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    What specific product(s) are you lusting after? Coastal Scents Revealed Palette and Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, NYX Wrath Wicked Lippie, Mac RiRi Woo, Mac Ruby Woo, Brow Power.

    What one item/product are you interested in, but just haven't gotten around to trying? Kat Von D items, signature eye liners.

    What brand(s) have you been wanting to try but haven't gotten around to? Lorac, Tom Ford, Kat Von D, Nars
    What brand(s) do you not want? LA Colors or Profusion.
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  1. I am trying my best to grin, bear it and adjust to this new normal. Three generations of women in one household= . But my fuzzy socks and Passion tea (thanks to you!) help me deal with the chaos, lol! All the best in 2015!!!
  2. Here I am, bringing up the rear. Ugh, I could never be Rudolph. I would suck at leading the sleigh and Christmas would be horribly delayed, lol! Hooray for socks and penguins keeping your toes nice and toasty! Sorry I was such a haphazard SS as I did not include a Christmas jingle or anything fun. But I hope the items made your holiday a little bit brighter or at least prettier! *hugs*
  3. Hello everyone! First, I hope everyone had, and continues to have, a wonderful holiday season! Second, I want to apologize to everyone for being delayed with my SS reveal. I have been dealing with some personal issues (including a state-to-state move and relocation back to my parents house. Without going through the long details, this move has taken six months and every ounce of money and strength I have. I am still unpacking boxes and trying to find space in my teeny tiny bedroom. I have been on my own since 1994, so coming back home now, after all this time is very unsettling and depressing. Nevertheless, I was overwhelmed with joy when I received my SS box from @@Sakura83! I honestly can not express how much happiness filled my heart. I certainly apprciated the lovely hand-written card! In the midst of my anxiety and depression about the move, I was greeted with two lovely boxes full of stuff that made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and beauty on the outside. I suppose since most folks have shared their reveals, no need to insert a spoiler. So here goes the pretties! Revealed Palette (now my collection is complete!), Kat Von D, Star Studded Look (my first ever), Ulta, Nars, EcoTools (my first ever!), Elf Polish Good vs. Evil Collection (I just love collection based items) and so much more-- like chocolate and Tazo Tea! I was BEYOND spolied. And honestly, I couldn't have come at a better time. I was just feeling so low and down on myself and this helped perk me up. @@Sakura83, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Sorry that some of the photos are sideways (yeah, that's just representative of my life right now). Hopefully you can see them.
  4. As we wait to get an update on @@Babs28, I am moving the journal on to the next person, which is @heath67013. The journal will be mailed out on Monday afternoon.
  5. I am doing okay, lol. Actually preparing to move again in another month or so. Because of that, I really do want to send the journal to the next person or anyone that wants to keep it going. Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. Almost time to gear up for the holidays!
  6. Oh my! Sorry to hear that. Send her our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Whoever is next, please contact me via private message with your address so I can send to next person.
  7. Anyone heard from Babs? I think she is the manager of the list and has the mailing information.
  8. Any word on when I can send this journal? Been waiting for an address for sometime now.
  9. My apologies for spelling your name incorrectly. Thanks for letting me know and great suggestion.
  10. I'm ready to send the journal. Babs, can you send me the address please?
  11. Hello everyone: I checked my mail today and the journal was there. Hooray! But just a point of clarification. The postmarked date on the envelope is July 29, which was last Tuesday. So going forward, can someone confirm that we still have two weeks to write in the journal? Given the delays and such, if the time frame has been revised I need to know ASAP. If there are no changes to the time allotted, then my start period begins today (August 6) and ends on August 20. Thanks, DeSha

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