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  1. @ Is this the Philosophy powder foundation you're talking about? http://www.philosophy.com/foundation/supernatural-airbrushed-canvas-spf-15/supernatural-airbrushed-canvas-spf-15,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_supernatural-airbrushed-canvas-spf-15_color=snac%20rich%20toffee&cgid=C127 From the reviews on Philosophy's own site, it looks like it had a change in packaging that is very unpopular as many find it unusable and difficult to get the product out.
  2. @@eastofthesun Haha, yea that was me in this thread, though I learned it from someone else in one of the other threads some time back. Crazy, isn't it? The first time I cut open a tube I was both shocked and disheartened by how much was in there. I had already gotten all excited about finishing a product and was mentally ready to open the replacement and then suddenly the prospect of opening something new got further away. Also, it made me feel a bit horrible realizing how much product had been wasted in the past before I started cutting the tubes.
  3. Ah, got it! Was surprised for it to be US ... though I guess it could happen eventually given the current ridiculous trends.
  4. @@Shalott I sometimes wonder at people in educator or school administration roles who forget what it was like to be a child / teen. I know there are a lot of resources for homeschooling and online education out there. Maybe your son will benefit from a nontraditional education that will allow him to explore his interests further as well. My brother is in VFX and he is basically of the opinion that his official, traditional education was worthless and everything that made a difference for him was actual experience. ETA: But yea, unexpected homeschooling when you weren't planning on it bites.
  5. This happened in the US? Wow! It happened all the time in Japan and I knew of students I never saw because their hair had been bleached / dyed. Heck, I think one kid actually tried to come to school at one point (first time I saw him in months) and they sent him right on home because of his hair. Of course, in Japan they can't expel them. At least not until they're done with the compulsory education years, which is through Junior High. And big fail on that principal's part. She should have known better or at least been a lot more paranoid about the accessibility of her Facebook page given her position. Or even if they kept it unlock, to act like a mature adult and not retaliate in such a way.
  6. Seriously?! He got expelled for that?! WTH? The school is officially ridiculous. I fear for when I have kids.
  7. @@Shalott That just all around sucks. =( I'm sure it's not any consolation and I don't know the details of what your son did, but I do think many schools have gotten kind of ridiculous with how they react to things the kids do.
  8. @ Does it matter what type of primer is used with powder / mineral foundations?
  9. Nevermind! Someone beat me to it with a better quality image. =)
  10. Have you tried contacting them? 3B bills you on the same day each month, which I think is the same day you signed up (give or take a day for faulty memory). So it's possible that your cycle is later in the month than the rest of us, spilling over into the next month. If that's the case, I hope they consider switching to more uniform billing and shipping for everyone.
  11. My husband almost died as a child from Purpura that resulted from untreated Strep, which is where some of my earlier reaction stems from. Strep can seem more like a disease of painful inconvenience when it's treated, so I think a lot of people don't know how terrible it can be.

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