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  • About Me
    <p>Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile! I'm a woman who loves creative expression in many forms - nail polish & nail art, makeup, jewelry, music, etc. - as a means to bring enjoyment into the daily reality of life. I am delighted to share this interest with the wonderful people here, and am grateful for your generosity and beauty. I have more ideas than the time or energy to see them through.</p>
  • My Interests
    Treatment to reduce nail splitting
    Rhinestones > future
    Metal studs > future
    Fimo fruit glue needed tools > future
    Super-fine clean-up brushes fan brush
    Bundle Monster Konad plates

    Polish-wise, I'm not crazy about most suspended glitter polishes, but enjoy creams, textured polishes (leather, crackle, sand), some shimmers and metallics, and holos. I am on the hunt for the ultimate pink-nude to suit me, found a perfect icy silver in Zoya Trixie, super-dense black and white for stamping (I do have Konad White and Gold Black; they're not super dense), and love blues, greys, berries, pinks, nudes, and purples.

    I am particularly interested in the following brands
    a England
    Butter London

    Specific polishes I'm eyeing:
    China Glaze Tongue and Chic
    New Girl Pink Tuesday
    Nubar Gem
    Zoya everything!
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Current quests: ultimate waterproof non-irritating mascara & a super corrector set for the undereye and to cover red areas. To try corrector/concealer/foundation palettes from
    Dr Haushka
    Laura Mercier

    I liked Olay/Covergirl Ageless corrector 230 > discontinued. I'm using Dermablend 1 and 2.

    Interested in:
    OCC Lip Tars in nude/pink/berry/mauve tones
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    I tend toward the natural, organic.

    Nail polish: I'm enthused about 5-free brands and high-end brands, but also x-free polishes that 'just work', like some from Sally Hansen, China Glaze, Revlon, etc., and even the dollar store.

