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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by feisty1 I can honestly say I ordered all the LE boxes and this is the first time I have ever had anything like this. They did email me back, a nice email and apologized for the construction and are sending me the all blue one. So crossing my fingers that it works out! well thats good! ps customer service is as far as i know very accommodating.(let's not talk about all that other stuff) i hope you get a brand new one,sounds like you will!l
  2. still no tracking from the 2 boxes i bought with the code.i'm holding out hope there will be variations with the bag and towels!probably not but i can hope!
  3. i'll say B is high end.i am the worst at these kinds of things though.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by feisty1 holy f***balls that's atrocious! i can't stand picky assed complaints, and this maam is no picky complaint! that is just piss poor.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyKaye I've been feeling nostalgic and watching reruns of The Office lately, I loved her character and her everlasting love for Ryan. dude! their love story is timeless.
  6. Lol!! Mindy kaling will always be Kelly kapoor to me. I can't help but read some of your posts in Kelly's voice it's like I can't help it it just happens!!
  7. I love grapeseed oil.i read a long time ago something about the molecular structure lets it penetrate into the skin or something really scientific like that.it makes sense though!like throwing a tennis ball against a chain link fence as opposed to a golf ball.or a hot dog down a hallway if your sense of humor is in the gutter like mine.i typically use it as a moisturizer in the winter and it just makes my skin really soft and calms any irritation.i really love it.and it's cheap!i buy all my organic-y stuff from mountain rose herbs.beware though! It's easy to want everything from them!
  8. if every box was like this months,i would be the happiest camper known to man.that caldrea soap smells fricken craaaazy good!!lthat bag-get out of town!!that is totes adorbs and i can't wait to use it for about 5 billion things!i did a little comparison with the naked basics,2 and 3 and all those shades are represented so it will be a texture-off with the palette.the notebook-ehh.the snack mix i will probably love.the tea towels are really cute!and by what measurement are those tea towels?those are huge!
  9. i volunteer! i dub myself Princess Plethora and will pledge my service to Queen Titania.(come on people, pick a name it's fun!!)
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Deareux I have this pair of Prada heels. I usually don't spend much on shoes, but these were to die for! I love them! ooh.those are ridiculous.please tell me you walk around with only those on.
  11. sweet! i really liked everything else i saw.
  12. i love cerave foaming cleanser.it's a big bottle and it takes off eye makeup very easily.it's pretty easy to find and not expensive.even when i'm not wearing makeup,i still like to wash my face so i can clear my pores of any build up from the day!or if i'm totally over it, huggies alcohol free wipes do the job in a pinch!
  13. i'm wanting this box but i don't want a friggin fedora type situation to happen!decisions decisions
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