly International claimed it was only there for 15 minutes, the usps didn't seem to agree with the statement. I sit and wonder if my package was on that tarmat as I try to wait patiently. The anticipation is killing me! I'm so excited!
  7. You're so welcome! It arrived a day early, which is fantastic because you can use some cheering up. I know those RN exam are tough! I work in a hospital and lots of nurses have to retake, have trouble with it, etc. From what I heard there's sorta a system to taking it. And that a lot of the questions are repeatedly asked in different ways, made to second guess yourself, and confuse you. You can do it though! Stick to your first instincts, always!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Sakura83 Just wanted to give a little teaser to my Santee who will be getting this soon can't wait for her to receive it! These are two wrapped boxes tied together...and kind of hefty lol So pretty!
  9. I love seeing all these presents! I didn't get a chance to mail mine today, Working night shift can kinda put me in a coma! But I'll be mailing it out first thing in the morning after I get done work. I hope my giftee loves it! I'm seriously worried. There's some awesome, really thoughful, people out there. Did I do good enough? We shall see. Looking forward to more reveals in the days to come!
  10. I've probably been terribly inactive for my secret Santa. How do I catch up?
  11. H2Ocean is the best! Whenever I had piercings issues I use this. This comes from a girl with cartilage, nose, eye brow, chin, and belly piercings. That stuff I seriously the HG of piercing care.

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