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    I am a 41 year old with no kids by choice. I love my nieces and nephews but don't want care for one full time. I looked in the mirror this year and decided that those youthful good looks need a little help so I found this forum.
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    I love sports. Chelsea football club in England, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Memphis Tigers are my favorite clubs. I like to read and watch movies and I run across all genres. I like GOT, Supernatural, AMH, Dr. Who. I have two corgis and two black cats. I'm a craft dabbler. I like to see if I can figure it out and then I'm done with it.
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    I'm a paper pushing accountant.
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    I am the world easiest person because I'll try anything once. I love lotions, shower gels, nail polish, and lipsticks. I don't have any allergies or skin sensitivity.
  1. You can get thru it. I was getting the same feeling till I started digging into my box. I found a polish set that I hadn't opened from back in the summer. Maybe dig around and see if you can find something that you didn't know you had.
  2. I love them. I'm so glad I didn't cancel.
  3. Just saw a spoiler on instagram. I got one guess right and maybe a second can't really tell. My box wont be here till tomorrow. Can't wait to see somebody's that got theirs today.
  4. My goals for this first 10 days. 1. Get Christmas decorations put up. We finished that today. 2. Get my goal journal started. 3. Finalized my budget. 4. Organize my stash. I'm operating at about half speed because of getting two teeth extracted and a family issue that has come up. But at least I'm not wanting to go out and buy more makeup.
  5. And yellows? My guess for January box is a slate grey, a pale yellow, and brick red. I don't know why I think that's the colors we are getting but that's my feeling.
  6. Okay since I'm feel in all inspired by you guys. I went ahead and cancelled my Wal-Mart box and my FCS box. I was on the fence anyway so it feels good to ahead and cancel both.
  7. I went and saw "Into the Woods" this afternoon. And they didn't screw it up!!!! It was quite lovely. What they cut out was worked around. I'll be buying the DVD just so I can watch the "Agony" scene over and over. My DH even enjoyed it. He had never seen it.
  8. I'm in. I'm still working all of the parameters worked out in my head. I've got to have dental surgery on New Year's eve so I'm sorta holding up on deciding what my resolutions will be. But as far as this one goes. 1. No spend for 100 days on makeup and beauty products. 2 The only exception is hair dye(my roots are killing me right now), conditioner(my hair only does well on Deva Curl conditioner, I can use any other product as long as I start with the Deva Curl), and my Birchox sub. 3. I'm on the fence about my Square Hue sub. I paid for January already so I'm going reevaluate then. 4. I also need to think about the Wal-Mart sub and fortune cookie soap box. I don't need either one and it wouldn't upset me to not have either one, I may tie it in with my household budget goals. If I hit the household budget I can keep them, if not I'll cancel. My other goal is to use my stuff. The past four months I've gotten out of the habit of painting my nails. I'm going to get back started doing that.
  9. I do this every January. It lets me see what I haven't wore and helps me highlight what I need in my closet.
  10. Normally I love Christmas. The year I just feel so overwhelmed. Most of the time I'm done with everything by this time. I still have candy to make, presents to buy and more presents to wrap. We are having two Christmas parties at my house. My side with all the nieces and nephews and general chaos on the Sunday before. And DH's side on Christmas day with only adults. No kids on his side. I don't have a menu planned out for either. Other than a vague we are having a soup bar for my side and lasagna for his. But tomorrow I have decided that I'm going get something accomplished. I don't know what yet but I'm going to get something done.
  11. Jethro not only watches t.v. he has to sit in the recliner with his paws propped up on the arm like a little old man. Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and old reruns of Hee-Haw are his favorite.
  12. Whine. Cry. Pout. My tooth broke today. Totally half of it is gone. The tooth was mostly fillings anyway so there is no pain except for the sharp piece poking my tongue. Of course I can't get into the dentist till next Monday. And I'm totally freaked out by even the thought of going to the dentist. So my day has been peachy keen.
  13. I got a really good pick two today. A suki cleanser and a perlier shea butter. Pretty good. Maybe they have turned the corner.

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