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  1. utgal2004

    Julep August 2014

    You are going to love Dream! It just doesn't chip on me and looks stunning. I've been giving it out as gifts because my friends all love how long it lasts.
  2. Awww that's such an adorable pic of you and your baby!
  3. Ta-da! My box of absolutely awesome goodies from @@jannie135 arrived!! Every item is so perfect and I know I'll use everything. You did such a fantastic job! You found products that I didn't even know existed that I totally love. I am so grateful for the time and effort you put into this. In addition to being the best fairy godmother a girl could wish for, Jane is also one of my pen pals, which makes this even more special to me. So without further ado, I give you the pics: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You really made a bad week so much better and I cannot wait to play with all of these pretties! I'm ending this post because I've got to go paint my nails... the problem though is which shade do I start with when they're all incredible?!
  4. My wonderful FGM was @@jannie135! I'm working on getting the pics uploaded but it arrived and I love everything, Jane!
  5. I want the recipe for ham and pea risotto! That sounds delicious!
  6. utgal2004

    Julep August 2014

    I kept my classic with a twist box and added on Neha using jules. I really would have liked a polish upgrade but just couldn't justify that extra expense this month. Hopefully we can get the other colors later. I just realized I still haven't tried my plie wand. I've gotten so used to painting my own nails now and feel like I have a method down. I keep thinking the wand feels like a hassle with different lids, brushes to clean, etc. But, I need to try it since it's been sitting out for months now.
  7. As much as I want to resub, I don't think Bill me later is an option for me and I just can't afford to pay that large sum right now. I just keep getting hit with surprise expenses and need to work on paying those instead of getting more makeup. It's really difficult to know I'll miss these great boxes so hopefully I'll be back for year 3. Until then, I'll have to live through all of you.
  8. Really?! That would definitely help. I emailed them asking if they'd consider splitting it I to payments and I never got a response. I love MUT!
  9. I'm excited to get my last box and bummed that I can't afford to renew for next year. It's been such a great sub. That total upfront cost is rough though.
  10. Hi FGM, just so you know, I'm working really long hours this week and weekend and next week. Do you mind sending a fairy when you ship or you know box was delivered? I want to make sure if postal carrier didn't put it in my mailbox that I coordinate picking it up from my leasing office and they usually don't tell us when I have a box. Thanks!
  11. Have you tried looking on craigslist or some other classifieds for someone selling their tickets because they can't go?
  12. @@MissRoe I'm so happy you liked everything! I made the coasters and earrings. I lack sewing skills so I ordered the toile tote from etsy. It was so fun to shop, put it all together, and see your reaction! Sorry I couldn't fit a cowboy in the box... If you're ever in Texas, we can find one for you ;-) Oh, and Bohemian is a Lush soap sample.
  13. You are toooooo sweet! Now you know! I use my MUT penpals as an excuse to buy stickers again... it's way too much fun. So glad you got it! I was super excited watching tracking all day and then got nervous once it was delivered.
  14. Such a thoughtful set of gifts! That baggu is gorgeous and huge. I may have to get one of those stat. I don't know where you found that perfect card @ but it's amazing! Love the necklaces, the books, the cheerful girly wrapping paper, dirty 30...ok, I love all of it. You stalked Michaela so well!
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