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  1. We will continue this discussion elsewhere as the Lush weekly menu update will not die!!! <3
  2. Kimb3rly


  3. Oh, I might have to jump on this deal! I'm almost out of this eye cream and I received a sample of the Ginger Souffle body butter and I love it. Seriously...who steals a tree?! It reminds me of the movie Fun with Dick and Jane when Jim Carrey steals bits of other people's lawns.
  4. I didn't get it. I logged in to Paypal but didn't see anything in Offers for BBW. I did make the purchase anyway though because I have no will power. lol
  5. Despite trying to resist it, I might buy Peach & Honey Almond everything. It just sounds like a scent I would like.
  6. It takes a full 10 to 11 days to reach me in GA. I used to receive my orders faster, but for the past few months it's been 10 - 11 days. I have some friends in and around Santa Fe though and they get their orders anywhere from 7 to 11 days so who knows. I always choose the Royal Mail option so I'm not sure where my order starts it's journey to me once it reaches the US.
  7. Upcoming menu Monday - Error 404 bomb Tuesday - Supernova bomb Wednesday - Up You Gets emotibomb Thursday - Golden Slumber bomb (woot!) Friday - Playdoze bubble bar (my youngest loves this one; my lower back from bending over to scrub the tub does not)
  8. I tried at 5:30 AM EST for the Calacas shower gel and it was already sold out. Funny thing though, I checked again around 10:30 and it had the Add to Basket button, but by time I clicked the box it was sold out. Boo.
  9. It's actually the shower gel. I had thought it was the jelly at first as well, but they're saying it's the shower gel. I'm intrigued! I have 2 of the jellies, but no gels. I like the scent, but I was really, REALLY hoping for Lemslip. The Kitchen messed me up and didn't release the items in order. Back for Breakfast was yesterday, so that leaves Happy soap for tomorrow. I ended up ordering B4B and a pot of the Lush Lime smoothie. I think I'm safe for the rest of the week unless my curiosity gets me and I end up ordering the Calacas SG. @@chelsealynn I want to go with you!!! lol The Comforter treatment sounds amazing! Plus you get that little drink at the end! I love things like that.
  10. Sometimes I get just a kitchen item, or several, but typically I mix it with the permanent items. As for products being left come the end of the week, it's hard to tell. Some items are incredibly popular and they're gone within 30 minutes, others hang out for a few days. If it's an item that sounds really good to you though, it's best to go ahead and grab it. They post the products on the website at 3 AM EST and they are usually still available around noon my time (EST). The exception to this is the perfumes. They sell out almost immediately. As my own general rule, if I like a Monday item and a Friday item, I'll place an order for those on their release day. If I like a Monday and Tuesday item though, I'll chance it and wait until Tuesday to order both. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.
  11. MENU UPDATE Friday's item will either be Lemslip buttercream or Calacas jelly. Personally, I'm hoping for Lemslip. Voting - in some weird Lush way - is currently happening on their FB page. I think it's BS though, I've seen people overwhelmingly vote for one thing and them end up making the other.
  12. Unfortunately, the little sample pots don't count. Ooooh, Oatifix! I want to eat it. It smells so good!
  13. Menu for the week: Monday - Bon bomb Tuesday - Happy soap Wednesday - Lush Lime smoothie Thursday - Back for Breakfast shower gel Friday - ???? mystery item maybe?

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