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  1. It looks like the Major Mystery Box addon that Vikki120306 posted is not the same as the one posted at http://www.evolutionofafoodie.com/2014/03/julep-lucky-mystery-box-spoilers.html - I guess the addons aren't all the same then? Or am I just confused!
  2. Yikes! I had still been posting in the February thread and wondered where everyone had gone! dumb me. I am just glad I'm not the only one who was disappointed in this month's box. I was a maven for less than a year and I have gotten polishes from Julep that were far too similar in color and finish for me to bother spending $20 on them. But not that it matters anyway - after the My Maven cheating debacle, the plie wand that I am completely uninterested in, and the horrendous shipping I've been dealing with from them for months now.. I finally cancelled. I'll still be checking the pulse on what's going on with them though, since I loved most of their nail polishes - but enough is enough! I can't support a company that is so clearly not in it for me
  3. I thought the same thing, theexxception! I looked at March's box and thought "I have colors VERY similar to these already" and I was a Maven less than a year :/
  4. I finally called and cancelled my subscription a few days ago after I saw the (in my opinion) exceedingly boring March box. I was not impressed with the woman on the other end when I called Julep's cs. When she asked me why I was cancelling, I told her that in a nutshell, it was because shipping had gone south and that whoever was handling their Facebook account never answered any "hard" questions and I didn't agree with how they ran that side of things (I wanted to go into the My Maven contest debacle but I included that in my email feedback later instead). I guess I was most turned off by the very flippant, sarcastic "Okaaaaay.." that I got in response to my reasons. It was the type of response that you'd get from a surly teenager who had just been told something she didn't like. She was very curt with me on the phone after that. Maybe she realized she wouldn't be able to "save" my subscription and just gave up on keeping up appearances, I don't know. Sigh. I really liked Julep's nail polish, but the service side of things is just awful, and that means a lot to me (being someone who comes from a customer service background)! I'll be trying out Cult and seeing how they are for a couple months, and then maybe just saving my money for some higher end single purchases for a while
  5. Ehh.. it looks like they are just telling the other ladies that were in the contest to PM them for a "special treat". Sounds to me like they are just trying to sweep this under the rug. I'm sorry but a company that can't address this head on doesn't deserve my money.
  6. Wow - yup! They took down the entire thing. It was on the winner's picture if you guys remember seeing the My Maven contest post with the 4 (or was it 5?) finalists nails up there. Hopefully this means they are going to address it. if you go to "Posts by Others" on their Facebook page, people are still talking about it. I think maybe this is the link to that section: https://www.facebook.com/julep?filter=2 sorry if it's not, Facebook is weird!
  7. Well ladies, I think Julep just put the last nail in their coffin for me. If any of you haven't seen, there's a big hubbub on Facebook regarding the latest My Maven contest. Apparently the person who won the contest also won the last couple of contests that have been on facebook, and the general consensus is that it is because they are using a service to spam, or trade "likes" in order to artificially inflate their numbers. Julep has said nothing on the matter, and even though this was brought up before the end of the contest, Julep has still posted on the picture in question saying that they are the winner. This is just too many strikes against you, Julep. Customer service has been terrible the last couple of months, shipping has gone down the drain, I despise the new cap design to accommodate a tool that I don't want or need, and now they condone cheating. Since it's already so late in the month, I'll be seeing if there's anything in the next maven box that's worth $20, and then I'll be cancelling What a shame.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jennyloo I received my February box and I really like the dusty taupe eye shimmer. It's my first cream eyeshadow. I was torn because I also wanted the warm fig and I wavered between the two. Has anyone tried it? I have green eyes and I thought the fig would really pop with my eye color. I ordered the cupid mani box and I'm excited to try the rock star hand cream and the serum. I purchased a mystery box a couple of months ago and I just tried the oxygen nail treatment for the first time. Have any of you ladies had any success with it? I'm wondering how long I should leave it on for the best results. I have the Oxygen Nail Treatment and for a while I was using it any time I wasn't using polish. I like the way it looks but I started having a weird experience with it after leaving it on for several days - my nails started hurting! It wasn't a piercing or terrible pain, but when something would press on my nails it would ache. When I took off the nail treatment it went away within a day or 2. Not really sure what is in it.. but once that happened, I looked up online to see if I was crazy, and apparently others have had the same weird experience of their nails hurting when using the Oxygen Nail Treatment for several days as well. Maybe we are sensitive, because I know it has worked for some people! I won't ever use it again though
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cari12 In one of the FB groups. Could someone be kind enough to post a link please? I have been looking everywhere and cannot find a picture.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by cari12 Now that I've seen all 3, I'm so glad that I passed on them! Pretty much all dupes for me Not too surprised for how much Julep stuff I have. Haha! Where did you find the pedi spoiler? I can't find a link here..
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Classynfun Where are you ladies seeing the mystery box spoilers? erika5898 was nice enough to post some links above, here they are again: Makeup: http://statigr.am/p/650869820711247139_613105262 Mani: http://frecklieflamingofarts.blogspot.com/2014/02/febuary-mystery-box-spoiler.html?m=1
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by skyflower It looks like America is in all 3 mystery boxes??! I hope not because in the product descriptions on the julep site it specifically says we will get dif polishes and products in each box. Overlap is not encouragement to buy the different boxes :/ They say that, and then in the next statement they mention that you WILL get dupes if you order them all. They were really inconsistent with their wording. I love Julep's polishes, but their social media, advertising, and recent changes to skipping months is really making me think twice about being a Maven much longer :/
  13. Thank you! I think I am going to pass. I REALLY want one, but I just think I should suck it up and wait for the maven box/next month's mystery
  14. Auugh.. I am so tempted to get one of the mystery boxes, but from the few pictures I've seen of the big box, I have colors VERY similar (or exactly the same) as the ones I've seen.. Does anyone know how long these will be offered for? I didn't see any end date on the website, and their facebook page doesn't even seem to talk about it at all! Maybe I'm blind

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