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  1. Hi! As you might know, I'm asian and my lashes just don't curl. Actually, they really go towards the ground instead of the skyyyyy:( I have tried maybelline telescopic (the gold one) mascara, and it's the best I have found since then. I don't want to invest in high-brand product (in case you really recommend me too, of course) because I don't want to "waste" my money in a mascara that won't even do the job. I tried a heating lash-curler, which is amazing. But I wondered if there was a good mascara you guys could recommend me. REMEMBER:: I'm not looknig for volume, I'm looking for CURLING lashes hooray! I kinda scared to try a normal no-heat lash-curler, because I heard a lot of stories of how it pulls the lashes so they fall. I don't want less lashes or no lashes at all! Thank you so much you guys! xoxo Smacbeauty
  2. HEY GUYS!! My most recent purchases are: -a L'Oréal Paris mascare (shocking extensions, in the telescopic "collection) it's really good! -a new micellar water (cause I didn't have some anymore:( xoxo Smacbeauty! (edited to comply with TOS - magicalmom)
  3. A tip for natural red lips is to brush your them with.. your toothbrush! YES! It will make the blood circulation easier and they will look healthy! Also, if you want to know all about the lips, check out our youtube channel smacbeauty, cause next week we are posting a tutorial for how to get your lips fuller and naturally more colored:) For a glowing skin, choose an illuminator, a shade paler than your skin, and apply it on your face where you want those places to pop. Cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and brow bone are great spots. To accentuat those illuminating spots, create a contour by defining a liiiiittle crease just Under your cheeks with Brown mat eyeshadow or bronzing powder. Also, contour your nose, so it will look thinner. That's it! Your welcolme, hope we've been useful! xoxo Smacbeauty
  4. Hey makeuptalk people, here is a new tutorial where we show you what's our superduper tip to remove makeup completely, easier and faster than makeup remover. hope you enjoy! Have a nice day! xoxo Smacbeauty Mod Edit - Hello there! I've embedded your video for you Please be sure to see our Terms of Service in regards to Youtube channels and videos, thank you!
  5. Hi! What's great about your eyes is that we can actually see really well your bone structure. There are a lot of shadow on your lids. so you will want to highlight them. I suggest you to draw a thick line of eyeliner and put a lot of mascara, so your eyes will look bigger. Also, some people needt to accentuate their crease, but yours is naturally accentuated, so you don't need too! yay! Put some eyeshadow (white!!) in the inner corner of your eyes, it's always a must for every skin colour. You can also put paler eyeshadow on your brow bone, to accentuate it. If you follow these tips, you can also apply eyeshadow, we'll see it better! Have a nice day. bye!
  6. Hey there we are new to makeuptalk and we are going to post some threads However if you want to see more from smacbeauty we have twitter And youtube channel so subscribe! Lovemakeuptalk and youtubers, what about you? Xoxo Smacbeauty
  7. Oh don't be nervous, photoshoots are awesome! To look your best for the day, I suggest you this video, which shows how to do a very natural makeup. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ne9HTbmSk Also, you can see how making a beauty tutorial has the same rules of a photoshoot:) 1. good light. (if you don't have professionnal Equipment, just use outdoor light. you have to have a window close) 2. good camera (for good quality photos) 3. For the setup, YOU choose. I do photography too, but I prefer shootings in the nature. THUMBSUP for the natural light of the sun! 4. Have fun. That is the most important Smacbeauty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ne9HTbmSk
  8. smacbeauty


    Hi! If you want to wear it at a baseball game, you have to wear a very natural look, si I suggest you to check everyday makeup tutorials on Youtube, especially this one, which I think is quite simple and easy to do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ne9HTbmSk BTW, the dress is very pretty!! Have a nice day!
  9. Nice vid! For the makeup, you should always have the basis with you: -BB cream (a lot of benefits in one. forget concealer and foundation and cream and etc.) -a good mascara -a cream blush (so you don't need brushes) -A palette of 4 shades of eyeshadow (use the palest ones for the day, the darkest ones for the night)(oh and you don't need brushes. Applying with your fingers is just fine) -A lipstick. But be careful. I pick tinted ones with hydration. (Smashbox has some, Clinique too.) -micellaire water (I like the 3 in1 from Vichy, this makeup remover can be used without water and it is really good for the skin) That's it! How to use a few of those products: right here, in everyday makeup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ne9HTbmSk Smacbeauty
  10. So I finally did it! Here's my first vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ne9HTbmSk Enjoy and please subscribe or leave your constructive comments! You can also leave them right here, down beloooow:) So. To make sure my first beauty vid would be useful for everyone who watches it, I followed those tips I learned after typing "How to be a beauty guru" on youtube. Very helpful. 1. good lightning. The sun is perfect. You don't need to spend a lot of money. 2. good camera. Just... don't take your webcam. 3. Editing. Put your bloopers at the end. Crop the footage that is too long. Your vid should be about 5 minutes long. 4. Be yourself don't be shy and have fun. Yay! 5. Leave video responses (you can leave video responses to mine I will accept them, right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ne9HTbmSk 6. Comment other vids. 7. Know what you're talking about. 8. HAVE A BLAST. My pleasure for the advices! Smacbeauty
  11. Love the daily dose one, you should definitely pick this one! If you need inspiration, here are a bunch of names good youtubers have: Michelle Phan Lizlizlive Stilababe09 Smacbeauty Macbarbie07 Bubzbeauty strawberryelectric48 laurensboutique lovenector13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ne9HTbmSk And theres my channel up there!
  12. Hi. I see there your eyebrows are really pale. I suggest you to see Michelle Phan's tutorial for eyebrows on youtube. She shows how to fill them perfectly naturally and it is very beautiful. For my own advices, I think you should get an eyebrow palette and apply makeup on. Powder looks more natural. If you really want them much more darker though, I suggest you take eyebrow... I don't know how to call it, but it's kind of gel texture and it's Brown to fill your eyebrows. Sephora has good stuff for eyebrows. You should check it out. Also, put VERY pale eyeshadow on your arch, il will make your brows look darker. (contrast yay) Hope this helped you. My pleasure for the advice, check out my youtube vids for more:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ne9HTbmSk Smacbeauty
  13. Hey guys, so we have started a new channel recently, and would like you to check it out right heeere http://youtu.be/B5ne9HTbmSk So the link is our first video, and suscribe cause we'll always post some more vids:) If you enjoy putting makeup, you'll sure love our channel xx NOW to start a new youtube Channel and making videos ... We have followed most of the tips down below... 1. Good camera. The video has to have a GOOD quality. 2. Good video quality = good lightning. People will see better. If you don't have Professional equipement, it' alright.. Go for the natural light: sun! 3. Be yourself. That is the most important. 4. Edit. We use Adobe Premiere Elements, which is really good. But you know, editing is fun and you can delete too-long footage. Also... voice-overs are awesome;) 5. Have fun!! Leave YOUR youtube channels down below, we'll be happy to suscribe and comment!
  14. Hey there, I'm new to youtube too, if you could just check out my first vid here http://youtu.be/B5ne9HTbmSk it would mean a lot to me, also, suscribe to smacbeauty on youtube, cause there'll always be more to come for you guys:) I really hope you'll enjoy and that it will be useful, leave your comments!! love, Smacbeauty
  15. Great tutorial! Maybe you will like this one too i found on youtube, very interesting http://youtu.be/B5ne9HTbmSk
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