    Makeup: What I've used and what I'd like to try are different. I enjoy Alima (foundation, blush/bronzer/highlighter, eyeshadow), Honeybee Gardens (for lipstick, NOT their nail polish), Silk Naturals (skin and lip products; cream eyeliner). I'd love to try: Dr Hauschka, Kett, Laura Mercier, RMS, Suki.
  1. Toes: Nubar Night Sparkle - not entirely sure about it for toes just because it's a very deep navy (and it definitely looks blue, not black) and the sparkle really doesn't show very well. There seems to be a silver and turquoise aspect to the glitter. Pretty, but subtle enough it doesn't stand out well from the toenails. Fingers: Nubar Blue Hydrangea - it's really gorgeous on the fingernails, a light blue cream with a fine underlying shimmer, which doesn't actually show, but the resulting effect is soft. This lighter colour actually goes well with my skin-tone, where many lighter colours, I find, especially in the lavendar family, aren't that flattering. This one? Love!
  2. I love that you did these swatches; they're so pretty to see!
  3. Aww, but Zoyas are so beautiful! I guess I have the same problem..
  4. At a somewhat slower pace, hence not posting my results on the 100 empties thread though I'm enjoying it nonetheless, in January I finished Alima Pure luminous shimmer blush, Candy, sample Kiss My Face moisture shave, Cool Mint, full size 325 mL Yves Rocher organic shower gel, Vanilla, full size Cult Nails nail top coat, Wicked Fast, full size 0.5 oz
  5. That is so gorgeous. I've eyed this one for a while; this brings it up on the wish-list. And your nails are looking really great!
  6. Wow! I also have to say your signature line(s) are very inspiring. I kind of wish you were right here literally to further motivate me along those 'de-clutter and purge' lines! I know it's a needed process for improving my quality of life too! Thank-you! Now for the many similarly umm?.. makeup and non-makeup things kicking around here.
  7. Aww, so sorry to hear that. Hugs, snuggles, fur balls, and commemorative demands for dinner from my fur baby over here. They're each so special with their specific affection and personalities. It helped me a fair bit to get my new little being soon. I still miss her; but the void of 'patrolling presence' just felt very strange, so getting acquainted with our new girl was, for me at least, a helpful and distracting process.
  8. It sounds great that you can focus on enjoying more of your things regularly to keep yourself motivated on the no-buy! Honestly, I don't feel I go through things nearly as fast as it seems some folks on here do either. But I was reviewing what I've used lately and realized I tossed something before I even noted it down or took a photo, so maybe sometimes I'm missing out on things due to auto-pilot! The 'use-up' inclination also battles with my frugal tendencies. I think I use less when something is closer to empty, and when I like something. I dilute my shower gel and dispense it in a foaming pump, which will not help use it up quickly.
  9. I feel like I go through things quite slowly too. I think part of it is that I don't touch up throughout the day. I do a bit of layering initially (well, when I can be bothered: primer, finishing powder) and most of the time, by evening, I figure it's 'good enough' and don't particularly want to touch up much for fear of looking like I've plastered it on! I'm in the same boat - I think I look like I wear a lot. Then again, some 'home' days I don't wear anything. That's a bit of a reason. Also, an eye shadow will not get a lot of use if the only thing I apply after evening out my skin-tone is blush.
  10. This is for this week and next, so until February 9th, since I'm a bit late posting. Most is the same, so I've marked the changes. Bath: Yves Rocher organic vanilla shower gel << poured the last of it into my shower dispenser Kiss My Face moisture shave - Cool Mint (old bottle) << finished, so I'm onto another!! partial bottle I don't know how I did that Cool Mint, again Jason shampoo - Apricot Jason conditioner - Apricot Lancome facial wash - Creme Radiance Serum: Lancome Genefique sample, << this is lasting much longer than I expected, especially since I'm not always using it.. then Silk Naturals (SN) Super Defense Moisturiser: SN Jojoba SN Cucumber Peptide eye cream Body: SN Organic olive oil moisturizer Face: Dermablend Professional Cover Creme - Natural Beige (Chroma 2 1/8) SN Medium Coverage perfect harmony foundation Alima luminous shimmer blush - Candy << finished sample but not fs; changed to Alima Honey Rose SN Bronzer - Drama Alima luminous shimmer powder - Sorbet SN Perfecting Powder - Sheer & Gorgeous Eyes: SN Sleep In A Jar under eye corrector - Light Peach *** SN mineral eye shadow - Flash Alima satin matte eye shadow - Cocoa sample Alima luminous shimmer eye shadow - Koan sample at my very low usage level for dark shades (I only need a speck to deepen the crease or the lash-line) these samples lasted me over three weeks and they're less than half finished *** ^^^ changed to: SN mineral eye shadows - Caliber, Loaded, Saddle Up, Scout SN chromatic cream eye color - Tribeca Pür Minerals eye pencil - Onyx mystery (can't be sure of brand - matte silver tube with glossy silver accent on top of cap (| |) and glossy silver fine rim line on cap where cap meets tube) mascara - Brown Lips: Honeybee Gardens (HBG) lip balm - Strawberry Champagne HBG lipstick - Valentine sample *** HBG lipstick - Queen Bee SN lipstick - Fashionista SN kisser slicker - Raindrops On Roses Lancome Juicy Tubes - Dreamsicle *** ^^^ changed to HBG lipstick - Romance Revlon - Pink Truffle SN - Nice Tan Clinique - Tenderheart (purse) Remover: Lancome Bifacil SN Kiss Cleanser Scent: Desert Essence deodorant - Tropical Breeze Lavanila - Vanilla Coconut Hair: Got To Be Glossy anti-frizz shine serum Organix anti-breakage keratin oil Nails: what suits my mood SN old lip balm for moisturizing Witchcraft almond cuticle oil
  11. I'm not sure what kind of miracle you might be looking for; I found one with getting a bit older (far less acne and oil yay! though knowing there are a few eventual minuses to the aging thing..) and another with the Silk Naturals serums and moisturizers. Of course everyone is different, so I have no idea exactly what the unifying characteristics are for people with skin types for whom these are so fantastic. I actually really like my skin now. I tried all sorts of different drugstore, counter, and specialty expensive brands with frustration; but this stuff just works. The bonus is it's cost-effective too. I don't know if the better price makes my evaluation of it more positive??, but my skin is more soft, smooth, and clear, with smaller pores. I admit I have redness that persists, so it's not 100%, but things rarely are. The products take a bit of getting used to because they are different than your average moisturizer in texture and initial feel. I wasn't impressed at all when I first applied my samples; but then I felt my skin and saw the effect. Happy! Outside of that, I really enjoy reading the assessments of products too, so thanks everyone for making the notes here! Going through all these products means you have a quick assessment of many things for me and others to consider, or not get. I'm astounded by how quickly some of you go through products; I just don't seem to use as much as fast. Of course, foils are little, and I generally don't use foils, though there are some kicking around here too. Hmm.
  12. Along the lines of using 'the good stuff', my 2015 (though sort of starting a bit late..) projects, keeping in mind I should use things I like, and enjoy what I have are: Alima pearluster eyeshadow Ballerina Silk Naturals mineral eyeshadow Bare Necessities Set 1 (similar to UD Naked Palette) [for reference Restless, Trouble, Bare Back, Caliber, Loaded, Saddle Up, Stag, Scout, Colt, Action, Blue Steel, Magnum] & Bone Silk Naturals chromatic cream eye color Tribeca, Grand Central, Gramercy Pür Minerals eye pencil Onyx Honeybee Gardens lipsticks Romance, Tuscany; Revlon lip butter Pink Truffle; 100% Pure lip glaze Lychee; Clinique lipstick Tenderheart; Silk Naturals lip products Fashionista, Blushberry (only one that's 'just to use up' as a moistening 'at home' balm), Raindrops On Roses, and actual palette in Nice Nudes: Nice Tan, Maiden, Centerfold, Desire, Bon Bon Alima satin matte blush Honey Rose My goal will be to focus on these, but I intend to also play with others if I'm inclined. I hope that with having these out 'to use', I'll finish them before they spoil and I'll enjoy more products on a regular basis! Though most of these aren't palettes, I'll try to add pics for monitoring progress soon, since I know I love seeing others'. nail polishes, hmm.. Whenever I can't decide, I'll grab the next one from the bottom of the list; that would mean Zoya Zuza, Ziv, and Yummy are on my list as contenders for the next mani. But I don't have any desire to 'hit pan' on these!
  13. Isn't that funny... I think these colours are beautiful, and are the sort I wouldn't get bored with very fast at all. I've been happily using all of three colours (Silk Naturals Flash, Alima Cocoa & Koan) since the beginning of this month, and have only chosen now to force a change to a specific 'pan project' simply so I can make sure to give some other colours some love. But if you're not enjoying it, why push yourself? I'm glad you did arrive at the 'not your favourite' conclusion and hope you do find and use something else in your collection that you love more. I figure if the rationale is to use up stuff and discourage yourself from further spending (unless you can afford and want to spend, money, space, and peace-of-mind-wise), it might be better achieved through enjoyment 'the good things' you already have.
  14. I think it will be a good idea for me to commit to a few things too. As soon as I figure out exactly what will constitute my 'palette' (I have a lot of singles), I'll make sure to take a photo too! I'm currently considering a 2015-spanning goal of 'try all and use up three from my Silk Naturals UDNP dupe set, finish an eye pencil, and grab three 'older' lippies that I like to give consistent attention. Work in progress. In the meantime, I missed my Monday update for this week (was going to change out the eyeshadows finally), but I wore some makeup while at home today, so that was a plus!
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