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  1. I think the last poster have good advice BUT I'm seeing a discrepancy here. OP, you said that you were emotionally dependent in high school until you realized all your friends were 'madly in love.' I'm wondering if that means that your friends weren't there for you? I ask because I was in the exact same boat in college! I wanted to hang out with my friends but all they cared about was their boyfriends and were consequently really lame friends. If that's the case, I understand being emotionally needy because you're not getting even basic friend attention! That magnifies the feeling of wanting a relationship, especially if that's what all your friends are focused on (because subconsciously you start to think it's the best source of emotional attention). So if you're experiencing this like me, then don't worry about anything being wrong with you. Just don't make the mistakes I did and settle for bad relationships of any sort just because you feel lonely. It is very difficult to be alone, but it is honestly better than being abused/bullied/ignored/backstabbed by supposed friends! It's like the poster above said: don't date just to date! Spending time and energy on losers is a WASTE!
  2. No-Buy rules: same as they've been all year! Nothing at all except necessities and skincare. Bought new conditioner today but still way set on shampoo. Things like that. Bought a 3-pack of shimmery hairbands that was on clearance for $1.50 in August and I'M NOT SORRY! Running low on daytime moisturizer and setting powder, and might need foundation and basecoat by the end of September. I can't believe I've made it this far! The only unnecessary things I've bought this year are: Two colored mascaras The aforementioned hairbands One nail polish A trio of body scrubs Two glitter eyeliners I have wanted forever Grand total: $40 for the entire year so far, including tax. I think that is reasonable! Considering my only other "fun" spending is on fast food a couple times a month, I think that's really good! No clothes, shoes, music, movies, trips, anything. I've seriously been using what I have and keeping things simple. So I think I've done great this year! Now to figure out what to do with my box of random art supplies...
  3. My goals for 2014: Year-long no-buy! Necessities and skin care only. Verdict: SUCCESS. So far this year I have used up over 100 products and not bought anything "unnecessary" (I know, almost all of it is unnecessary anyway) EXCEPT one nail polish, one glitter liner, and two mascaras. Those are justified though, because I wanted the nail polish and glitter liner literally for about 15 years and found them for $1.50 and $7.00, respectively, and the mascaras were under $3 together and I adore them. So about $12 for four items that I really like and they're all I bought this year? Works for me. Other than that, I have truly stuck to necessities like replenishing body wash, got most things on sale (as usual) or made them myself, and even spent my gift card on skin care (no regrets!). I just remembered that I bought a body scrub trio for $10. Whatever.
  4. Wash my face with Purity Made Simple (double wash if necessary for makeup). Slather on some eye cream and then cover my face and neck with whichever overnight mask seems most beneficial that night (lately it's been PTR's pumpkin enzyme mask). At some point brush my teeth! Slather on lip balm and put lotion on my hands, knees and elbows. Then bedtime!
  5. Ha! Yes I have been! It is at like 125 now or something. Now I'm down to only one of each base product like primers, concealers, foundation, etc. This month I've stopped counting things that I only have one of and will definitely be replaced with almost the exact same thing, such as basic hygiene products. Also, not buying stuff for the future just because it's on sale, like how Ulta is having a sale on Tree Hut right now. I love Tree Hut and am down to one scrub and one body wash that are both currently in use, but no!! Necessities and skin care only! I just hope the November sales don't suck me in...oh yikes...
  6. Okay, sticking with the year-long no-buy! My mom bought me a Patti Dubrof palette from Costco and I'm not even letting myself touch it! I've used up so many products by shopping my stash this year (over 100!) that I'm down to one item in some categories like base/foundation products! Got sick of wearing the same eyeshadow most days since April (considering how much I used to switch it up!) so I broke out the Stila quad on my project pan list that was being saved for Autumn. Sticking to that for a little while now, hopefully until November but we will see! Focusing on three lip products this month that are all more than halfway empty, and trying to make a dent in a specific bronzer that I have barely touched this summer. Also focusing on a certain blush because I have two blushes I'm trying to pan/finish and the other one is best for winter. So. August products: -Stila eyeshadow quad (includes eyeliner shade) -Clinique blush -Bare Minerals bronzer (GWP size) -Lancôme JuicyTubes gloss (GWP size) -Smashbox gloss (GWP size) -Avon lipstick (sample size)
  7. Some of the best brands are China Glaze, OPI, Orly, Revlon, Sally Hansen, L'Oreal, and Sinful Colors. If it's ending up lumpy, it might be because 1) you aren't waiting long enough between coats so make sure the first coat is completely dry before doing the second one, or 2) you are doing them in a very humid place.
