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  1. This is a great box for me, mostly because of the timing. I'm traveling to the UK on June and the area I'm going to live in apparently have a lot of spiders so the spray would be a godsend. The Yoga mat is perfect because I'm traveling and I was planning to buy a yoga mat in the UK anyway. The rest look like spa items to me, great for a spa night with mom for mother's day or just for yourself.
  2. Wild guess, but a Gift box from scentbird for feminine? Some MSA commenters are suggesting a vibrator and I wouldn't mind it if they sent a voucher or something.
  3. I ended up using the planner I got from Popsugar as a food and workout journal. I could have given it away but I was referred to a nutritionist last month/year (ha, Januaries) concerning my blood test (go to your yearly checkups!) and she gave me a guideline on what to eat more and what to eat less. I've had it for 3 days now and I was shocked at how much random junk food I'm eating without thinking about it.
  4. My Jawbone up had problems with charging after 2 weeks. Rather than charging, it sucked energy out of it every time I charge. I still have problems with it sometimes but I could fix it with a soft reset. Not the best, but I could live with it. The only reason I'm so chill about it is that I got it for $50 during Cyber Monday.
  5. Wow, this is the first special edition box that I actually thought was worth it. I would return my jawbone up in a heartbeat if I knew what was inside this box. I really hope they do other special edition $65 boxes. Maybe a college box in the fall?
  6. Check your bank account to see if you got charged three times. E-mail them just in case so that when if you see more than one charge, you could tell your bank that you tried resolving it with the company but they didn't reply.
  7. Thanks for the tip! I just contacted the bank and they said they are going to look into it.
  8. Arrgh so both of my popsugar boxes are on their way. I really only want one. I emailed them twice and a facebook post telling them that I only want one. The only way I'd be happy in this situation if one of those boxes have a gift card. (which I doubt)
  9. I found out why I got charged twice, they sent me two boxes instead of one.
  10. I ordered this month's box using the Ruelala code and today they charged me. So I got charged twice. On top of that, I don't think that they sent my box yet.
  11. I would like to purchase one out of curiosity before I drown myself in student debt but I'm moving early January. There's a very high chance that it won't arrive in time and by then I would be too freaked out over which stuff to bring to my new apartment.
  12. I would like to thank my impending student loans from stopping me to make this jump. I might find this useful and worth it if I ever earn a million dollars an month but I am so happy I skipped this box. And any special edition box by popsugar for that matter.
  13. It's not a novel like I hoped but it's still a book and it's really useful so I'm excited about it. I tried making cronut before and I would love to hear from the master. This is a win for me.
  14. Since they are selling the box in stores, I think I'll just wait it out. I didn't think last year's box was worth it, I highly doubt that this one is.
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