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  1. I ordered Cute Wishlist 1 and 2... 1 is still somewhere out there. Not buying 3, I'd rather just wait until I see spoilers and if there is something I really want I will just order it myself.
  2. My Cute Wishlist tracking is not moving at all, has been 10 days. It always seems to happen with the boxes you want the most!
  3. Omg, the Paper Bag Princess! My boyfriend and I have known each other since we were kids, and his mom always used to read that to me!
  4. Glad I got the Cute Wishlist! Looks like a good box. All I have left coming to me is Cute 1 and 2. Honestly, all the shady behavior from Memebox has me glad that those are all I bought.
  5. I also got the darkest powder in the Color Burst 2 box. What baffles me (besides the fact that Color Burst 2 had an almost complete lack of color) was that we received foundation and an option for the powder in two completely different shades. If the foundation works for someone (ie me) and they got #33 (ie me) that's one product guaranteed you can't use. After being completely disappointed by Color Burst 2, all I have left coming is Cute Wishlist 1 and 2. If we get those facial pads.... grrrr.
  6. Yep, managed to get #33 fitting powder from the Burst of Color #2. No way that that is even remotely my shade
  7. Thank you for posting about this. Even if the polishes going forward are gorgeous, I will not buy from them. There are so many worthy indie companies that I would rather give my money to instead.
  8. Ending up ordering Cute #2. Made a big decision today so decided to treat myself.
  9. Ugh, I don't know what to do. I ordered the Cute Wishlist the first time, but I have no clue if I want Cute Wishlist #2 since 1 hasn't shipped yet.
  10. Man, the cooling care spoiler- that was the product I wanted! No cash to order the box though.
  11. I sent my Burst of Color 2 box to my parents house so it would not get stolen, so I haven't seen it yet. I am so afraid that I will get the darkest powder and that the foundation will not match me. I know I could potentially trade, but I have a glut of products that I have been unable to trade and I don't really have anyone that I could give them to.
  12. Has anyone tried the Secret Key Soo Intense Ice Sleeping Pack?
  13. So, this is a really old box, but is anyone getting the cooling box? I'm thinking about ordering it- I get bad headaches and often want a cooling product to put on my arms to help me feel better. Not sure if I should get the box or just order some cooling products on their own.
  14. I've been asking about the lip box for forever, but now I don't know if I even want to bother. Still irritated about the Burst of Color 2 box. I love the Korean lip products I have tried... but they're by brands like Etude House, Peri pera, Tony Moly... I didn't care for the lip product in the Makeup box I got. I'd almost rather make an order from the brands I love than buy the box and get brands like Cheek Room and Hope Girl.
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