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    <p>I am a 30 something wife and mom of one DD and two puppies.</p>
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    I chose not to have an occupation.
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    Everything, one can never have enough pretties!
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    The Color Purple, Elf, Love Actually
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    I love all the music!
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    I have so many favorite books it is very hard to pick even just a few.
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  1. It's not letting me do my surveys either.
  2. I totally agree with this! Why can't companies just read what is posted without feeling the need to respond and then acting on that feeling. It will probably just do more harm than good, for BB, to respond on this forum in the long run.
  3. I received my first of two BB yesterday, and the ModelCo Bronzer is all broken inside the packaging. I haven't even unsealed it from the plastic, because it looks like a powdery mess inside. I emailed BB customer service and we will see what they say.
  4. That is why I wear my Basics all the time. It goes with everything. I like bright eyeshadows and liners, but not under my brow bone, and usually just one or two bright colors with some neutrals to tone it down, especially during the day.
  5. As for the nail polish, I think I will pass, but never say never. Those bottles are very well designed, and I am a nail polish person. I paint my nails at least twice a week and have a little bit of a collection.
  6. I wish journalists would, at the very least, follow their own guidelines, or proofread at all. I find so many mistakes in news articles, it makes me want to scream! I was an English Lit major. I let little mistakes slide, but when I see news articles full of mistakes, including mistakes in headlines, there is just no excuse!
  7. I will be buying this new palette, but not for a couple months, after it hits the shelves at Ulta. I get a lot of use out of my original Naked Basics palette and think I will enjoy this one too.
  8. I agree with this and will add that the Naked palettes have to be selling or UD would stop making them. They are in the business of making money, and I'm sure neutrals sell more than other colors.
  9. I would like to send a big thank you to jpark107 for the lovely thank you gift and note she sent me! I was on vacation all last week and just got home today to find her gift waiting for me. I am so excited to try the the Shiseido facial cottons. I have the cotton clouds, but have never tried the Shiseido ones! I am loving the Stila stylish in Seoul palette, and can't wait to play with it tomorrow. I will try the hair oil as soon as my current one is empty. I use a hair oil everyday, so I'm always looking for the one that works the best! Thanks again.
  10. I love getting my Ulta monthly ad too! I like to see what is new and what is on sale. I spend way too much money at Ulta!
  11. Sorry it has taken me a while to post reveal pics. Something came up and then I had the hardest time today trying to upload the pictures. My fairygod mother is Donna529. She was awesome and spoiled me bunches! I've never had a Buxom lip gloss before, and now I think I am hooked! I am loving the Naked Flushed palette. I have some Korean cosmetics and love them, so I was so excited to get more. The Ulta kit is awesome and I can't wait to play with all the eyeshadows! I also love samples so I can try new things and see if I like them enough to buy them! I've been having a rough year in some ways, and a blessed year in other ways, so it was very nice to receive such a thoughtful awesome gift. It really did lift my spirits. Donna, thank you so much! Jessica
  12. I did receive your package yesterday! It is awesome! I will post some pictures later today! Thank you so much Donna529! Just what I needed!
  13. It also doesn't clear up the people suing him personally for outstanding debts here in the US, which is public record. How is he going to stop people from knowing about those?
  14. I received an email yesterday asking me to take down any information I posted about Richard bouncing a check to the Starfish Greathearts Foundation because he was an "employee" of Eazyrecruit, and the company is who bounced the check. Which is funny, because Richard was the sole owner of Eazyrecruit, so it was still him, just under his business name, that bounced the check. I also think it's odd that they must have just received a request from him, which is why they reached out to me. He's still trying to "clear" his name. He fails to realize that we all still know it was him.

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