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  1. My skin is really dry and I tried the vaseline because of this video: My skin felt great, but I decided to do my research and make something lighter. What I came up with was a few pumps of aloe, to a tablespoon of crisco, some lavender oil , argan oil, and some moisturizer I love but wasn't moisturizing enough. I made my own night cream and it is working wonderfully for me. I always spray my face before I put the DIY cream on my face. Crisco is recommended by many dermatologists and plastic surgeons.( They even talked about it on the doctors.) So I only started with a little and added my other ingredients mixed well and my face loves it. Some people just use Crisco and nothing else, but that was too heavy for me. (PS. I am using organic shortening like Crisco.)
  2. I have a patch of eczema right at the base of my nose! I have to use a DMAE cream and a essential oil blend to keep things under control. The oil blend I have has evening primrose oil, rosehip seed oil, lavender, lemon and geranium oils in it. The DMAE cream I use is from Derma E.
  3. I would love to try your recipe, but I am deathly allergic to honey. I don't know of anything I could substitute that would have benefits as honey would.
  4. I agree about the essential oils and cutting the nail as short as you can to get off as much of the affected nail as you can. My Mom's podiatrist said to cut the nail short, and also to apply mentholatum several times per day. He said the oral drug was hard on people and that he liked to handle it the natural way. I hope this helps.
  5. I like RenPure Organics in the Red Bottle, I think it is pomegranate and olive. I also like the conditioner only hair cleansers, they have really helped my hair. I don't think the one I am using is 100 percent organic though.
  6. I use Nail Life from Sally Beauty Supply. I have thin, weak nails and nothing else I have tried works. I have tried so many treatments. Nail life is the only treatment that keeps my nails from the peeling of the nail bed itself and dry nails. I also agree with the other gals that cuticle oil is a must.
  7. I am sure by now you have found a body lotion with SPF, if not I will tell you the ones that I know of. These are all body lotions: Eucerin Daily Protection Body Lotion SPF 15 Aveeno Active Naturals Body Lotion SPF 15 Daily Moisture lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Out of all three I like the Eucerin because it feels the most like regular lotion.
  8. Thanks MagicalMom and Cookie! I am happy to be here.
  9. I use Skinn Cosmetics Mineral makeup, I love it and I have tried many mineral makeup brands. It doesn't change color or texture on my skin and it doesn't dry out my skin either. You get two mineral foundations in the set so you can custom blend to match your skin.
  10. I agree with this post! I had a couple kabuki brushes that made me break out in cystic acne on my chin every time I used them (the bristles were just too stiff for my sensitive skin. I bought a larger powder brush with softer bristles and that solved the problem. It could be you are allergic to your makeup, but the brush could also be the culprit. I use Skinn Cosmetics mineral powder, it has really been the best I have tried. It didn't turn to a strange texture on my skin and I don't have to use that much. But I do top it off with my own dusting powder.
  11. Hello to everyone!! I love anything skin care and makeup related. I found your forum last night and found it so helpful I just had to join! I look forward to all the knowledge this place has to offer and thanks for having me!
  12. "Right now I use rice bran oil to remove my make-up, gently wiping it off with a warm/hot washcloth. Then I wash my face with a DIY cleanser I found on Pinterest that is super simple: 1 tablespoon Castille soap, 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil, and 5 tablespoons of aloe vera (I use juice, but the recipe originally said to use gel). I tried using the castille soap on its own once and it was just too harsh for my skin even though I mixed it with some water first, it actually burned a bit if I remember right and I have the Baby Mild kind. I must not have diluted it enough, but I like the DIY cleanser so it worked out." MissJessicaMary: Thank you for posting this. I just joined the forum today because I read this post and made your cleanser. I wanted to say thank you because I love it! Just added a teeny bit more oil for my dry skin. I just had to join to thank you for this great DIY recipe.

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