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  1. A full sized item that retails for $24.00 in the Birchbox store and the other item is approximately half of the full sized so is worth retail $18.00. Wow, I think I just fainted.
  2. I received the treStique lip crayon in Chile Red in my November bag. Don't have lipstick selected and always give bad ratings to lipstick and red shades when I do (because I do, heh) receive them. No problem. We all know the deal with subs. Then in January I got the treStique lip crayon in Florence Fig. I could (maybe) understand sending the same product in different colors if I liked/reviewed the product high. But to send me 2 within 3 months. And it won't let me review for points. But I didn't receive a dupe, haha. I've emailed Ipsy and we went back and forth on the review thing and then they just stopped responding. and honestly that's the only thing that bothers me. I'll take the product I don't like in 2 shades I won't use but at least give me my points, ok?
  3. ISO: Skinn Sugar Lip Scrub I have a board of items for trade: https://www.pinterest.com/imdawnp/swap-board/
  4. Ok, I know I will sound ungrateful given that I got (to me) good items but I reallllllllly wanted the lip scrub.
  5. I got that pencil in my bag and I love it. It's very firm which I would normally say is bad but this one somehow works. No tugging or pulling, it creates a really tight line and the color? Lovely. It's a true bronze with no sparkle which is very hard to find in a metal.
  6. Box Twins. I'm very happy with it too!
  7. The more I look at my September box the more I like it. I'm looking forward to this more than I have in a long time. Purple POP Trio (my PYS), Furterer Leave in Conditioner, trestique concealer crayon, Montale Paris perfume, Tocca Body Scrub. If they are all good sizes I'll be thrilled.
  8. I signed up in the summer of 2012. And because I am so honest (i.e. idiot) I only reviewed the things I actually tried for the first 7 months. Eventually I went back and counted that I had missed out on 90 points. Which I still miss and want to get back. Sigh. It's like I can't let it go.
  9. I traded for the Trust Fund polish so I really hope it doesn't land in my bag. I don't have nail polish selected at all so there's a little hope. I don't know what the Evelyn Iona is so that might be fun to get. Mascara I'm ok with too as well as the Pixi so fingers crossed all I have to do is dodge nail polish.
  10. I picked the POP and am actually excited for it. I was going to pick the POP peachy trio they did last year, didn't and have been sorry ever since. I have a POP trio in smokey colors Ipsy sent out a long time ago and I really like it. The shadow is pretty good and I love purple so I couldn't resist.
  11. Did anyone receive the free Nuance box when Birchbox sent it out to (some/all?) subscribers a few years back. The stuff wasn't bad at all. I wish they'd do something like that again.
  12. I also received a NYX trio from Ipsy but it was March 2014. I think everyone got one that month? Knowing Ipsy I doubt that would qualify as a dupe. I love Ipsy but I cringe when they put Glamglow in a bag. It drives the complaining up exponentially.
  13. I am getting: Noya lip stick (Nice but I have no on lip stick, yes on lip gloss so the feh?) Lip pencil (ok but with all the eyeliner and me having eyeliner a yes you would think but, no) Eco moisturizer (yes) Albertini (yes, but 2 moisturizers in 1 bag is a bad idea) Doll 10 (yes, I have blush selected) I just find it odd that with so many eye liners and lip glosses, both of which are selected on my profile (of very limited items that are selected), I get neither. I'm still good with the bag and all but, perplexed.
  14. No, I agree. I received products from both and liked them. I even traded to get a second M&S lip tint. I really think Ipsy's been upping their game for a while so I actually look forward to each new month. Now that NYX has their own version of Too Faced's Melted I'd like to see that in a future bag.
  15. Want: City Color HD Powder Crown Brush ideally 1 person has both to trade. Have: see my trade list.
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