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  1. Rant warning Soooo... Julep did NOT take care of all the issues with the wonky orders during Maven selection and charged me even though I used my Jules for a free box (since they were still showing used from the initial Maven selection). Since the Jules section is currently "under construction" CS couldn't do anything to help me. 😕 I don't mind just using them next month, but since they are still showing as used, I'm concerned. CS said she made a note to ensure that they didn't take my Jules AND charge me. Has anyone had this happen to them? OAN- Also never got my free polish code in November for taking Sep, Oct, Nov boxes (not in junk/spam; I checked and e-mailed them then... Twice. Got response both times that the code would be e-mailed shortly... Not) CS I dealt with today said couldn't find me "on the list" for a free code, but clearly indicated she could see that I took all three boxes 😠She said she would look into it and e-mail me the code. In a nutshell, I called with two issues and got zero resolution. 😒 Rant over
  2. Not trying to be a joy stealer, but just want to make sure your packages say more than "shipping information sent to FedEx" (which is what mine currently shows) because all that means is that the shipping label was created by Pop Sugar. The estimated delivery date is based on the expectation that the box will actually ship at that time and is pretty much meaningless until FedEx actually receives the box. My last Pop Sugar special box stayed in the information sent status for about a week before it actually got handed over to FedEx and started moving. Again - not trying to be a downer, but I'd hate for you to be disappointed based on false expectations...
  3. That set is calling my name as we'll. I wasn't tempted by anything until that one showed up 😞. Hoping they take it down before I cave...
  4. Had an interesting discussion with a very nice man at my credit union while he was processing my claim and thought I'd share. He theorized that Bondi doesn't really suffer from all of these claims because the banks/ CC companies don't bother going after vendors for small amounts, they just refund he customer because it keeps the customer happy. Since most off our charges would fall in the "negligible" range of loss, it is unlikely that they are actually pursuing the money back from Bondi because it's less expensive to just give us the money than it would be to actually pursue the claim. Happy I got my $$ back, but think its a shame that Bondi will in his words, "not learn their lesson" and probably pull this foolishness again 😣
  5. It is gorgeous but definitely NOT in my budget after my splurge on the NM PS Box 😳
  6. Thanks for the descriptions! The anti wrinkle mask sounds interesting. We'll see if it works.
  7. I've got old eyes. Descriptions, please? What is the lippy and what is Sesha?
  8. I agree. Just post it. It's a spoiler thread. People who don't want to know shouldn't look 🙈
  9. Le Métier de Beaute just posted on FB that their item is a newly created limited edition Kaleidescope! (they didn't specify eyes, lips etc) Those retail for about $95. LOVE the eye Kaleidescope I got in the VIP box. I think I'm in....
  10. The skip button is at the bottom of the page (on the left I believe). If you don't skip by the 27th, you bought it. It's actually pretty straight forward. If you have problems next month call them before the deadline on 27th. They are not likely to be so understanding two months in a row.

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