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  1. I loved the smell of the body wash also, too bad the entire bottle spilled all over inside my box. And also too bad CS is replacing it with a box that not only doesn't have the body wash, but is a dupe for a box I already got, which contains that crap Neil George. I HATED that stuff. The smell, particularly the conditioner, is atrocious. As in, it very nearly made me sick. Cancelled one sub and I'll probably cancel another and just have my main. I think my year is up in a month or two. We'll see.
  2. So my daughter busted her way into the bathroom while I was hanging laundry outside, and she decided to try and paint her own toenails. She actually did really well on the one toenail she painted before deciding to put it on her cheeks. Anyway, she chose this same ELF scented Ariel purple one that I had trouble with, and surprise surprise, I peeled off. Came off her skin and toenail with the same rubbery ease.
  3. My main account box picture shows five items, but only four are listed. Ugh. It's not a very exciting box either. But in better news, that K6 cleanser I got in one of my other boxes is amazing! My skin looked visibly bright and clearer after I used it, plus it was smoother. My rosacea has been horrible ever since I had the baby, so this was a nice surprise. Definitely getting some next time I place an order.
  4. So I received Birchboxes and two of my three accounts today. I was very nervous about dupes, but not only were they different boxes, I didn't even have a dupe item! Something weird: one was addressed to Phenomenal Heather P..... and the other to Outstanding Heather P....... I've never noticed them doing that before. Kinda weird. First box: Neil George shampoo and conditioner (I'm happy that they're the same size), Key west aloe mango lotion (nice size, smells nice), the Laura Geller eyeshadow in a silvery color (goes on nice, I like it), and nügg Beauty revitalizing mask (I love masks and can't wait to try it.) Second box: Noir Cosmetics eyeliner (goes on nice, but it's black, I didn't chose anything on this box), Catherine Malandrino perfume (I really like the smell, but not enough to ever spend $110 on it, K6 Skincare facial cleanser (I always like trying new cleansers), Laqa lip lube, the pale pinkish one (I love this stuff, I now have 2 of this color, 2 purple, and the full size set and I don't mind a bit. Give me all of them!), and Whish shaving cream (next time I only shave from the knees down, I'll be ready with this.) I'm pleased with this month and I still have a box to go. Some favorites, some I've never heard of, just the way I like it.
  5. I never even got far enough for a top coat. It was peeling off some right away. I've used so many different brands of polish and have never had a problem even close to this. Did you ever put the rubber glue from school on your nails and it would dry into a rubbery sheet you could pull off? It was exactly like that.
  6. So I painted my nails last night using the purple from ELF's Ariel collection and I have no pic, because as soon as it dried, it started peeling off. Just in one rubbery sheet. I was not happy. All they had to do was rub on anything, even my own skin and the polish was gone. I rubbed the rest of them off in seconds. Crappiest nail polish ever. I'm going to try using it as a base coat for glitter polish. If that doesn't work, they're going in the trash.
  7. I guess I don't understand at all. The code I put up was not an affiliate code and I didn't get it from a blog. I got it from a memebox ad on an app.
  8. I just ordered the Waterproof box. I got a coupon code the other day on my nursing tracker for $5 off and I had 15 points, so I only spent $10. ETA That code is MEMEBOXKIIP.
  9. I ordered the day I got the email with Sea Star and I got my order yesterday. Sea Star and the mystery bag were shipped together.
  10. Like some of you have already said, the perfume definitely smells better once it's on and dried a bit. It's got a lot going on though. I'm catching a strong honey note to it, especially when first put on. Once upon a time in junior high, I ate an entire one of those bear bottles of honey. Plain. Like, I just sucked it down. Close to 25 years later, honey still isn't the same to me. I must say though, I'm pretty happy with the couple RH bags I've gotten, and I think next month I'm going to start a sub. It's just different from everything else out there, and I don't feel so bad with my tons of polish if I'm just getting a few minis.
  11. I know. I wish they would have left it one thread. I just barely read this thread and ignore all the others because it's just too much.
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