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    I *heart* cats, wine, sparkles, cupcakes, cheesy horror movies, coloring, sequins, naps, flowers, tattoos, the beach, miniature ANYTHING, chocolate, jewelry, bags (purses -makeup bags-gift bags-any bags - I have a real problem), subscription boxes, and of course makeup!
  1. Blargh!!! I didn't know the L'Occitane codes were stackable!!!! Ok, So, I may have placed another order - solely for the purpose of being able to stack these codes because I can't let the internets win!!....DON'T JUDGE ME!!! They're for gifts! Yes...gifts.....
  2. I know it's getting down to the last minute for deals, but Bath & Body Works has their 3-wick candles for $12 + 25% off which brings them down to $9...I did some stocking up for gifts
  3. I received my box today, and I have to say that while I was pretty skeptical after the spoilers, I'm much happier with the box in my hands. I got pretty much every variation I would have selected on my own - purse in grey, mug in mint green, polish in Deep, and a surprisingly cute pair of earrings! I definitely think this box can swing from "OMG i hate this." to actually having some pretty cute items - depending on your variations. Keep the faith ladies! I'm not ready to give up on Nina just yet...
  4. Aaaand coming to MUT to rant solves all problems. It just went through for me.
  5. Soooo...I was actually really happy with last years box. Despite the recent nonsense, I'm trying to buy this guy and checkout is just not working. Popsugar, I'm trying to throw my money at you and you won't take it!! *shakes fist* I will just never learn my lesson...
  6. *SQUEEE!* I'm so excited I finally caught one of the Cute boxes! I went with the Cute/OMG combo...I was thinking about the trifecta, but I decided to show some restraint. So you can only use one 4 character code and one 6 character code per month, right? Are there any other codes/tricks that you can use on a regular basis? Do most of you just have multiple accounts so you can always get some type of discounts and points? I'm trying to learn the tricks of the trade from you seasoned Memesters!
  7. *sigh* I was trying to resist the Earth & Sea despite the fact that I was obsessing over the first spoiler... I'm new to the Memebox game and I've only actually received one so far....and have about 8 others waiting to ship... You gals are trouble! I blame you all for my non-existant willpower!!
  8. I have yet to find a foundation brush that I really love, but I'm in the market to give some new ones a try and find something that works for me. What's your favorite?
  9. I got a reply in 10 minutes! They confirmed the pick two didn't contain a deluxe sample, and they're sending me a new pick-two. This is another reason I love BB...their customer service continues to be super responsive and helpful, while many of the other subs CS really seems to be slipping.
  10. I just emailed about the same pick-two...we'll see which variation of response I get!
  11. I am *IN LOVE* with this card...it's absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to your reveal!
  12. I received my box on Thursday and all I can say is WOW. I didn't sign up for the sub last year but I kept an eye on the reveals and went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to drop the money and make the commitment this year. Even after I did sign up, I still had my reservations. Then I got this box...and opened the kaleidoscope. Every single color is just So. Perfect. I'm beyond thrilled with this and I'm looking forward to the future boxes even more now!
  13. AHH! I got the same one today! Seriously the worst pick two ever...two itty bitty packets of two things I won't even use! I know they can't all be winners, and I shouldn't complain since they were free, but I was hoping for something a little better than two packets! Womp womp. :/
  14. Ok so I gave in and ordered my first Memebox! ok...so my first four memeboxes.....don't judge me. I just couldn't decide, and they all sound great.... I'm super sad I missed out on the "my cute wishlist" boxes How often do they restock? Should I keep an eye out for this one to come back??
  15. Ok guys - I've canceled a few of my other subs and now I'm thinking of taking the dive into the Memebox world! But...I'm completely overwhelemed! I don't know where to start...I've never dabbled in Korean cosmetics, so this will literally be my first experience, but judging by some of the boxes and reviews this sub looks right up my alley. I'm hoping some of you lovely ladies can guide me in the right direction for my first purchase. I'm a total sucker for adorable packaging (TonyMoly! What what?!)...and that's pretty much the only guidance I can give. I have more interest in make up than skincare, but I'm open to both. Any suggestions for a first timer?

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