  8. After 6 full months of no-buy and use-up, at the end of which I tossed three drugstore products that were just not worth it, I think my stash is almost exactly where I want it to be. Only items that I like and use on the regular! Will probably toss a Fantasy Makers lipstick from last Halloween as well, and debating on tossing a white shimmery eyeshadow from Victoria's Secret from yeaaarrrs ago. Once I use up some lipsticks and hair stuff plus one eyeliner then I'll be set (although that will take at least a year, I think). Also barely opening a drugstore foundation but will use it all up anyway. Received a Patti Dubrof eyeshadow palette as a gift but haven't tried it out yet, so here's hoping it's good.
  9. Blush and bronzer I'm good for at least a year, and honestly probably two. Same for highlighter. Foundation: barely running out of one and opening my only other one. Six months? Concealer: 6 more months max. Only have one that I've used almost daily in 2014. Lip products: these go slowwwly for me. It will take <i>at least</i> another year to get through the ones currently open and then there is the whole slew of new ones left... Eyeliner: one year I think, and good because I want new ones. Eyeshadow: I have like 47 so it will take a while. Mascara: at this rate, about a year and a half. Shampoo: a year. Nail polish: sitting on 75 bottles here so don't forget to pack a lunch. Face cleanser: seriously about 3 years. Everything else (moisturizers of every kind) will need to be replenished quickly.
  10. JUNE [20] Aquafresh toothpaste Smashbox lip gloss in Aura (GWP size) Eucerin Intensive Repair body lotion Dial White Tea hand soap (refill size) Eucerin Intensive Repair hand cream Glide dental floss Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip balm - Sephora 2013 birthday gift e.l.f. brow set Bic SilkyTouch razors 10-ct. Yes to Cucumbers face wipes 10-ct. 2x TJ's Fuji Apple Salt Scrub from the 2013 holiday trio Estée Lauder Sumptuous mascara (GWP size) Boscia black mask 1-oz. Roc Nourish eye cream Suave Almond Verbena body wash eos shave cream DS Up&Up nail polish remover blue TJ's Enrich moisturizer Crest 3D White Luxe toothpaste Tossed: Rimmel blush in Autumn Catwalk e.l.f. blush in Pink Passion Maybelline eyeshadow 8-pan in Brights
  11. I'm thinking of tossing my Maybelline Brights eyeshadow palette from 2011. Two of the colors look good on me but I'm not sure about the rest. Here is how two of them look: Guess which eyelid has primer and which is foiled? Also, is this what eyelid wrinkles look like? Are my lids showing signs of aging?
  12. I've dedicated myself to getting as much done at work as possible, which means I'm constantly running around (it's a cafe). The annoying part is if I stop for seriously five seconds and look around to figure out my next move, some much younger person or a manager will tell me to make myself useful. I'm like, I AM!!!! Otherwise, I'm trying to eat healthier; but as a sugar addict it is difficult! @@Esthylove People will give you lip for anything and everything no matter what. When you do the exact opposite you'll get lip for that too.
  13. It's Maybelline Colorsensational in 140 Fuschia Fever.
  14. I've had this lipstick for 3 years but only used it less than ten times. Suddenly I'm noticing these little dots on it. In real life they look a lot more neon coral than it seems in the picture. Is it just pigment seeping out or is this a bad sign? I've seen someone else's picture with the same dots but they were white and general consensus was that it was expired. Also, I'm sure the answer to this second question will be a resounding YES!, but I have a Dior lip gloss in a pot that also hasn't been used much at all.....but is about 5 years old. It looks and smells fine and the texture is the same, but I just tried it on and for the first few minutes it has made my lips and the tip of my tongue itchy. Expired? Thanks in advance for any responses!
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